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Ainz Ooal Gown Respect Thread!

Respect Ainz Ooal Gown!

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Satoru Suzuki was once just an average Japanese salaryman, that spent most of his money and time in a game called Yggdrasil, a DMMO-RPG (Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game). Basically, a game where you connect your brain to a machine, and can play it with the body of your avatar, as if the game was real.

In this game, Suzuki's character was Momonga, an undead magic caster skeleton. He was a level 100 player, from one of the most powerful guilds in the world. He didn't have any friends in real life, so, he treated the other players of his guild as if they were his family.

After several years playing, his friends slowly stopped logging in, and the game was going to end. Momonga was the last person of his guild still active.

But, somehow, when the game was about to be shut down, his guild was transported to a fantasy world that was apparently real. All the NPCs created personalities and started treating Momonga as their god.

Since then, he's trying to find other players in this new world, and changed his name to Ainz Ooal Gown, the name of his guild.

He has only shown a small fraction of all his spells and abilities, but he already has more than enough to deserve respect for his power.


Powers of The Supreme Overlord of Death:

As a level 100 player, Ainz has a ton of different abilities. Summons, time manipulation, death manipulation, weather manipulation, reality warping, etc.

I'll show his most relevant abilities here.

Also, there will obviously be spoilers below. So, if you are reading or wants to read the novels, you shouldn't read this. Or should. Whatever.

Moving on.

Strength, durability and magic defenses:

Even though he's a magic caster, Ainz's levels alone grant him quite some physical power.

He can crush Clementine, a superhuman fighter, like nothing. She's said to be able to beat Gazef Stronoff, who can fight armies of thousands of men by himself.

Note that her lightning and fire weapons do nothing to him.

He can blast away part of the body of a superhumanly strong troll with a swing of a low level staff:

“Shut up, coward.”

Driven by terror and wrath, Guu attempted a cleaving attack. Ainz didn’t dodge or block, hitting back with his staff directly. Ainz did not allow the sword to parry the attack or Guu to dodge. The staff blasted part of Guu’s body away. “Guwaaargh!!” Amidst the terrible screams, Guu’s minions who were watching the battle cowered in fear.

“As expected of trolls, you recovered thanks to your regeneration ability. But it still hurts right? That was the strongest hit I have thrown so far, you coward who wants to protect himself from my attack.”

Before Ainz was a head that was half the thickness from before. Normal creatures would have died instantly, but the giant’s head was slowly recovering.

Overlord - Volume 8 - Side 2

He's also much stronger than Narberal, who can do this.

For durability, he has physical nullification passive spells that negate damage from low level attacks:

“...There must be some sort of trick.”

“Ah, definitely, how could anyone be fine after being run through by a sword?!”

Panic and fear spread through the Slaine Theocracy’s special forces unit. They were all veterans of numerous battles and had experienced many dangers in the past, but this was a sight they had never seen before. Not even the angels that Nigun could summon were capable of such a feat.

The doubtful mutterings about how he did not seem to be in pain and was speaking normally crept into Nigun’s ears.

“High-Tier Physical Nullification — a passive skill that negates the attacks of weapons with low data content and low-tier monsters’ attacks. It only protects against attacks of up to level 60 — in other words, attacks above level 60 can harm me. It is an all-or-nothing ability… to think it would actually see use here. Well then… these angels are in the way.”

Holding an angel in each hand, Ainz slammed them both into the ground. There was a thunderous crash, and the earth trembled from the impact — a testament to Ainz’s supernatural strength.

The angels died instantly, reverting to countless dancing motes of light which vanished into the air. Of course, the swords stuck in Ainz vanished as well.

“If I know how the angels were named, I can then understand how you can all use YGGDRASIL’s magic. But let us leave this aside for now.”

Overlord - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

This skill allowed him to completely ignore the Martial Lord's attacks. This Martial Lord was actually stronger than Ainz in pure physicals, and was said to be able to stomp people that could solo armies by themselves:

Ainz smiled to the Martial Lord, and the Martial Lord smiled to Ainz.

“...Then, make your move.”

“―Your Majesty, Sorcerer King Ainz Ooal Gown. At the very end, please show me ― even if it is just a fraction ― of your true power. Allow me to experience the zenith of might!”

The Martial Lord forcefully brandished his weapon.

“Really now… Very well. Then I shall reveal the pinnacle of power to you.”

Ainz activated his skill, and strode forth.

He entered the Martial Lord’s attack range. The Martial Lord swung down.

It was completely different from the speed at which he had raised it. He might have used martial arts to accelerate it. Still, it was nothing compared to the speed before he had his abilities penalized. It was far too slow.

The club swung down on Ainz’s body, but Ainz paid it no heed.

The attack could no longer harm Ainz’s body.

Ainz walked through it, as though caressed by a gentle wind.

He took blow after blow, but Ainz continued advancing, looking straight into the Martial Lord’s eyes.

The Martial Lord smiled, as though giving up. Ainz plunged his stiletto into the Martial Lord’s unresisting chest, and then released the spell imbued within.

Overlord - Volume 10 - Chapter 3

A direct hit from a dragon can't even make him flinch:

Ainz walked in front of the roaring Dragon. Then he smiled, and beckoned with his hand, as though to say “Give it your best shot.”

The Dragon swiped its claws at Ainz.

They were fast, but not as fast as the Troll he had fought recently.

Ainz did not dodge them. He took the Dragon’s attack head-on. The Dragon -- who thought Ainz could not evade in time -- grinned broadly, but when he realized that Ainz had no need to dodge, that grin froze on his face. After making sure that the Dragon knew that, Ainz cast a spell.

Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 5

He also has magic nullification that makes him completely immune to low level spells:

Once they realized their angels were useless, they wailed and fell back upon the spells that they knew and trusted.

“[Charm Person], [Iron Hammer of Righteousness], [Hold], [Fire Rain], [Emerald Sarcophagus], [Holy Ray], [Shockwave], [Confusion], [Charge of Stalagmite], [Open Wounds], [Poison], [Fear], [Word of Curse], [Blindness]...”

All kinds of spells rained down on Ainz.

Yet, even as the storm of magic lashed against him, Ainz was unmoved.

“Well, all of these are familiar spells...who taught them to you? The Slaine Theocracy? Someone else? There are more and more things I want to ask you now.”

Not only could he slaughter all their summoned angels in one move, their spells were also incapable of harming him.

Nigun felt like he was trapped in a nightmare.

Overlord - Volume 1 - Chapter 5

Instant Death Magic:

This is the kind of magic he focuses on more.

Ainz can crush someone's heart with [Grasp Heart]:

Momonga reached out an empty hand and cast his spell.

“[Grasp Heart].”

This spell was one that crushed a foe’s heart, and among the ten tiers of spells, it was an instant death spell of the 9th tier. Many of the necromantic spells which Momonga was adept with possessed instant death properties, and this was one of them. Momonga had chosen to open with this spell because even if it was resisted, the spell would still temporarily stun his opponent.

If the spell had been resisted, his plan was to take the two girls and jump back into the still open [Gate]. He had already planned his route of retreat since he was not sure what his opponents could do. However, it would seem those preparations would not be necessary. A feeling of something soft crushing beneath Momonga’s fingers travelled up his arm, and the knight collapsed silently to the ground.

Momonga looked down upon the fallen knight. It would seem that even killing someone did not stir any emotions within him. There was no guilt, fear or confusion in his heart, which was like the surface of a calm lake. Why was it like this?

Overlord - Volume 1 - Chapter 3

Anime version.

It even works on Dragon Lords, the strongest beings on the world (before Ainz's crew arrived, of course):

Hejinmal felt that this was very bad, and he looked around for help. However, all the concubines had the same excited look on their faces, a bestial hunger for treasure in their eyes. Only his mother was trying to surreptitiously leave this place, but she had no intention of helping her son.

“This is the first time I have seen such treasure. If you want me to forgive your foolishness, then offer me your raiment, Skeleton.”

“Umu… dealing with fools is truly tiresome.”

A cold voice rang forth.

Why did his father’s instincts as one of the living not tell him that Death awaited him? It must have been his Draconic avarice at work here.

“You idiot! You’ve just thrown away the only chance you had to survive! No, I should kill you─”

“[Grasp Heart].”

And with that, his father’s body slumped powerlessly to the ground.

All eyes went to the body of the strongest Dragon here.

The way he did not move at all looked like he was sleeping. Of course, that was definitely not the case.

Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 5

He can also use [Despair Aura V] as a AoE insta death ability:

It was the same for Ainz. Right now, there was an intrinsic balance that was restraining everyone. If this balance collapsed, the giants would flee from the cave immediately.

It would be a hassle if they ran away… A hassle to hunt and kill them one at a time.

“You are right, playtime is over.”

Ainz activated an ability he hadn’t thought much of— but which was a powerful force in this world.

‘Despair Aura V’.

An aura radiated out with Ainz at the center. Like puppets with their strings cut, the trolls, ogres and Guu all fell to the ground. The monsters laid there without moving. It was obvious that the flames of their lives had been extinguished.

His ultimate insta death skill is [The Goal of All Life is Death]. He can use this skill along with a insta death spell, but the spell is delayed for 12 seconds. The skill's effect is that it negates all defences against insta death magic, and kills everything that is hit by the spell. I mean, literally everything.

Shalltear is an undead, and so immune to insta death. But TGoALiD kills her.

She summons a golem, that is immune to insta death, because it isn't alive. It's killed too.

Hell, it even kills the air and land, things that aren't dead or alive, that are hit by the spell.

The only way to counter it is to ressurect yourself after the spell hits you.

In normal games, most people would spread the news of a newly-discovered class on walkthrough sites to share with others. However, games like YGGDRASIL put a very high premium on information. For instance, few people would share news about a World-Class Item with others without charge. This was especially true for classes with trump cards.

The class in question was called “Eclipse”. The class description stated: “Only an Overlord who is truly dedicated to the pursuit of Death may enter this class, which swallows up all life like an eclipse.” The move Ainz was planning to use was one which was only available after reaching the maximum level (5th) in Eclipse, a skill which could only be used once every 100 hours.

It was the trump card of the Eclipse class. That skill was called [The Goal Of All Life Is Death]. In that moment, a clock face appeared behind Ainz, its hands indicating 12:00. Then, he cast a spell: “[Widen Magic - Cry of the Banshee].” A woman’s wail echoed through the air.

This cry carried with it an instant-death effect. Ainz had used various skills to augment this spell, so its potency was greater than normal and harder to resist. Still, it was useless against Shalltear and the Einherjar construct. Oddly enough, Shalltear’s summoned minions — who had no resistance to instant death — did not fall.

This situation was quite bizarre, but Ainz remained unmoved. Rather, one could say that things were going as planned. Tick. The clock face behind Ainz ticked, and its hands slowly moved as the spell took effect.

Ainz glanced at Shalltear in the distance as his health dwindled under the onslaught of the Einherjar, and at the same time he felt quite disappointed. ..."So I can’t finish this cleanly, huh? Damn you, Peroroncino, did you build her specifically to counter me? To think you actually gave her a resurrection item! Dammit!"

Ainz cursed his guildmate within his heart. Ainz frantically struggled to avoid the attacks of the Einherjar. After 12 seconds had passed, the hour hand had completed a full circuit, and it pointed to the heavens once more.

Then, Ainz’s trump card took effect. In that moment — the world died.

This was not metaphorical. Everything died.

The Einherjar evaporated into white mist as it couched its lance, and dispersed before Ainz’s eyes. Even a homunculus with no concept of life died instantly. Shalltear’s familiars shared the same fate, unable to resist the destruction which overtook them.

That was not all. Even the air — which was not even alive to begin with — fell into death. For over 100 meters in all directions, the air was no longer breathable. If any living creature tried to respire within that area, their lungs would be corrupted by the deadly air, and they would die.

Neither did the land escape the embrace of death. The terrain in a 100 meter radius was instantly transmuted into sand. Only Shalltear and Ainz could move in this world, where only death remained.

Ainz’s trump card, [The Goal Of All Life Is Death] strengthened the effect of instant death magic and skills. Thus augmented, those instant-death effects could bypass any immunities or resistance and kill their targets after a certain amount of time had passed. One could resist it by using a resurrection effect on themselves within 12 seconds, as Shalltear had.

The air and the land had also died because of that effect. In YGGDRASIL, the environment would not have succumbed, but in this new world, the effects were quite appropriate to the skill. All things were equal in the face of Death. Ainz himself was taken aback by this strange effect. The land had not died like this in YGGDRASIL. He could not help but shake his head after witnessing the effects of the game’s powers in the real world.

However, Ainz swallowed back his surprise. The pride in his heart would not permit him to show any sign of shock. Instead, he acted as though this had been part of his plan. Carrying himself with the arrogance that befitted a ruler, he gently asked the sole survivor: “What do you think, after experiencing the power that can slay even the unliving?” The wind blew, dispersing the dead air between them. That wind carried his words to her.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Mental abilities and the like:

Demiurge, one of Ainz's servants, can control people's minds with his words, but to Ainz his voice just sounds good:

This man was the “Creator of Blazing Inferno”, Demiurge.

He was the Guardian of the 7th Floor of the Great Underground Tomb of Nazarick. This demon was designed to be the defense commander of the NPCs.

“It seems everyone is here.”

“—Momonga-sama, there are two more people who have not yet arrived,” said a resonant voice that seemed to pour into one’s heart. Demiurge’s words were empowered by a passive skill. This skill was called [Command Mantra], and it could instantly turn the weak-minded into puppets dancing on Demiurge’s strings.

However, this skill had no effect on the people present. It was only useful on people below level 40, so to everyone here, it simply sounded good.

Overlord - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

Feats for Demiurge's voice:

The one who replied was the demon who had a pair of black wings which grew from her waist.

“Our master does not consider that you have not entered into a listening posture which demonstrates respect.”

“... What?”

Once the female heard the confused voice, she called out to the man by her side who had a tail.



Suddenly, Zaryusu and Shasuryu knelt down, with their heads buried into the wetlands. Their actions made it look like these two persons thought it was only natural to do. The cold mud stained the two persons’ bodies, and the shattered ice blocks immediately froze up again. It was impossible to stand up. Even if they used their entire body’s strength, their bodies did not budge. As if there was an invisible giant hand which was pressing down on them from above, their bodies had completely lost all freedom of movement.

“『Do not Resist』.”

In the moment that the sound once again was heard in their heads, Zaryusu and Shasuryu felt as if their bodies had given birth to another mind— taking over their decision making organs. Their bodies seemed to act according to the instructions of that organ. After seeing the two energy-drained persons awkwardly kneeling in the muddy ground, the female demons seemed to look very satisfied, and faced the master as she reported:

“Ainz-sama, their respectful listening postures are prepared.”

“Thank you for your hard work— Raise your heads.”

“『Permitted to Raise your Heads』.”

Zaryusu and Shasuryu moved their heads which was the only body part able to freely move, and gazed upwards as if respectfully welcoming a king.[...]

[...]The two attending females and one male also jumped into the darkness after speaking with an attitude that was as if they had lost interest.

"E-Eh, t-then, good bye, take care." "drows ym fo enob eht ma I" [Then, goodbye.]

After the dark elf female, the bizarre creature also followed and entered the darkness.

"『Freedom Granted』. Then, try to enjoy it as best you can, lizardmen."

At the same moment the last one, the man with the tail, entered the darkness, he spoke with a gentle voice and also the weight pressing down on the two lizardmen disappeared without a trace.

Overlord - Volume 4 - Chapter 4


However, the one who spoke first was neither Jircniv, nor Ainz.

“Ainz-sama. It is disrespectful for inferior beings such as humans to address yourself as an equal,” a man’s voice said. “「Kneel」.”

Jircniv heard the sound of innumerable metal plates clanking, but he did not need to turn around to know what was going on. His subjects must have knelt in response to the man’s voice. At the same time he could hear the desperate grinding of teeth that came from those who wanted to rise, but could not. It must have been some sort of powerful mental domination effect. Had Jircniv not worn the necklace he never took off, he would be kneeling like his men.

Countless gazes affixed themselves on Jircniv, the only one to remain standing. They were cold, clinical stares, as though Jircniv were nothing more than a guinea pig.

“―That’s enough, Demiurge.”

“Understood!” The toad-like monster called Demiurge bowed respectfully to its master.

“「Releasing control」.”

He could almost see the pressure around them disappear, and he could hear sighs of relief from behind him.

Overlord - Volume 9 - Chapter 1

Undead beings in Overlord have immunity to mind altering effects (unless you use special items that I'm going to adress below).


Ainz voiced that denial in his heart once more. Shalltear and Ainz were both undead, which meant that they were of races that were immune to all sorts of mind-affecting effects. How had Shalltear been mind-controlled, then? It was easier to accept the fact that Shalltear had simply betrayed Nazarick. For example, she might have been unhappy with her treatment and someone on the outside might have offered her better terms, thus leading to her treachery.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter

Also, he's a skeleton with no brain, so types of mind control that attack the brain are useless against him.

Ainz himself has mind altering magic like his Despair Auras, and can make an enemy think he's a friend with Charm Person. It's said that he has this spell, athough it was never used. Shalltear used a similar one:

Ainz activated the same ability from just now.

[Despair Aura I (Fear)]

This ability had five effects.

I was for Fear.II was for Panic.III was for Confusion.IV was for Insanity.V was for Instant Death.

Fear referred to an abnormal status of being afraid, which inflicted a penalty to all actions.

Panic was a more severe version of Fear, caused by stacking additional Fear effects on each other. Anyone afflicted by that status would want to flee the ability user at all costs ― in other words, they would be unable to take any combat-related actions against that person.

Confusion was as the name suggested. Without any recovery measures, the target would be in a state of confusion.

Insanity was an extremely annoying bad status, being a permanent version of Confusion. It could not be removed without magic from a third party.

And it went without saying that Instant Death caused death.

The effects changed as one’s level increased.

Ainz had used the Fear effect first, and then cancelled it almost instantly afterward. By doing so, there would be a moment where the actions one imagined did not match up to the actual actions taken, and thus the body would feel as if it had been paralyzed.

Overlord - Volume 10 - Chapter 3


“Hmph! You must be a friend of the Dwarves! I’ll never talk! I’ll stake the pride of my race on it!”
“Really now. All right, then. [Charm Species]. Done, can you answer my questions?”
“Ahh, of course! What do you want to know?”
The Quagoa behind him could not help but gasp at his earnestness.
Charm magic caused the target to regard the caster as a trusted friend or colleague. However, since friends would not tell friends to kill or hurt themselves, the targets would not obey orders which would result in such. Also, the term “friend” was also a bottleneck of sorts; there were secrets which people would keep even from their friends, so this magic would be ineffective at winkling out such information. If that were the case, more powerful mind control spells would be needed. However, such measures did not appear to be necessary this time round, a fact for which Shalltear thanked her luck.
“Firstly, are you really the greatest one here?”
“Ahhh, I was appointed the leader of this group. Oi, quiet down there, she’s a friend so it’s fine to tell her. Ah, could you keep that a secret?”
“Of course. We’re friends, aren’t we?”
“Ahhh, yes, we are, I’ll trust you, then. Still, those guys… Especially that guy, is he undead?”
Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 2

Time manipulation:

Ainz can stop time at will to do a fake speedblitz, and should also be immune to others trying to stop his time:

Ainz vanished.

It was the same tactic as earlier.


“Not quite.”

As expected, the voice came from behind.


Before Roberdyck could finish, Ainz’s hand gently settled on Imina’s shoulder. There was no hint of enmity in that gesture.

However, it had a telling effect. All the strength in her body vanished, and she slumped to the ground. Although her mind was fully functional and conscious, her body felt like a puddle of immobile, insensate slime.

“What did you do to her?”

Roberdyck asked his question in a trembling voice, as his eyes went from Imina to Ainz, who stood by her side.

“Was that a surprise? It’s nothing special.”

Ainz proceeded to explain in such a way as to break Roberdyck’s spirit.

“It was almost the same as just now. After casting a silent ‘Time Stop’ I moved over here and cast the same spell I used on that man, ‘Touch of Undeath’. And then, I just touched her.”

The silence felt as though the space between them had been frozen. The sound of Roberdyck swallowing was exceptionally loud in comparison,

“…He stopped time…”

“Oh yes. Anti-time stop countermeasures are very important, don’t you know? You’ll need to have them by the time you hit level 70. Oh well, you’re going to die here, so in your case, it’s largely academic.”

Roberdyck grinded his teeth.

He was lying. If only he could say that. If only he could deny everything this monster—this god—was saying. It would be better if he fell to his knees and clutched his ears to shut the words out.

He understood that Ainz was very powerful.

However, even with that considered, stopping time and the like was something that should not exist in this world.

The march of time was a flow that could not be mastered or controlled by humanity. What could he do against a foe who was capable of such a feat? Cutting down an entire forest with a single sword would be an easier goal in comparison.

Ainz Ooal Gown. He was a being that the human race could never defeat. He was a man who stood at the cusp of divinity.

He gripped his mace in both hands—

—and he felt a light tap on his shoulder.


Roberdyck’s body stopped moving. He did not have to look to know who had done it. It was Ainz Ooal Gown—that godlike being who could control the passage of time—who was supposed to be standing in front of him. When had he vanished from his field of vision?

The cold flowing into him made him feel as though he had turned into an ice sculpture. Thus, any feeling and freedom were stripped from his body.

“—It was useless, wasn’t it?”

Overlord - Volume 7 - Chapter 4

But although he can time stop, he can't attack while time isn't moving forward. So, he can delay the activation of a spell to kill the enemy right after the effect of the time stop ends:

Climb raised the bell. He could only pray that victory went to Gazef.

And then —louder than expected— the bell rang.

His consciousness focused to the absolute limit, Gazef stepped in with an unbelievable speed—

Without missing a single moment, Brain and Climb opened their eyes and watched—

—and faster than any of them, the world went quiet.

“Like I was saying… time-stop countermeasures are important.”

Because Ainz had instantly cast a ‘Silent Time Stop’, Gazef, his sword raised high, was frozen in front of Ainz.

No attacks would work while time was stopped. Even if he used attack magic to barrage Gazef, it would cause him no harm. Because of that, Ainz cast a spell while keeping track of the time.

“「Delay Magic: True Death」.”

This was a ninth-tier spell.

Because ‘Grasp Heart’ was a more convenient spell, he did not use this one often.

If no spell could affect an enemy while time-stopped, then all one needed to do was delay the activation of the spell until the moment the ‘Time Stop’ ended. Although it was a simple combination attack in theory, the trick was getting the timing right, which was extremely difficult. As such, only about 5% of all magic-users could pull it off.

After much training and practice, Ainz was in that 5% as well.

“...Farewell, Gazef Stronoff. I never hated you.”

The spell ended, and time returned to the world.

Right after that, the other spell activated before anything else.

—Gazef slowly fell.



Climb and Brain had no idea of what had just happened.

In the moment Gazef had charged out, he had suddenly fallen over.

Ainz stepped forward to catch Gazef’s body.

His sword fell from nerveless fingers, and fell to the ground.

The battle was over.

Yet, there was no way to comprehend it.

Nobody knew what was going on.

“What on earth happened…?”

“The hell should I know!”

Brain gave voice to an angry cry.

“What’s wrong? Get up! Gazef!”

And then Brain’s earnest hope was flatly denied.

“He is dead.”

Overlord - Volume 9 - Chapter 4

When he was fighting a skyscraper sized plant monster that was said to be able to destroy the entire world, Ainz used time stop along with some other spells to make the monster look like a Christmas tree, just for show. (Turn on the subtitles)


Ainz has a number of undead summons that he can use to protect himself. His favorite one is the Death Knight:

No Caption Provided

This undead is only level 35, quite weak for a level 100. But they have 2 special abilities. One of them draws the attention of the enemy to the DK, making them not focus on Ainz, and another that makes them impossible to be one shotted:

Momonga activated one of his skills.

“—[Create Mid-Tier Undead, Death Knight].”

This was one of Momonga’s skills, which could create various undead. The Death Knight in question was Momonga’s favorite undead monster, which he used as a meat shield. It was roughly level 35, but although its attack power was only comparable to a level 25 monster, its defensive power was very good, equivalent to a level 40 monster.

That said, monsters of that level were useless to Momonga for the most part. However, the Death Knight had two very important skills. One of them was the ability to draw away enemy attacks. The other was that just once, they could survive any attack with 1 HP. Momonga liked using Death Knights as shields because of these two skills. This time round, he was also looking forward to using the Death Knight in a similar way.

Overlord - Volume 1 -Chapter 3


“Death Knight!”

He sent a command to the Death Knight with a macro. The Death Knight roared, and took on the hate that should have been borne by Momonga.

At the same time, in accordance with the orders given, the Death Knight ran to Bukubukuchagama.

The boss paused, and turned on the incoming Death Knight.

Its attack swung down on the Death Knight.

It went without saying that given the gigantic level difference, the Death Knight should have been destroyed.

That was what should have happened if a level 90 being attacked a level 35 opponent, unless the attacker held back a lot. However, the Death Knight’s skill activated. It took the hit and survived with 1 HP remaining, and continued running toward the frontliners. Or rather, it tried to run — the boss’ next blow obliterated the Death Knight.

However, it had fulfilled its purpose.

Overlord Prologue - Part 2

Also, every enemy that they kill is turned into a zombie. And although they are quite weak for Ainz, they have multiple statements saying that even only one Death Knight could solo an entire nation:

The way the Death Knights were calmly arranging the furniture and utensils on the grassy plains was the very picture of the loyal manservant. There was nothing in their actions which suggested that they were legendary undead which could destroy a country.

However, it was a fact that they were undead which even Jircniv’s strongest magic caster, Fluder Paradyne, could not command. Anyone could tell that by looking at the reactions of everyone present. This implied that there might be more than five of these monsters, whose fighting ability was far in excess of Fluder’s own.

In contrast, Fluder Paradyne himself was a magic caster that might well have the combat power of the entire Imperial Army. Of course, he did not have infinite mana, and in a straight fight, the Army should be able to take him out. However, if he used his teleportation or flight magic, he might well be able to exterminate the entire Imperial Army by himself. That was Fluder’s true power.

That would mean that the five Death Knights here represented five times the fighting strength of the entire Imperial Army. Impossible.

Overlord - Volume 9 - Chapter 1


“The Black Scripture knows of many monsters. While it is true she might not have the full picture of things, she -- Thousand Mile Astrologer -- was in charge of providing intelligence support to her team. There is no way she could have been mistaken. In addition, we have verified sightings of Death Knights and Soul Eaters in the capital of the Sorcerous Kingdom -- the former city of E-Rantel.”

That was answered by several defeated sighs.

All they could do was acknowledge the point in voices full of fatigue, and then they continued discussing the matter.

“What should we do? What is the best course of action for ourselves, as the protectors of mankind? What can we do about 500 monsters, each of which can destroy a nation by themselves?”

“So their forces are equivalent to 500 small countries… that’s insane, right? How badly could that country upset the balance between nations?”

Overlord - Volume 10 - Intermission

Ainz has hundreds of them. He can summon them with a corpse or without one. If he summons it with a corpse, the Death Knight will be permanent. Without one, they vanish after a certain time. He doesn't need a full body though. Just a head is enough:

“This is the head of the foolish noble who took action on his own to intrude upon your tomb… although I do not know if ‘tomb’ is the right word to use. Please accept it.”

The urn contained Earl Femel’s head. He was the noble who had been induced by Jircniv to recruit and dispatch the workers. These nobles who were neither boon nor bane were raised to be used at times like these. Dead men told no tales. Although he did not know how much information Ainz Ooal Gown possessed, it would be wiser to silence him to prevent further leaks.

It was quite likely that Ainz sent his emissaries because the workers had barged into his domain, and he wanted their master to take responsibility for it. Because of that, he had to deny all knowledge of the incident in the hopes of improving their relationship. The beautiful woman standing beside Ainz gently nodded her head, and the one called Demiurge brought the urn up the steps. Then, he knelt before Ainz, and presented the head from within the urn, Ainz lifted the head up.

“I will accept it. But what shall I do with it now? It would be a waste to simply throw it away.”

…Hm? Ah, mockery, then? I see. He’s only certain that the workers were hired by Femel… the question now is where the information leaked from…

Suddenly, the severed head of Earl Femel twitched in the skeletal hand that held it. At a glance, one might think that Ainz was the one moving it, but a closer look would reveal the truth. The head was covered by some sort of liquid, and Ainz released it from his hand. Just as it was obscured by the sudden change in position, a fountain of sticky black liquid erupted from the ground.

After the black fluid finished dripping, what was left was an enormous suit of black plate armor. It was a Death Knight. As one, everyone behind Jircniv inhaled sharply in surprise.

“How… could this…”

He created it. The maid’s words were true. Jircniv desperately wanted to bite his lip but forced himself not to. He could not do such a shameful thing in public.

“Go. Get in line.”

Overlord - Volume 9 - Chapter 1

He also has Soul Eaters, who can eat your soul and wipe out entire cities in small numbers:

Boris clutched the holy symbol that dangled around his neck. It was a gesture of warding.

“...We can’t be sure, but we believe the creatures they ride are legendary monsters known as Soul Eaters. They are undead creatures that hunger for the souls of the living. According to the tales, they once appeared to ravage a city of the Beastmen Kingdoms.”

“Then… how many casualties were there?”

In the silence that followed, Boris’ quiet words carried a long, long way.

“—One hundred thousand.”

The breath caught in Gazef’s throat.

“...A mere three Soul Eaters devastated the entire city they appeared in. Ninety-five percent of the people who lived there, over one hundred thousand people, were killed. It was abandoned and entered legend as the Silent City.”

A heavy silence fell on the group.

“...And there’s five hundred of them out there?”

Overlord - Volume 9 - Chapter 4

He has undead that don't specialize in combat like Corpse Eyeballs, that are useful to detect stealthy beings:

Ainz pointed to the four huge clumps of meat that were leading the way for them.

They were two meters wide and their bodies were pink. However, these monsters had countless cloudy white eyes. It looked as though the eyes from all manner of corpses had been haphazardly stitched together.

These were undead beings made with the [Create High-Tier Undead] skill, Eyeball Corpses.

Ainz had used his entire day’s worth of that skill’s uses to make these Eyeball Corpses, because they were the nemesis of stealthy beings, whether they used magic or skills to do so.

Their cloudy eyes were not ornamental, but possessed outstanding perception. Even the specialized ranger Aura could not match them. Although their effective combat level was low, their emphasis was on detection ability and not fighting power, so his aim was to have them support Aura for targeting duties.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

Pale Riders that can turn immaterial at will:

Ainz activated one of his unique skills, summon high tier undead. What appeared was a horseman with an ominous aura who was riding on a pale horse. Ainz repeated the summon several times.

“Alright, four should be enough. Well then, Pale Riders, stand by in the air. Capture anyone who attempts to escape.” The riders acknowledged wordlessly and rode into the air with a tug of the reigns. Their forms turned immaterial as the riders passed through the branches and flew into the sky. “Okay, the nets have been set. All that is left is to appraise them.”

Overlord - Volume 8 - Side 2

Eternal Deaths that can inflict status penalties that bypass the enemies defences with the help Ainz's Despair Auras, and also ghost summons:

He had enhanced his undead creation skills through the use of a dark ritual.

He could only create upper-tier undead four times a day. However, if he divided those up into two uses, he could make undead of roughly level 90.

Ainz stroked his chin, and wondered what sort of undead to make. The thief-type Eternal Deaths, or sensory-focused Eyeball types...

Granted, the Eternal Deaths were excellent undead to use, but they had a passive skill called [Aura of Death and Decay] which was constantly in effect. It was a potent skill which combined the effects of Ainz’s [Despair Aura V (instant death)] and [Despair Aura I (fear)], making it a creature that could inflict instant death and stat penalties upon the enemy. In particular, the stat penalty was not a mind-affecting ability. This allowed the skill to bypass immunity to mind-affecting effects, which made it very hard to deal with.

That said, if this ability was used when friendly fire was enabled, it would swiftly paint a hellish picture of suffering and misery. Of course, he might be able to order them to suppress the ability, but bringing undead like that onto the city streets was complete insanity.

Overlord - Volume 10 - Chapter 1


“Sir, there hasn’t been anything like that to date. Therefore, we decided not to send in expeditions. Probing too deep would be unwise.”

“Well, that’s right.”

Ainz could make incorporeal undead like ghosts, and by using magic to share their senses, he would be able to mount a full investigation. However, now was not the time for that sort of thing.

Given the present circumstances, investigating the Great Rift was a low priority. Still, it had to be done. In YGGDRASIL, places like this often concealed valuable items or dungeons.

If the shitty devs had their way, they’d hide a tunnel at the bottom of the Great Rift, and there’d be rare ores inside that tunnel. No, they’d definitely do that. In fact, it’s happened before." - Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 5

Normal spells:

He has a pretty big variety of regular spells.

Black Hole: Creates a small void near the enemy that sucks the entire target into it. Ainz used it to one shot a legendary angel that was said to be able to destroy entire cities.

No Caption Provided

Dragon Lightning: Creates dragon shaped lightning that strikes the enemy.

Hell Flame: Creates a tiny flame that can vaporize an angel like nothing.

Negative Burst: Launches negative energy around Ainz in an AoE. Capable of vaporizing multiple angels with ease.

Reality Slash: Cuts reality itself with this spell.

Magical mines: Explode when the enemy gets close:

However, despite the ever-approaching tip of the lance, Ainz remained unmoved.

In a gentle voice, he said:

“It’s dangerous, you know.”

The tender warning he gave Shalltear, as though concerned for her well-being, referred to the countermeasure he had prepared for Shalltear’s attack.

As Shalltear attacked, the [Triplet Maximize Magic - Exploding Mine] spell which he had cast beforehand automatically triggered.

The three explosions blew Shalltear’s body away.

As Ainz saw this,he apologized in an even more compassionate tone:

"Shalltear, please forgive my late warning. Actually, there were mines there . . ."

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Gravity Maelstorm: Creates a ball of gravity that can deal damage to high level enemies:

[Maximize Magic - Gravity Maelstrom].”

She was still flying back from the force of the explosion when Ainz hurled a black sphere after her. It was a spinning vortex of hyper-intensified gravity that could significantly damage a target, even one of Shalltear’s level.

At this moment, Shalltear stood back up from her downed state and held out an empty hand.

“[Wall of Stone].”

A vast wall of stone emerged from the ground, completely enveloping Shalltear. The gravity maelstrom Ainz had thrown collided with the wall, causing it to bend, twist and crumble, but the gravity maelstrom vanished as well.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Hold of Rib: Restricts the enemy's movement with giant ribs:

“Hmph! [Maximize Magic - Hold of Rib]!”

As Ainz followed up with another spell, massive ribs erupted from the earth and closed in on Shalltear like a bear trap. The sharp points of white bone bit deeply into Shalltear’s body.


Normally, this spell would have continued holding its target after damaging them, but Shalltear easily shrugged free. This was because she was immune to movement restrictions, resulting in the failure of the attempted restraint.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Astral Smite: Can damage beings on the Astral Plane:

Shalltear sensed the mines and assumed her mist form to evade them as they flew toward her. This skill transmuted the body into mist, and it was quite a flavourful skill for vampires. However, it did not transform the body into the physical phenomenon called mist, but instead phased the body into the astral plane. Thus she could use it to completely avoid attacks in the physical world — the three explosions which resulted.


After Ainz’s shout, he followed up with a [Maximize Magic - Astral Smite].”

That spell could strike astral entities, and it found its mark on Shalltear’s body, whose defense had been somewhat reduced after taking mist form.

Wracked by agony, Shalltear terminated her mist form. She felt her lip split, and something soft and slippery escaped from within.

“Truly marvellous, as expected of you, Ainz-sama!”

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

That spoiler block is being a glitchy bastard, so I'll continue here:

Thousand Bone Lance: Launches thousands of bones at the enemy. Can destroy Shalltear's powerful barrier in one go:

“[Maximize Magic - Thousand Bone Lance]!”

Countless — well over one or two thousand — lances of bone erupted from the earth around Ainz. The ivory spears assailed the defensive barrier from all directions. Soon, she heard the sound of what seemed like glass cracking, and Shalltear’s protective barrier shattered with it. Scattered chips of bone flew in all directions, melting away into nothingness.


She had not expected this magic barrier — upon which she had spent a significant amount of mana — to be broken in one move. Shalltear was unable to believe this as the attack on her continued.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Greater Rejection: Not only can he summon monsters, he can also stop the enemy from summoning one:

After throwing her final Purifying Javelin, Shalltear accepted the [Reality Slash] counterattack, and decided to move into the second phase of the battle.

“How about this, then? [Summon Monster 10th].”

“As if I’d let you! [Greater Rejection]!”

The summoned monsters were dispelled in an instant, and Ainz’s smug laughter reached her ears.

“I won’t let you draw out the fight, Shalltear.”

I can’t smile yet, though I was just trying to use up my MP after expending all my special abilities.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Call Greater Thunder: Summons 3 gigantic thunderbolts that can damage Shalltear a lot, something none of the previous attacks managed to do:

Shalltear faked a stern expression, and then cast another spell.

“Really now? Then how about a direct attack? [Maximize Magic - Vermilion Nova]!”

“[Triplet Maximize Magic - Call Greater Thunder].”

The crimson blaze — one of Ainz’s weaknesses — engulfed him, while three gigantic strokes of lightning earthed themselves through Shalltear’s body.

This was the first time in this battle that she had felt her health drop like a rock, which put a look of displeasure on Shalltear’s face.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

True Dark: Summons darkness that deals damage around the enemy:

I’m not going to do something tedious like that. I’ll target an element which he should be weak against.

“—[Maximize Magic - Brilliant Radiance].”

“—[Maximize Magic - True Dark].”

Holy-element light wrapped Ainz, purifying his body, while Shalltear’s body was corroded by non-elemental darkness.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Greater Lethal: Ainz uses an item to heal himself.

Shalltear looked at Ainz with lust-moistened eyes, and she licked her lips. If she continued lengthening the distance between them, what sort of face would he make for her?

“Then, time to recover. [Maximize Magic - Greater Lethal].”

Positive energy restored the health of the living, while negative energy would damage them. However, the opposite was true for the undead. Thus, [Greater Lethal], which channelled vast quantities of negative energy, was the most powerful healing spell that Shalltear (one of the undead) could cast.

“I see. It would seem I’ve lost quite some health as well — [Greater Lethal].”

Shalltear blinked several times, unable to believe what was happening before her eyes. However, she had to accept the fact that Ainz’s wounds were recovering before her eyes, even if she could not quite believe it.

“...Eh? Why is it that you can cast the divine spell [Greater Lethal]? Was it on your class’ spell list?”

“No, sadly, this is not an innate ability, but an effect from a magic item. This magic item only allows me to use a single specific spell, and requires me to use an equipment slot, nor can that spell be enhanced with skills. It is also much weaker than someone casting the spell off their own list, so you could say it has many drawbacks.”

As Ainz complained, he used [Greater Lethal] again, causing Shalltear in turn to mumble, “that’s a spanner in the works, isn’t it?” Still, her aim was to deplete her foe’s MP, so the plan was not yet ruined.

With that in mind, Shalltear continued casting [Greater Lethal] to recover her health. Since Shalltear was a level 100 character, it took a while for her to fully recover.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Shark Cyclone: Summons a Sharknado. Nuff said:

Several giant bats flapped out from behind her to the sky. These were Elder Vampire Bats summoned through her Household Summons skill. In addition, she continued summoning Vampire Bat Swarms. They were not strong monsters, but he could not let them do as they pleased.

Ainz cast a spell: “[Sharks Cyclone].”

A tornado, 100 meters high and 50 meters across appeared before him. The black funnel cloud engulfed the bats before they could flee, trapping them within the vortex. Fast-swimming shapes could be seen within the rapidly-spinning tornado. These creatures were six-meter long sharks, and they moved as though they were in the ocean. The desperately fleeing bats were like bait which had been dropped into the water, and the sharks sprang on them. This spell showed its true potency against flying creatures, and the proof of that was adequately shown as the sharks ripped the Elder Vampire Bats limb from limb in an instant.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Wall of Skeleton: Creates a wall of skeletons (duh), that can attack by itself:

Ainz moved back to where he had been standing before the lance had impaled him. As Shalltear watched him in bafflement, Ainz cast another spell.

“[Wall of Skeleton]!”

A wall composed of numberless armed skeletons erupted between the two of them. The skeletons in the wall attacked Shalltear, chopping, stabbing and slashing at her.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Greater Magic Seal/Release: Ainz can seal a spell beforehand to release it at the moment he wants. He used it with a 1st tier spell, pretty weak magic, and a skill that made the spells become many orders of maginitude more powerful:


In accordance with Ainz’s command, the [Triplet Magic Greater Magic Seal] triggered three magic circles, each of which released 30 streaks of light, for a total of 90. These white bolts of light were non-elemental [Magic Arrows]. The dazzling afterimage left behind as they travelled through the air were like the spread wings of an angel — an angel of death.

1st-tier spells could not breach Shalltear’s magic defenses, but Ainz had cast that spell anyway. Sensing something odd, Shalltear desperately tried to evade them, but the ivory bolts of light turned a full 90 degrees in mid-air and chased her down, falling on her like hail. The 90 magical bolts scored hit after hit on Shalltear, rapidly dropping her health.

The reason why they could pierce Shalltear’s defense was because Ainz had used a skill to temporarily boost the magic arrows to the equivalent of 10th-tier spells.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Obsidian Sword: Creates swords that keep following and attacking the target until they are destroyed.

Ainz was not finished yet.

“Dance! [Triplet Magic - Obsidian Sword].”

Three longswords appeared in mid-air, their black bodies gleaming. They streaked after Shalltear, as though they had a mind of their own.

“Out of my way!”

Shalltear shouted as she batted them aside with her Spuit Lance. However, the obsidian swords continued attacking her even after they were deflected. These weapons, created as they were through magic, were very difficult to destroy through physical means.

“[Magic Destruction].”

Shalltear used her scant few remaining MP to cast a spell which dispelled other magic. Two obsidian swords vanished from that spell, cast with no regard to her remaining MP. However, one had not vanished, and it continued attacking Shalltear. The success rate of [Magic Destruction] was directly dependent on the spellcasting ability of its caster, and this was conclusive evidence of which magic caster was superior.

“Ahhh, how annoying!”

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 5

Anti Divination Passive: Ainz has passive defences against anyone that tries to spy on him. It blocks the enemy from viewing, and even launches an attack spell back on them.

The sun set completely, and darkness swallowed the land.

Nigun knew that this was the end. This was an unassailable reality. Just as his subordinates fell into despair one after the other, cracks appeared in the sky, like the breaking of a pot. They vanished in an instant, and the scenery returned to normal.

As confusion washed over Nigun, Ainz answered:

“Good grief… you know, you should thank me. It would seem someone was using divination magic to keep an eye on you, but because I was in the spell’s effective range, my anti-scrying offensive barrier activated, and you were not observed. Really, if I had known, I would have linked a higher-tier attack spell to it.”

Those words filled Nigun’s eyes with realization.

The Slaine Theocracy must have been spying on him.

“A widened [Explosion] might not be enough to teach them how to behave… oh well, things being as they are, playtime is over.”

Overlord - Volume 2 - Chapter 5

Greater Invisibility: People that can see through regular invisibility can't see through this:

That being the case, he began the first step towards that.

‘Complete Invisibility’.

Momonga cast the spell. It was a spell that was far superior to ‘Invisibility’. He would be completely invisible to anyone unless they used specialized magic to see him.

Overlord - Twitter Side Story

Create Fortress: Creates a tower where he can enter and use as a defence:

He found one almost immediately, and then Ainz cast his spell. It was a 10th-tier spell.

“[Create Fortress]!”

As the spell took effect, a mighty tower appeared where there had been nothing before. It was a tower which stood over 30 meters tall, standing erect and proud like it was going to swallow up the starry sky.

Its massive double doors looked strong enough to shrug off battering rams. The walls were studded with countless spikes to keep anyone from climbing them. Four demonic statues adorned the corners of the uppermost level of the tower. They felt weighty and oppressive even at a glance.

This sturdy fortress-like fortification was the physical incarnation of the word: “towering”.

“Then, let’s go.”

As Ainz approached the door at the head of his group, the iron doors swung open. He waited there for everyone else to enter. In YGGDRASIL, anyone on the same team could open those doors with a touch. On the contrary, everyone else could only gain entry by destroying the door. He wondered how the door in this world would make that judgement.

Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 2

Delay Teleportation: Delays teleportation . . .

When the appointed time came, Ainz felt a magical portal — a [Gate] — open in the great hall.

While he had already dispelled the magical field surrounding this building, the person passing through the [Gate] did not appear right away, thanks to the [Delay Teleportation] spell he had cast. This was the same spell he had used during the battle with Shalltear.

[Delay Teleportation] briefly hindered teleportation effects that had their destination near the caster, buying them several seconds of time, which the caster would typically use to flee or prepare an attack. In addition, the spell also informed the caster of how many beings would be teleporting into their vicinity.

Thus, Ainz knew that only one person had teleported here.

Entoma might not have come here with Shalltear, but she would probably be arriving soon.

[Delay Teleportation] only delayed a teleport. It could not cancel it entirely. Thus, some time later, a black half-sphere appeared within the area of the [Delay Teleportation] spell.

Shortly after that, a Lizardman fearfully poked its head out from within.

Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 1

False Data Life: Gives false information for anyone trying to see his HP. Used in Volume 3 - Chapter 4 and 5.

Fly: Allows Ainz to fly pretty damn fast.

Mass Fly: Gives a group of people the ability to fly:

Albedo and Yuri answered Ainz in the affirmative. Only Shizu remained silent, merely nodding in acknowledgement.

Ainz cast [Mass Fly], and then the four of them took off.

It was then that they realized that a faint purple poisonous gas hung in the air.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

Greater Teleportation: Allows him to teleport himself or other people to any place he has been before:

“As you have desired, the appointment has been made to meet at ten in the morning tomorrow, Your Majesty.”

“Umu. Then, there’s just the matter of waiting until tomorrow… Next, I shall use teleportation magic to send you to E-Rantel. Relax and accept the spell. [Greater Teleportation].”

Ainzach’s body disappeared in an instant.

The [Greater Teleportation] would safely transport him to the outermost of E-Rantel’s triple gates. Even if there was someone at the destination, the spell would deposit him at the nearest safe location, so there was no need to verify the destination with magic.


He looked down upon the genuflecting Fluder.

Then, he decided to check for magical auras, and as expected of Fluder, there were many different colors in his room. However, none of them looked like a dangerous color which would impede teleportation. After verifying that, he cast [Greater Teleportation].

His field of view changed, showing that he had successfully teleported to Fluder’s room. Though there had been no delays, and he did not sense anyone spying on him, and he was quite certain that he had not jumped into the enemy’s base, he still took a quick look around himself.

In truth, there was no need to be so worried. However the brief period of vulnerability after teleportation was when it was easiest to be attacked. These protective actions ― to defend against being PKed ― had been long drilled into Suzuki Satoru’s body.

Overlord - Volume 10 - Chapter 3

Message: Allows the user to talk with other people over long distances:

The problem was contacting them. Normally one would use the [Shout] or [Call GM] functions to establish immediate contact, but that method seemed to have failed at the moment…


That was the game’s in-game messaging magic.

Normally, it was only usable in certain places or situations

Normally you could use this only in certain places or situations, but right now it could be put to good use. While this magic could be used to communicate with other players, it was unknown if it could be used to call a GM.

Overlord - Volume 1 -Chapter 1

Undead abilities:

He has many special traits as an undead:

In the game, demihuman and heteromorphic races unlocked racial skills when they reached certain levels. An Overlord like Momonga had the following skills:

Create High-Tier Undead 4 times/day, Create Mid-Tier Undead 12 times/day, Create Low-Tier Undead 20 times/day, Negative Energy Touch, Despair Aura V (instant death), Negative Protection, Dark Soul, Black Halo, Undead Blessing, Unholy Protection, Wisdom of Darkness, Speak Evil Tongues, Ability Damage IV, Piercing Damage Resistance V, Slashing Damage Resistance V, Turn Resistance III, High-Tier Physical Immunity III, High-Tier Magic Immunity III, Cold, Acid and Electrical Immunity, as well as Arcane Vision/See Invisibility.

And then there were the abilities from his class levels — Instant Death Magic Enhancement, Rite of Darkness, Undead Aura, undead creation, undead control, undead strengthening, and so on. Then there were the basic special qualities which all undead possessed: Immunity to critical hits, mind-affecting, poison, disease, sleep, paralysis, death and energy drain effects. Resistance to necromancy and biological penalties. Undead did not need to breathe, eat or drink. They were healed by negative energy and had darkvision.

Of course, they had weaknesses too, like Good, Light and Holy Vulnerability IV, Bludgeoning Vulnerability V, Vulnerability to Holy/Good Consecrated Areas II, double damage from fire and so on.

—This meant that Momonga could be sure that he still possessed the basic abilities of an undead being and his special skills gained through levelling up.

Overlord - Volume 1 - Chapter 2

I already showed summons and the mental immunities.

As it says, he has great resistance against piercing and slashing weapons, since he's a skeleton without flesh and organs to cut. Although he's vulrenable to blunt force weapons.

He has acid immunity, and shows it when he literally bathes in acid:

Thus, Ainz arrived at the last and final solution of dumping slimes all over his body.

“Of course… this was revolutionary and ingenious. It’s the perfect plan.”

Ainz murmured while watching the sapphire slimes crawling around his body.

He nodded with satisfaction at his own idea. Perhaps this was his best idea so far since coming over to this world.

“The more I think about it, the better it seems!”

Praising himself over and over again, Ainz looked at the slimes scouring all parts of his body.

Very lovely indeed…

Even though they were a dangerous monster that could melt flesh with acid and were strong enough to bend metal bars, they cleaned Ainz’s body extremely well. In some ways, he felt as if they were his pets.

Yeah… A slime bath is good, but sometimes I should take a regular bath as well.

Nazarick’s 9th floor had various facilities. One of them was the grand bathhouse. It was a facility modelled after a spa resort and served as a multi-purpose bathing facility with a variety of tubs and baths.

Overlord - Volume 8 - Side 2

He can see invisible people:

“So you are the Giant of the East?”

When the other party didn’t deny it, Ainz pointed slightly to the right of the troll.

“I would be really happy if you are the Serpent of the West. Are you?”

Normal beings would think that there was nothing in the direction Ainz was pointing, but Ainz could see as clear as day that a heteromorphic being was there.

“You probably think you can hide using invisibility, but I have seen through it. You can stop your futile actions now.”

After dispelling its invisibility, a monster appeared in that empty space. It was indeed a serpent. No, it only had the shape of a serpent. The upper body was that of a frail old man while the lower half was a snake. Such monsters existed in the game and Ainz stated its race immediately.

“A Naga. It might be mistaken for a snake, but isn’t that an exaggeration? No, a title like Virtuous King of the Forest exists too, so it makes sense.”

“To see through this one’s invisibility, could it be—”

“—Why are you here, skeleton?!”

Overlord - Volume 8 - Side 2

Immune to poison:

It was then that they realized that a faint purple poisonous gas hung in the air.

Yuri looked around to find the source of the purple gas, but though she looked to the ceiling, the walls, and the corners, she could not pinpoint the source of the purple radiance.

Just as confusion bloomed on Yuri’s face, a monotonous voice answered her:

“...Yuri-nee. Powerful magic toxin in the air.”


Yuri’s surprised answer was met by a cold, inscrutable look. That look came from Shizu’s calm green eye, which was devoid of any emotion.

One would not be able to pick up any emotion from those eyes. Shizu had a beautiful face, but if one were to be ungenerous, one could call it an actor’s mask.

After all, Shizu was an automaton. She would not show any emotions — indeed, that was how she had been programmed.“...Blood of Jormungandr?”

As Shizu named that most potent of poisons, Ainz replied:

“Mm, that’s correct. I didn’t tell you, but the air in the Treasury is toxic. Anyone without poison immunity or items granting it will die within three steps.”

“Would that be why you chose me — forgive me, why you chose the three of us to accompany you?”

Indeed it was.

Yuri — who was adjusting her glasses — was a Dullahan, while the stiff-faced Shizu was an Automaton. The two of them were heteromorphic beings who were immune to poison as part of their racial features.

Albedo was a demon and did not naturally possess a resistance to poisons, but she had another way to render herself immune to them.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

He's obviously immune to diseases due to his lack of organs, blood and metabolic system in general. Also doesn't need to breath, drink or eat.

All undead are immune to cold:

Freezing cold air blew from all sides. Normally there would be a cold-based damage-over-time field effect here, but with that deactivated, it was just very cold. Still, the Death Knight would have been fine even if the field effect had not been shut down.

This was because most undead were immune to cold, but weak to fire. Because of that, no matter how cold the temperature got, the undead would not be affected, and since they ignored all metabolism-related status effects, they could function perfectly well in high-temperature areas, although they would take extra damage from fire-elemental attacks.

Overlord Blu-ray 1 Special - Emissary of the king

He's already dead, so insta death magic and soul attacks are useless. He can also see in complete darkness as clear as day.

Can paralyze people with a touch:

Before Roberdyck could finish, Ainz’s hand gently settled on Imina’s shoulder. There was no hint of enmity in that gesture.

However, it had a telling effect. All the strength in her body vanished, and she slumped to the ground. Although her mind was fully functional and conscious, her body felt like a puddle of immobile, insensate slime.

“What did you do to her?”

Roberdyck asked his question in a trembling voice, as his eyes went from Imina to Ainz, who stood by her side.

“Was that a surprise? It’s nothing special.”

Ainz proceeded to explain in such a way as to break Roberdyck’s spirit.

“It was almost the same as just now. After casting a silent ‘Time Stop’ I moved over here and cast the same spell I used on that man, ‘Touch of Undeath’. And then, I just touched her.”

Overlord - Volume 7 - Chapter 4

He gives debuffs that lower the stats of the enemy and ignore regeneration just by touching people. He doesn't have to touch the skin, as it goes right through armor without damaging it (note: he only got hurt by the guy because he didn't have his passive shields on, because he wanted to train melee combat with someone that could hurt him):

Ainz touched the Martial Lord’s armor with his empty left hand. In that moment, the Martial Lord shuddered like he had been electrocuted, making him swing his club without thinking.


Ainz failed to dodge, and the sounds of cracking came from his body as he was smashed into the distance. Since he had disabled his High-Tier Physical Immunity and he was weak to bludgeoning attacks, that strike dealt a lot of damage. Ainz’s body flew several meters, no, over 10 meters through the air, like a ball struck by a bat.

Then, he hit the ground, tumbling head over heels several times.

Thunderous cheering erupted from the crowd.

Ainz heard Jircniv shouting in delight as he rolled across the ground, and the surge in goodwill he had toward the man dropped swiftly.

Dammit, we’re allied countries, aren’t we? Shouldn’t you be a bit more concerned about the fact that an allied king is down on the ground, huh?

Though he had taken damage, Ainz no longer felt pain, and he peered at the Martial Lord from where he was on the ground.

There was no follow-up attack.

The sounds of cheering gradually died down, replaced by a sense of disquiet that covered the entire arena. Why had the Martial Lord not pressed the attack? No, why was the Martial Lord bending over? What was slowing down the Martial Lord’s movements.

Ainz gracefully rose to his feet, dusting himself off. He did not seem at all bothered at being sent flying.

In contrast, the Martial Lord’s movements were extremely sluggish.

Ainz chuckled.

This was the best way the show could have gone.

Ainz returned to his original position, amidst a cacophony of noise. The Martial Lord asked in doubt:

“Wh-what is this? Poison… no, what is this?”

“I did not break the rules. This is a proper contest. That said, this is far beyond the word ‘poison’. My touch can infuse negative energy into an opponent’s body. However, a Troll’s regeneration should be able to heal that.”

Ainz made the same gesture he used when touching the Martial Lord, opening and closing his fingers.

“However, I have another ability in addition to that. I can inflict physical ability damage by touch. Thus, your strength and dexterity have been reduced. I don’t think you can heal that, can you?”

From what Ainz knew, Trollish regeneration could only heal damage, but not the weakening of the body.

“In other words, Martial Lord, the more I touch you, the lower your stats will become, until you end up like a caterpillar.”

Naturally, that was a lie.

He could inflict ability penalties on a foe, that much was true, but even that had a limit. He could not reduce stats to zero. Of course, his opponent could not possibly know that.

However, there were other undead with similar abilities, so he could not conclude that his opponent really did not know. He might have been bluffing about not fighting the undead, and he might know something related to them.

Overlord - Volume 11 - Chapter 3

Super Tier Magic:

He generally only uses magic from 1st to 10th tier. But he can use Super Tier Magic that is much more powerful than any of his other spells. He has 30 of them, but he's only showed 5.

Note: They generally take a lot of time to cast, but he can use Pay 2 Win cash items to make the casting time 0.

Those are:

Fallen Down:

Summons fire from the sky that deals great damage to a pretty wide area. Deals more damage to undead enemies.


Used to change the weather of the area around the caster. Ainz used it to freeze an entire lake:

Not knowing if the magic had successfully activated, the magic array broke apart, becoming numerous light particles flying towards the sky. In the next instant— like there had been an explosion in the sky, the particles spread out—

And the lake… completely froze.

Not a single person could understand what exactly had happened.

Overlord - Volume 4 - Chapter 4

The lake was quite big:

This enormous lake had a radius of approximately twenty kilometers, and was shaped like an inverted calabash, divided into the upper lake and the lower lake. The upper lake was relatively deep, hence large creatures gathered there while the lower lake was inhabited by smaller creatures.


Allows Ainz to summon 6 level 80 angels to protect him:

Ainz did not wait for Fifth to reply. After changing out parts of his equipment, he cast his spell.

This spell was the super-tier spell [Pantheon], which was similar to the 10th tier spell [Armageddon - Good] and the super-tier spell [Nibelung I], and which was diametrically opposed to the super-tier spell [Pandemonium].

He listened to Fifth’s words as he waited for the super-tier spell to take effect. If there was a sudden need to take urgent action, he would naturally use a cash item, but doing so at this time would have been terribly wasteful. [...]

[...] Ainz put his doubts aside and cast the super-tier spell. Six pillars of light appeared around him, and from them came six angels.

These angels had lions’ heads, with one pair of wings stretched out and another pair folded around them, for a total of four wings. They each wore suits of shining armor and held shields with eye patterns in one hand and lances of fire in the other.

These angels were around level 80, and they were called Cherubim Gatekeepers.

Ainz did not know much about mythology, so he did not know why they were called gatekeepers, but he did know about their strengths as monsters.

The Cherubim Gatekeepers were quite well-suited to the task of being a tank, and their considerable sensory abilities also made them very good sentries.

“Protect me. Do not kill my enemies, but render the foe powerless while doing as little damage as possible.”

“Understood, o summoner.”

This order had not been given out of compassion. Although Ainz had no hesitation about killing his opponents, he had to consider that people might be scheming behind the scenes. In addition, he had to let Momon perform the executions, hence his instructions to capture the enemy alive.

“Then, let’s go.”

Once the Angels had taken a defensive formation around Ainz, he immediately strode forth.

Summon spells ― including this super-tier spell ― would terminate after a while. Thus, he had to avoid wasting time.

Overlord - Volume 10 - Chapter 1

Iä Shub-Niggurath:

This one is pretty good. This spell instantly kills a large number of targets that are inside the AoE. Then, it sacrifes them to Shub-Niggurath.

With that, a number of Dark Young are summoned, level 90 monsters that are extremely strong:

Ainz poured his strength into his hands.

The particles from the shattered hourglass flowed against the wind and into the magic circle surrounding Ainz.

With that — the super-tier spell activated.

“「Ia Shub-Niggurath!」”

A black wind blew toward the Kingdom’s army, which had just finished changing its formation.

Or rather, there was no wind. Nothing moved, from the weeds growing on the plains, or the hairs on the heads of the Kingdom’s soldiers.

There were 70'000 men in the left wing of the Kingdom’s army.

Every single one of them was killed on the spot.[...]

[...] The Imperial knights were the first to see it.

It was expected that the knights, watching from a safe distance, would see it first. Because they felt safe, they dared to peer outside from the narrow slits in their helmets.

After the storm of death had claimed the lives of the Kingdom’s soldiers, something appeared in the sky, a jet-black sphere that sent chills down the spine of all who saw it. It seemed to pollute the world with its very presence.

Then, who on the Kingdom’s side saw it? It was most likely the troops of the right wing, who had no direct line of sight to what had happened on the other side. Perhaps they sensed something abnormal was going on, but they did not know the details of what had transpired, and as they looked around to find out what was going on, they saw it.

As though their eyes were being guided there, the soldiers of both sides, and the soldiers beside them noticed it. In this way, everyone on the Kattse Plains, who had gathered to wage war, ended up staring silently at the sphere floating in the sky.

The sphere —which resembled nothing so much as a hole in the heavens— was like an opened spiderweb; once one caught sight of it, one could not pull away.

The black sphere slowly grew larger.

Be it fighting or fleeing, no human could engage in any meaningful thought or activity. All they could do was stare dumbly.

And soon — the ripened fruit fell.

Like the laws of the universe, the falling sphere broke apart when it touched the earth.

It burst like a water balloon striking the ground, or perhaps like an overripe fruit doing the same.

It was full of something that spread out from the point of impact. It was something like asphalt. It absorbed the light, like a wave of hungry darkness, and it was sticky and fluid and it swallowed the corpses of the dead Kingdom soldiers.

Informed by some unknown instinct, nobody thought it would end there.

Perhaps it had only begun.

This was the beginning of their despair.

Suddenly, a vast tree grew from the black tar that covered the earth.

No, that was nothing as pleasant as a tree.

At first, there was only a single trunk, but then it multiplied. Two, three, five, ten… they waved in a wind that was not there. What was growing there... were tentacles.


Suddenly, they heard the adorable bleating of a goat. And it wasn’t just one goat. The sound of a herd of goats seemed to have come from nowhere.

As though drawn by the sound, the asphalt writhed up, and it gave birth to something.

It was something that was far too strange, too unnatural.

It was ten meters in height. If you added the length of the tentacles, that figure became unclear.

At a glance, it resembled some sort of turnip. In place of leaves, it had numberless black tentacles, and its body was a slab of meat covered in raised lumps. Below that were five legs, like those of a goat’s, tipped with black hooves.

Fissures appeared on its body —that thick slab of meat covered in lumps— peeling and splitting with the sound of something shattering. These cracks were not limited to just one area. And then...


The adorable bleating of goats rang forth from those openings. They were savage maws that drooled without end.

There were five of them.

They revealed their spine-chilling forms to everyone on the Kattse Plains.

The Dark Young of the Black Goat.

Born of the super-tier spell “Ia Shub-Niggurath - Sacrifice to the Black Harvest”, they were monsters summoned from the deaths of men. Although they did not possess any powerful special abilities, they were outstandingly resilient.

And their level was over 90.

This was a portent of a storm of carnage.

Besides the adorable bleating, so sickeningly sweet and cute that it made people want to vomit, there were no other sounds. That was because nobody could speak, unwilling to believe or accept that the events unfolding in front of their eyes were truly happening. Over 300'000 —or if you counted only the living, 235'000— people were gathered here, and none of them could say anything.

Under these circumstances, Ainz laughed heartily.

“Marvelous. This is a new record. In all of history, I might be the only one who ever managed to call forth five at once. Remarkable. I must give my thanks to everyone who died here today.”

Under normal circumstances, every summoning of the Dark Young would only produce one entity, which was itself a cause for celebration. Being able to bring out two was a rarity.

And now, there were five.

Just like a player who was celebrating over beating his own high score, Ainz was overjoyed by the fact that he had set this new record. So what if tens of thousands had died for it?

“Although… it would be better if there were more… is five the upper limit? If I’ve already reached the spell cap, then this would be quite a feat.”

“Congratulations! As expected of Ainz-sama!”

Ainz smiled under his mask as Mare praised him.

“Thank you, Mare.”

Wish Upon a Star:

Super Tier Magic that grants wishes to the caster. Ainz has a ring that allows him to use it for free, twice. He can use it without the ring, but he has to lose levels in order to do it.

“This is Shooting Star, an extremely rare item that allows its bearer three uses of the super-tier magic, [Wish Upon a Star].” This was the cash item that Ainz had spent his year-end bonus to obtain. Amon the guild members, only Ainz and Yamaiko could boast ownership of such an unbelievably rare item. However, this ring was less of an ultra-rare item than a cash item which symbolized foolishness, on account of how much money he had spent on the game in order to obtain it.

The super-tier spell imbued within the ring, [Wish Upon A Star], was one which consumed a percentage of one’s XP to randomly generate an option for a wish. In other words, by spending 10% of one’s XP, one could make one choice. By spending 50%, one could pick from five choices. There were many choices that could be made for a wish; according to online walkthroughs, there were over 200 of them. In addition, some wishes were more common than others; thus this was a dreadful spell which many feared would deplete their XP for nothing.

Even in YGGDRASIL where gaining levels was easy, one would still need a lot of XP to cast it, given that a magic caster needed to be level 95 before learning this super-tier spell. Thus, many people hesitated over whether or not to gamble their XP on this sort of thing. The choices one could make when casting [Wish Upon A Star] from the ring were randomly generated, much like the original spell. However, one was more likely to get useful selections, and fewer joke selections. From a certain point of view, one might say it was a better version of the spell. In addition, one would be presented with up to ten choices to pick from, and there would be no casting time. It was worthy of being called the best cash item.

Of course, it felt like a shame — and a bit of a gamble — to have to use a cash item like this. However, Shalltear was irreplaceable. In addition, using his own leftover XP would affect his use of other skills which drained his XP, so he had his doubts about going that route. Ainz stared at his ring. Ainz hoped that he would be given a choice to negate all effects on a given target. He had also thought of several other alternatives, but that was the most direct option which came to mind. Very few people would pick that wish since it would also negate all positive effects.

Thus, Ainz laughed at himself for thinking of it.

“Then, hear me, oh ring. I WISH!”

Of course, he did not need to speak those words to activate the item. However, he was driven by his desire to be granted the most optimal choice from over 200 available options, hence his cry. It was like how one might shout during a tense moment in a game or over a throw of the dice. Since the magic of this world seemed to operate along the same lines as YGGDRASIL, the ring should be able to remove Shalltear’s mind control. Or rather, that was what Ainz hoped would be the case.

The scenario Ainz most feared — that the spell did not work — did not come to pass. The ring released the magic stored within it into this world… and then the red points of light within Ainz’s eye sockets shrank.

“What… is this…”

It felt as though new information was being entered into his mind — something along the lines of displeasure. At the same time, he felt like he had been connected to something vast — something like joy, perhaps. Many of the emotions Ainz had felt while he was still human washed over him.

Once the ripples of emotion faded away, Ainz realised that [Wish Upon A Star] worked differently here than it did in YGGDRASIL. When Ainz had first learned of Nfirea’s talent, he had idly wondered if he could steal it with [Wish Upon A Star]. Now, he realized that he could have done it. In this world, [Wish Upon a Star] was a spell that would grant its caster’s wishes. Although it would still expend XP, [Wish Upon A Star] was now a spell that could make the impossible possible. In addition, by sacrificing five levels — 500% of his XP, one could grant even more greater wishes. With that in mind, Ainz felt certain that he could dispel the magical effects on Shalltear.

As triumph surged through him, Ainz shouted: “Dispel all effects on Shalltear!”

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 3

Of course, it did not work in this particular situation. There was something more powerful in control of Shalltear. And that thing was a . . .

World Class Item:

As the lore of the game says, once a gigantic dragon appeared and ate all the leaves of Yggdrasil. Each leaf was an entire world, and there were only 9 leafs left after the dragon attacked: Asgard, Alfheim, Vanaheim, Nidavellir, Midgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim, Helheim and Muspelheim.

The story mode of Yggdrasil was focused on defeating this dragon, The World Eater.

You know all those worlds that were destroyed? World Class are those worlds in weapon form.

So, being a literal planet, these items are very powerful.

However, under these circumstances, the fact was that Ainz could not bring himself to use these trump cards.

Among all the balance-breaking World-Class Items, there were the twenty items known as “the Twenty”. The Twenty possessed unparallelled power.

There was a famous item among the Twenty called [Longinus], which could completely delete its target, but the price the user paid for that was to be utterly deleted himself.

There was no way to restore the data of anyone deleted by that World-Class item, other than by using the resurrection powers of other World-Class Items. Neither cash items or resurrection spells would work. If someone were to use it on an NPC of Nazarick, it would even reduce the maximum levels of NPCs which could be created — the special feature of a guild homebase.

Ainz recalled several other equally insane items.

There was [Ahura Mazda], which had a potent effect on anything with a negative karma value, and its area of effect could span an entire world.

There was [Five-Element Progression], which could request the YGGDRASIL developers to change part of the magic system.

There was also [Ouroboros], which could request a more far-reaching change to the system than [Five-Element Progression].

Then, there was the most powerful World-Class Item, [World Savior]. Normally, it only had the power of an ordinary club, but it could grow in strength without limit. A single enemy with this item could conquer the whole of Nazarick, even at the height of its power with all its members present.

The items known as the Twenty were so powerful that they would vanish after being used once, which was why he could not bear to use them lightly, but instead treated them as trump cards.

Ainz Ooal Gown proudly boasted possession of two of the Twenty. They would only be used against enemies of incredible power, because only items of matching power could rival them.

Overlord - Volume 3 - Chapter 4

Ainz's guild has 11 of those items, 2 of the Twenty more overpowered ones. Ainz always carries one with him.

Note that someone that is in possession of a WCI is immune to the effects of other WCI. So, Ainz can resist all those effects shown above, planetary magic control, planetary reality warping, world wide damage to evil beings and being erased from existence.

Warrior Form:

Part of Ainz's plan to take over the world is the creation of a warrior named Momon, that is just Ainz with an armor.

In this form, he looks like this:

No Caption Provided

He uses those giant swords to fight. He can cut an ogre in half with ease:

Ainz’s greatswords might have been be huge, but the Ogres, with their massive greatclubs, had a longer reach than him. But just as the Ogres were about to make their move, Ainz stepped forward.

His movements were as swift as the wind. And then, faster than that, he swung the greatsword in his right hand. The flashing blade left a silvery afterimage in its wake as it cleaved through the air.

The stroke was an astounding one — it raised goosebumps on the onlookers’ skin. Even though the blade was not aimed at them, they could not help but feel that death stood by their side.

It was over in a single blow. Ainz turned his gaze from the Ogre in front of him, seeking another target. As though waiting for Ainz to look away, the upper body of the Ogre slid off and fell wetly to the ground, leaving its motionless lower body still standing. Yet, the spray of blood and organs and the vile stench that hung in the air proved that this was not an illusion.

The Ogre had been cut diagonally in half. The battle was still on, but both sides were motionless. They were staring at this awesome sight. It was slain in a single blow. Not even an Ogre’s mighty physique could save it from the fate of being cut in two.

Overlord - Volume 2 - Chapter 2

He defeated a giant basilisk that has pretifying in this form, offscreen. Since the pic shows Ainz figthing it head on, it's very likely that he has transmutation resistance too.

He can also use a spell called Perfect Warrior that turns him into a level 100 warrior. This makes his physicals way greater, allows him to move faster than the eye can see and fight at super speed:

"That... would be inconvenient. Do permit me to put up a bit of resistance."

"Then— here I come."

He stepped— no, that wasn't right. The Momon standing in front of her had vanished. He was engaged in an intense melee with Jaldabaoth.

It had developed into a struggle that Evileye could not describe with words.

The after-images of countless swords, parried and countered by the extended claws of Jaldabaoth.


There were many ways to render praise, but at this moment, Evileye, who was entranced by the dazzling swordplay before her, could only offer up that single word. It exceeded the blows of all the swordsmen in her memory. It seemed as though he would slice through the night and evil in one blow.

Overlord - Volume 6 - Chapter 10

So, this is it.

My first respect thread, so constructive criticism is appreciated.

And, of course,

No Caption Provided



Characters I can use in CaVs and stuff . . .

Everyone seems to do one of these, so . . .

I wanted to make it as a list, but it looks like the characters need to have a page on CV, and some of the ones here don't, and I certainly won't make a profile for all of them.


(Mostly) Light Novel characters:

Ainz Ooal Gown:

No Caption Provided

The Supreme Overlord of Death. About supersonic speed, mid tier physicals, and lots of hax. From time manipulation to a bunch of insta kill magic.

Narberal Gamma:

No Caption Provided

One of the maids of the guy above. Around subsonic to supersonic speed, low mid tier physicals, and specializes in lightning type magic. Not really haxed.


No Caption Provided

The fourth princess of Belgaria (kind of like France with superhuman royals). Around 1 tonner, carries a giant ass sword, and can keep up with people that are FTE. Although she isn't FTE because her sword slows her down quite a bit.

Kazuma Satou:

No Caption Provided

Neet turned third grade hero. Human level physicals, can steal people's gear, carries around TNT that can split giant boulders in half, can make people faint with a single touch using magic, etc. Most chars that rely too much on gear would probably lose to him.

(Mostly) Manga characters:

Kumagawa Misogi:

No Caption Provided

The strongest weakest guy ever. High street to low mid stats, supersonic speed, can hit people with giant screws, erase stuff from existence, and seal supposedly (by hype) multiversal level beings.

Medaka Kurokami:

No Caption Provided

Strongest strongest girl ever. Has all the powers of the guy above, higher physicals, can copy powers, and has a crap ton of hax.


No Caption Provided

Captain of The Seven Deadly Sins. Stomps mountain level chars with ease, can deflect magical attacks back at the enemy and is a physical powerhouse.


No Caption Provided

The Fox's Sin of Greed. Around city level physicals, can steal other people's stats and organs, and has pretty good regeneration.


No Caption Provided

The Lion's Sin of Pride. Gets stronger with the sun. At noon, he can stomp people on Meliodas' level with ease.

(Mostly) Anime characters:


No Caption Provided

The Caped Baldy! Haven't read the manga yet, so I'd use mainly anime feats. Makes hypersonic people look slow and punches planet busting blasts away without trouble.

Gurren Lagann Mechas:

No Caption Provided

Fight The Powah! Robots that get bigger in every single transformation. From left to right, city/mountain level, mountain level (but can punch you so hard you're sent flying out of space-time), planet level (with probability manipulation and attacks that hit you in the past and future), multi-galaxy to universe level (throws galaxies around like shurikens, survived a Big Bang to the face). There's also this guy that doesn't appear in the picture. He's way stronger than TTGL.

Anti Spiral:

No Caption Provided

The biggest enemy to evolution. Is on the level of the strongest mechas above.

Western Animation:


No Caption Provided

The Fat Panda. Around high street, can deflect supersonic cannonballs and BFR people into Spirit World by Plot Device Wuxi Finger Hold.

Avatar Aang:

No Caption Provided

The Last Airbender (kinda). Around mid tier. Can control the four elements on a pretty big scale.

Live Action:


No Caption Provided

The One. Varies between mid street, to high street/low mid, to above MoS Superman level. Very skilled in martial arts, has flight, super strenght, speed and telekinesis.

DCEU Superman:

No Caption Provided

The Man of Steel. Around supersonic combat speed (arguably way higher, but, eh), strong enough to destroy skyscrapers and survive nukes to the face while weakened.

Fox Quicksilver:

No Caption Provided

Sweet Dreams are made of this . . .

Speedester easily hundreds of times faster than sound.

Video Games:

Arkham Batman:

No Caption Provided

The Goddamn Batman, in a video game! Haven't played all the games, so I'd use feats mainly from City and Origins. Street level, great fighter, some cool gear.

Booker Dewitt:

No Caption Provided

Around high street, has a passive shield that can block bullets and lots of powers ranging from mind control to summoning crows to fight.

The Cooper Gang:

No Caption Provided

A hippo boxer, a nerdy turtle and a racoon thief. All street tier with some hax items.

Forgot to add comic chars. kek

Comic Books:

New 52 Alan Scott:

No Caption Provided

The guy that everyone was upset because he was gay, so DC got his boyfriend killed off in the first issue of the comic. lol

His power varies. At his weakest, he can hold the planet in place. At his strongest, he can fight evenly with Darkseid and (literally) stomp people that give Kryptonians trouble.

New 52 Superboy:

No Caption Provided

The clone of Superman's son. Can not die instantly against Kryptonians, throw cities in space, and punch people through the moon.

No Caption Provided