Nut of the Week! (03/21/09)

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Sorry, I realize this is a day late in being posted, I was on vacation for the week, which would also explain why only one person was eligible for this week's title, since I wasn't around to prod all of you until you did something. Anyways, the winner is, like last week Spider Jerusalem who has doubled the length of his Enigma page which to me looks like it is still an ongoing project so hopefully we'll be seeing more from our Nut of the Week for the first two weeks of this award's existence :P

Anyways, since I like to mention myself, since if I couldn't I fear I may not have a winner of this contest every week, haha, I, Lucifer Morningstar added the only Vertigo review this week, for the first issue of Accelerate. Hopefully we'll be seeing more Vertigo comic reviews in the future as well as submissions! If you love Vertigo you should show it to all the people who come checking out this site by throwing in your contributions...just saying.

Anyways, that's all for this week.