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Genryusai Shikeguni Yamamoto Respect Thread

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  • Swordsmanship
  • Hakuda/Strength
  • Shunpo/Reactions
  • Kido
  • Durability/Endurance
  • Zanpakuto
  • Shikai
  • Bankai
  • Spiritual energy


Creates a hole in Ayons chest with his cane before anyone else could see:

Clashes with two other captains:

Slices Ayon a building sized opponent, clean in half.


Stops Ayons attack with one hand:

Sends Wonderweiss flying with Ikkotsu

Puts a hole, and creates cracks in Wonderweisses body:

Rips of some of Wonderweisses arms:

Shatters Wonderweiss with Soukotsu:

Knocks aside a Heilig Pfeil with his bare hand:


Outspeeds two other captains:

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Dodges one of Wonderweisses arms:

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Uses Hadou 96 without incantation:

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Takes a barrage of hits from Wonderweiss, and continues to shrug it off:

Tanks his own shikais attack, which would have vaporised an area bigger than a town:

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Is impaled by Aizen, but continues without a second thought:

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Tanks hits from a lightning bankai, and says its weak:

Is cut clean in half by Yhwach, but manages to hang on to his cloak:


His soul cutter Ryujin Jakka sealed:

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It is the strongest soul cutter:

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His Shikai released:

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Ability to produce intense heat:

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Uses Jokaku Enjo, to seal of Aizen and his subordinates from the fight:

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Turns Ayon to ashes:

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Turns Tier Harribels Fraccion into ash:

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Uses Ennetsu Jigoku to try and kill/trap Aizen:

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Incinerates a Sternritter:

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Incinerates three Sternritters:


His Bankai released Zanka No Tachi:

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Its so hot its evaporates all the water, not allowing Toshiro to use his soul cutter:

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Soul Society would be burned to ashes if it is used for a long time:

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Zanka No Tachi East: he focuses all the heat into the tip of the blade.

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Zanka No Tachi West: Yamamoto is covered in a heat shield which is as hot as the sun.

Melted Yhwachs sword:

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Zanka No Tachi South: he summons 10 trillion corpses of people he has fought in the past

Zanka No Tachi North: its just a wave of flame that incinerates anything it touches.

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Spiritual Energy:

His spiritual pressure is enough to choke a vice captain:

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His spiritual pressure is felt all over Soul society:

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Thanks for Reading, i hope people can use this later on for stuff

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