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Characters I can use in CaVs and stuff . . .

Everyone seems to do one of these, so . . .

I wanted to make it as a list, but it looks like the characters need to have a page on CV, and some of the ones here don't, and I certainly won't make a profile for all of them.


(Mostly) Light Novel characters:

Ainz Ooal Gown:

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The Supreme Overlord of Death. About supersonic speed, mid tier physicals, and lots of hax. From time manipulation to a bunch of insta kill magic.

Narberal Gamma:

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One of the maids of the guy above. Around subsonic to supersonic speed, low mid tier physicals, and specializes in lightning type magic. Not really haxed.


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The fourth princess of Belgaria (kind of like France with superhuman royals). Around 1 tonner, carries a giant ass sword, and can keep up with people that are FTE. Although she isn't FTE because her sword slows her down quite a bit.

Kazuma Satou:

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Neet turned third grade hero. Human level physicals, can steal people's gear, carries around TNT that can split giant boulders in half, can make people faint with a single touch using magic, etc. Most chars that rely too much on gear would probably lose to him.

(Mostly) Manga characters:

Kumagawa Misogi:

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The strongest weakest guy ever. High street to low mid stats, supersonic speed, can hit people with giant screws, erase stuff from existence, and seal supposedly (by hype) multiversal level beings.

Medaka Kurokami:

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Strongest strongest girl ever. Has all the powers of the guy above, higher physicals, can copy powers, and has a crap ton of hax.


No Caption Provided

Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins. Stomps mountain level chars with ease, can deflect magical attacks back at the enemy and is a physical powerhouse.


No Caption Provided

The Fox's Sin of Greed. Around city level physicals, can steal other people's stats and organs, and has pretty good regeneration.


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The Lion's Sin of Pride. Gets stronger with the sun. At noon, he can stomp people on Meliodas' level with ease.

(Mostly) Anime characters:


No Caption Provided

The Caped Baldy! Haven't read the manga yet, so I'd use mainly anime feats. Makes hypersonic people look slow and punches planet busting blasts away without trouble.

Gurren Lagann Mechas:

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Fight The Powah! Robots that get bigger in every single transformation. From left to right, city/mountain level, mountain level (but can punch you so hard you're sent flying out of space-time), planet level (with probability manipulation and attacks that hit you in the past and future), multi-galaxy to universe level (throws galaxies around like shurikens, survived a Big Bang to the face). There's also this guy that doesn't appear in the picture. He's way stronger than TTGL.

Anti Spiral:

No Caption Provided

The biggest enemy to evolution. Is on the level of the strongest mechas above.

Western Animation:


No Caption Provided

The Fat Panda. Around high street, can deflect supersonic cannonballs and BFR people into Spirit World by Plot Device Wuxi Finger Hold.

Avatar Aang:

No Caption Provided

The Last Airbender (kinda). Around mid tier. Can control the four elements on a pretty big scale.

Live Action:


No Caption Provided

The One. Varies between mid street, to high street/low mid, to above MoS Superman level. Very skilled in martial arts, has flight, super strenght, speed and telekinesis.

DCEU Superman:

No Caption Provided

The Man of Steel. Around supersonic combat speed (arguably way higher, but, eh), strong enough to destroy skyscrapers and survive nukes to the face while weakened.

Fox Quicksilver:

No Caption Provided

Sweet Dreams are made of this . . .

Speedester easily hundreds of times faster than sound.

Video Games:

Arkham Batman:

No Caption Provided

The Goddamn Batman, in a video game! Haven't played all the games, so I'd use feats mainly from City and Origins. Street level, great fighter, some cool gear.

Booker Dewitt:

No Caption Provided

Around high street, has a passive shield that can block bullets and lots of powers ranging from mind control to summoning crows to fight.

The Cooper Gang:

No Caption Provided

A hippo boxer, a nerdy turtle and a racoon thief. All street tier with some hax items.

Forgot to add comic chars. kek

Comic Books:

New 52 Alan Scott:

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The guy that everyone was upset because he was gay, so DC got his boyfriend killed off in the first issue of the comic. lol

His power varies. At his weakest, he can hold the planet in place. At his strongest, he can fight evenly with Darkseid and (literally) stomp people that give Kryptonians trouble.

New 52 Superboy:

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The clone of Superman's son. Can not die instantly against Kryptonians, throw cities in space, and punch people through the moon.

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