Nut of the Week! (03/14/09)

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Honestly I was hoping for more of a slew of contestants in the running for this week's official Vertigo Nut, but its still a new idea, so I can't expect things to get off to a booming start right away unfortunately.

Anyways the winner for this week is the VNU's very own Spider Jerusalem! HOORAY!

The reason of course being he came up with the best Vertigo contribution of the week with the Enigma page which is still under construction, as well as some minor work on The Exterminators series. Keep up the good work

Honorary Mentions

Although he is yet to be a member, The Man of Yesteryear continued his awesome job on the Tefé Holland page.

Sorry I forgot to mention it before but Robert Gadling has also made a nice contribution this week with his work on the Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere series and associated pages.

Also, Lucifer Morningstar gets a mention not just because he's the one typing this blog but because he continued his work on the Lucifer page after which he was named, as well as adding this week's new Vertigo comics and well just being an all-round swell guy :P

But really, hopefully there will be more options for next week or if you felt you weren't mentioned when you should have been, let me know, I can't keep track of everything.