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Shunsui Kyoraku Respect Thread

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  • Swordsmanship
  • Hakuda
  • Shunpo/Reactions
  • Kido
  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Endurance
  • Zanpakuto
  • Shikai
  • Bankai
  • Spiritual energy


Shunsui slashes and dodges Chad at the same time.

Shunsui clashes with Starrk

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Starrk commends Shunsui on his swordsmanship

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Shunsui fights Starrk

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Slashes a quincy.

Slices through Lille Barros spirit weapon.


Shunsui uses Tsukiyubi to send Chad flying.


Dodges all of Chads attacks.

Moves Nanao a certain distance away and returns in an instant.

Dodges Starrks slash

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Dodges Starrks cero.

Dodges more ceros.

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Dodges Cero Matralleta.

Dodges point blank cero.

Dodges a quincys gun.

Reacts to Haschwalths attack.

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Moves a great distance while wounded.


Uses Hado 78 without incantation.


Deflects Chads attack with his bare hand.

Cracks Aizens Kido barrier.

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Tanks Lilles attack in Bankai

Is shot through the chest by Lille Barro

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Is shot by Lille Barro

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Clashes with Yamamoto and receives little injury.

Takes a point blank cero.

Is shot in the eye.


Manages to run away from Lille Barro with his injuries.


His Soul Cutter Katen Kyokotsu in sealed form.

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The Incantation to release it.

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Once released it becomes his Shikai.


Released Katen Kyokotsu, the swords turn into large scimitars.

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Description of the Shikais Special Ability.

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Below are feats for each of the games his Shikai can use:


Basically its meant to be like a spinning top except with blades made of wind.


Its a game of whoever is higher up wins, so if Shunsui had landed his attack he wouldve dealt more damage than usual or it might have been fatal.


Its like a game of shadows where if youre shadow is stepped on you lose the game. So Shunsui is basically able to hide in shadows, attack the shadow of the enemy and create shadow duplicates of himself.


Its a game of colours, where you choose a colour and you can only cut that specific colour. If the colour that is chosen is present on the enemys body but not yours, they will receive minimal damage when you attack. However if you choose a colour that is present on your body as well as theres then the damage to them can be catastrophic depending on how much of the colour is present on the enemys body. Also like all the games its two way so the same thing can happen to the user if the enemy figures it out.

Daruma-san ga Koronda:

Basically if youve played red light green light as a kid its the same thing. The user can mark its enemy as it, then as long as there not seen they can use the spiritual energy left over from the enemys attack to teleport to them. But if there seen they freeze and will most likely get killed.


So it works by staring at your shadow, then you can project and afterimage of yourself in a different location to create and illusion.


Katen Kyokotsu Karamatsu Shinju released.

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Bankai Special Ability: Shunsuis Bankai extends his Aura to a wide area, where he people within will feel despair. Following this there are 4 levels/stages.

1st Stage: Wound Sharing Sensation, the enemy shares the same wounds as you and vice versa.This normally wont kill the enemy.

2nd Stage: The Pillow of Shame, the enemy recieves a incurable disease where spots appear on their bodys. The spots all start bleeding together, killing the enemy.

3rd Stage: Lifeless Abyss, the user and the enemy are plunged into a wall of water where they remain until one of them runs out of spiritual energy.

Last Stage: Thread Cutting Scissors on a Bloodied Throat, user wraps a thread around the enemys throat. They then pull it taut decapitating the enemy.

Spiritual Energy

Shunsuis spiritual energy is immense since he was able to resist Yamamotos spiritual energy without being choked.

Thanks for Reading, i hope people can use this later on for stuff.

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