Nut of the Week (04/11/09)

Well, I know its a few days late, but the only person who seems to care is this week's winner, yes, that's right, as much as I am reluctant to say it (my looking down upon him for over a year is no secret)...John Constantine is this week's winner. So yeah, congratulate him, 'cause I can't :P

He did show the most Vertigo fanboy-ism this week, I was simply reluctant to award him because of past sins but it seems he is slowly walking towards the light that is Vertigo and our jobs as Vertigo lovers is to push him in headfirst and hold him under until he's forced to breathe in and let it fill his lungs with the life-giving works of literature.

So yeah, he did some work this week on Lucifer characters and story arcs, Preacher story arcs, and the Dizzy Cordova bio (finally 100 Bullets is getting some respect)!

As for me, Lucifer Morningstar, I just did some work on Northlanders and Swamp Thing (Vol. 4) as well as the page for which I'm named and the new Matthew page. I also reviewed, Bang! Tango #1, American Virgin #1, Young Liars #11 and Northlanders #1, check them out!

So that said...three cheers for the Hellblazer!

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Posted By Darkchild

hahahahhaa John gets no respect an never should.

Ive been really caught up in rpgs but ill put in some reviews, subs will be still on hiatus from me sorry tho

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Posted By TheDrifter