Stretch Armstrong respect thread

"I've still got it."


Introduced in 1976 by Kenner toy company, Stretch Armstrong is an elastic gel-filled superhero and one of the most iconic toys ever made. Although he had his own cartoon series on Netflix that version of him was nothing like the true Stretch. A surprising amount of Stretch Armstrong movies have been cancelled including a gritty action film staring Taylor Lautner. Yes, seriously.


Stretch Armstrong's power is more impressive than you think.

Here he shows that he can easily hold up a school bus, possibly full of children.

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Stretch shows off his reflexes here by catching a falling satellite dish.

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Stretch is surprisingly fast and can snake his way around a building at extreme speed.

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Showing off both speed and strength, Stretch's arm catches up with a getaway car and brings it to a halt.

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I've saved the most impressive feat for last. This one is a real jaw-dropper and is a glimpse at Stretch's true power.

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It's also interesting that he's been stretching since infancy, a strong implication that he was born super.

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It's telling that the Hasbro commercial states that all the unpredictable events were occurring around the globe all were all on the same day. This means Stretch can easily travel around the world which is not hard to believe. He could probably just stretch his legs into space and step into another continent.

I also think it's safe to assume that he could survive being impaled or other serious wounds because he's mostly full of gel and has no vital organs below the neck.

This leads to Stretch's one clear weakness which is that his head, a vital part of his body, is rigid and therefore easier to damage.

I think Stretch is definitely high-tier based on his meteor catching feat. He didn't seem to have any trouble doing that either so who knows what he's actually capable of?


Character Awareness: Nemesis the Warlock

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"I am the Shape of Things to Come, the Lord of the Flies, Holder of the Sword Sinister...The Death Bringer...I am the one who waits on the edge of your dreams." - Nemesis

Welcome back to Character Awareness. Today we're meeting Nemesis the Warlock, a very edgy character created by Pat Mills and Kevin O'Neill who first appeared in the British comics anthology 2000 AD.

Nemesis is a demonic alien who fights the KKK in space.

Yes, really.

His greatest enemy, his own nemesis if you will, is the human zealot Torquemada who wants to cleanse the universe of all alien life. I would say you can't make this up but someone did. He also does battle with his son who I think is a much more interesting character than Torquemada. He has an obligatory annoying sidekick as well named Grobbendonk who speak a language which is actually called Gibberish.

I find Nemesis' race to be very interesting purely by virtue of their awesome design. They look very draconic and Giger-esque. The males have hoofed satyr-like legs whereas the females are more akin to centaurs. They breathe fire out of wherever the heck their mouths are and practice dark sorcery.

This character has... Potential. As I said I find his design and his son interesting. Another interesting aspect of Nemesis is that it's implied that were he to actually defeat Torquemada he'd probably become a horrible tyrant himself. It's not often that the protagonist isn't much better than the villain and done well it can be good. I think especially with the cultural climate today a dark movie with a demonic fire breathing protagonist fighting racism and religion would probably do very well.

I won't be giving Nemesis a custom theme because he already has an awesome theme from his Commodore 64 game. Here's a nice cover of it:


Character Awareness: Solomon Kane

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"Nay, alone I am a weak creature, having no strength or might in me; yet in times past hath God made me a great vessel of wrath and a sword of deliverance. And I trust, shall do so again." - Solomon Kane

Welcome to Character Awareness where I will introduce you to lesser known characters you may have never heard of. This time we're meeting Solomon Kane created by famous author Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan the Barbarian.

Kane first appeared in a 1928 pulp fiction story entitled Red Shadows. He's a stern, somber man who travels the 16-17th century world vanquishing evil a wide arsenal of weapons. What sets him apart from similar monster slayers is his Puritan origins and strong loyalty to God. Despite openly condemning magic in all its forms one of his most iconic weapons is a magic staff which was given to him by his closest friend, an African witch doctor named N'Longa. He uses the staff mostly for protection but in dire situations he's willing to use its power offensively. In his opinion, committing a small act of evil is excusable if it's done to destroy even greater evil.

Another interesting aspect of Kane's character is his berserker-like rage. He knows wrath is a sin and so he unleashes his anger on villains and monsters that he won't feel guilty for destroying. He also has a dark, sinful past which he tries to atone for with his heroic deeds.

Although he isn't as popular as Conan, Kane did get his own movie in 2009. The film was meant to be the first in a trilogy but the sequels never came. Hopefully we'll see more from Kane in the future. He's a unique and interesting character and I'd love to see more comics and films from him.

Thanks for reading!

My theme song for Solomon Kane: