Nut of the Week (04/11/09)

Well, I know its a few days late, but the only person who seems to care is this week's winner, yes, that's right, as much as I am reluctant to say it (my looking down upon him for over a year is no secret)...John Constantine is this week's winner. So yeah, congratulate him, 'cause I can't :P

He did show the most Vertigo fanboy-ism this week, I was simply reluctant to award him because of past sins but it seems he is slowly walking towards the light that is Vertigo and our jobs as Vertigo lovers is to push him in headfirst and hold him under until he's forced to breathe in and let it fill his lungs with the life-giving works of literature.

So yeah, he did some work this week on Lucifer characters and story arcs, Preacher story arcs, and the Dizzy Cordova bio (finally 100 Bullets is getting some respect)!

As for me, Lucifer Morningstar, I just did some work on Northlanders and Swamp Thing (Vol. 4) as well as the page for which I'm named and the new Matthew page. I also reviewed, Bang! Tango #1, American Virgin #1, Young Liars #11 and Northlanders #1, check them out!

So that said...three cheers for the Hellblazer!

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Nut of the Week (04/04/09)

Yes, that's right, the weekly Nut of the Week shall be announced once again today, though I'm considering making this monthly since submissions are usually rare and far between. Hopefully they'll pick up eventually. And maybe one day pigs will fly, yeah...

Anyways, contributions this week come from Lucifer Morningstar, Destiny of the Endless, Spider Jerusalem, Yorick Brown and John Constantine.

So who did the most (Vertigo stuff) this week you ask, well let's go down the list in reverse order...

5 - Destiny made subs to four Transmetropolitan issues, 7-10 to be exact, 5 points a piece.

4 - Spider reviewed the first issue of one of those more obscure titles, Cruel and Unusual.

3 - Constantine did a couple little subs, mainly directed towards Preacher issues, short summaries, the like, too bad for him MShades did most of the stuff already. (your last three subs count for next week)

2 - Yorick Brown made a three point submission to Haunted Tank #5 and more importantly reviewed it as well, gaining some brownie points there because I begged him to write that review and I wasn't disappointed with it.

1 - Than there's Lucifer who reviewed, the first issue of Scalped and and the newest series by Vertigo, Seaguy - The Slaves of Mickey Eye. Besides that I credited some characters and creators for a slew of comics including well, I'm not bored enough to look through the one thousand five hundred subs I made this week but there was obviously some Seaguy and Scalped, some Swamp Thing, some Sandman, some Young Liars, some Air, some Madame Xanadu, some Northlanders, some Bang! Tango, and many other new comics.

Now you ask, out of all these choices who is the winner? I would love to say Destiny just because...but I chose the guy who helped me with the VNU stuff, because, well Spider's won a couple times...and I wanted someone else to.



Nut of the Week! (03/28/09)

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Who's the nut of the week this week you ask? Unfortunately I have to give it to myself, Lucifer Morningstar since I can't find anyone else whose done anything this week...

You'd think I want to choose myself but to tell you the truth this is extremely discouraging, there should be way more Vertigo nuts out there on this site. Anyways, my contributions this week were a review of two first issues, the first belonging to a comic published about five years back, Beware the Creeper and the other being the first issue of a currently ongoing comic I have happened to recently become obsessed with, Young Liars.

Apart from that I made some general info submissions to the Young Liars volume, Bite Club: Vampire Crime Unit volume, added a dozen or so characters and a bunch of other odds and ends. I also added some info to the Vertigo publisher page itself...

So yes, sadly I won...someone else step up! Vertigo needs to be represented!

Nut of the Week! (03/21/09)

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Sorry, I realize this is a day late in being posted, I was on vacation for the week, which would also explain why only one person was eligible for this week's title, since I wasn't around to prod all of you until you did something. Anyways, the winner is, like last week Spider Jerusalem who has doubled the length of his Enigma page which to me looks like it is still an ongoing project so hopefully we'll be seeing more from our Nut of the Week for the first two weeks of this award's existence :P

Anyways, since I like to mention myself, since if I couldn't I fear I may not have a winner of this contest every week, haha, I, Lucifer Morningstar added the only Vertigo review this week, for the first issue of Accelerate. Hopefully we'll be seeing more Vertigo comic reviews in the future as well as submissions! If you love Vertigo you should show it to all the people who come checking out this site by throwing in your contributions...just saying.

Anyways, that's all for this week.

Nut of the Week! (03/14/09)

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Honestly I was hoping for more of a slew of contestants in the running for this week's official Vertigo Nut, but its still a new idea, so I can't expect things to get off to a booming start right away unfortunately.

Anyways the winner for this week is the VNU's very own Spider Jerusalem! HOORAY!

The reason of course being he came up with the best Vertigo contribution of the week with the Enigma page which is still under construction, as well as some minor work on The Exterminators series. Keep up the good work

Honorary Mentions

Although he is yet to be a member, The Man of Yesteryear continued his awesome job on the Tefé Holland page.

Sorry I forgot to mention it before but Robert Gadling has also made a nice contribution this week with his work on the Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere series and associated pages.

Also, Lucifer Morningstar gets a mention not just because he's the one typing this blog but because he continued his work on the Lucifer page after which he was named, as well as adding this week's new Vertigo comics and well just being an all-round swell guy :P

But really, hopefully there will be more options for next week or if you felt you weren't mentioned when you should have been, let me know, I can't keep track of everything.