Nut of the Week (04/04/09)

Yes, that's right, the weekly Nut of the Week shall be announced once again today, though I'm considering making this monthly since submissions are usually rare and far between. Hopefully they'll pick up eventually. And maybe one day pigs will fly, yeah...

Anyways, contributions this week come from Lucifer Morningstar, Destiny of the Endless, Spider Jerusalem, Yorick Brown and John Constantine.

So who did the most (Vertigo stuff) this week you ask, well let's go down the list in reverse order...

5 - Destiny made subs to four Transmetropolitan issues, 7-10 to be exact, 5 points a piece.

4 - Spider reviewed the first issue of one of those more obscure titles, Cruel and Unusual.

3 - Constantine did a couple little subs, mainly directed towards Preacher issues, short summaries, the like, too bad for him MShades did most of the stuff already. (your last three subs count for next week)

2 - Yorick Brown made a three point submission to Haunted Tank #5 and more importantly reviewed it as well, gaining some brownie points there because I begged him to write that review and I wasn't disappointed with it.

1 - Than there's Lucifer who reviewed, the first issue of Scalped and and the newest series by Vertigo, Seaguy - The Slaves of Mickey Eye. Besides that I credited some characters and creators for a slew of comics including well, I'm not bored enough to look through the one thousand five hundred subs I made this week but there was obviously some Seaguy and Scalped, some Swamp Thing, some Sandman, some Young Liars, some Air, some Madame Xanadu, some Northlanders, some Bang! Tango, and many other new comics.

Now you ask, out of all these choices who is the winner? I would love to say Destiny just because...but I chose the guy who helped me with the VNU stuff, because, well Spider's won a couple times...and I wanted someone else to.