Nut of the Week! (03/28/09)

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Who's the nut of the week this week you ask? Unfortunately I have to give it to myself, Lucifer Morningstar since I can't find anyone else whose done anything this week...

You'd think I want to choose myself but to tell you the truth this is extremely discouraging, there should be way more Vertigo nuts out there on this site. Anyways, my contributions this week were a review of two first issues, the first belonging to a comic published about five years back, Beware the Creeper and the other being the first issue of a currently ongoing comic I have happened to recently become obsessed with, Young Liars.

Apart from that I made some general info submissions to the Young Liars volume, Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit volume, added a dozen or so characters and a bunch of other odds and ends. I also added some info to the Vertigo publisher page itself...

So yes, sadly I won...someone else step up! Vertigo needs to be represented!