5 movies I like that everybody else calls overrated

The movie that I couldn't get on the list that I would put as #1 is Napoleon Dynamite.

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  • I've loved this movie since its release in 2012. At first, everybody loved it, and now its fanbase seems almost near extinct. I understand people's complaint about the plot, but to me, it was everything it was supposed to be: a simple, fun movie.

  • There is plenty of hate surrounding the new trilogy, and it's pretty obvious that it's only because it doesn't live up to Lord of the Rings.

    I'll admit, The Battle of the 5 Armies was pretty bad. But I still think that the trilogy gets far more hate than it deserves, and it's all because people can't let go of LotR.

  • I'll admit, this movie is a tad overrated by some of its fans, but it's still a great movie. A lot of people really like this movie, but there is a growing hate of it from what I see and hear. This movie is not Disney's greatest, but it is a shining example of Disney in its prime.

  • Yes, this movie lacks plot. Yes, the acting is pretty bad. But despite all of that, it's a fun movie filled with incredible special effects. The movie was a treat to anybody that was looking for a simple robot vs alien movie. A lot of people dislike it for its plot and acting, and they complain about things like "why didn't Gipsy use the sword sooner?"

    Overall, I do agree with some of the people's opinions, but its enjoyable nonetheless if you're looking for an action-packed thriller.