Making the perfect team

There have been many teams throughout the years of comics, Avengers, Justice League, Titans, and many more.

Lets see what we can do about making the perfect team.

There are some roles that must be met.

Leader: The person who takes charge and makes the big decisions

Skills guy: The guy who knows how to do just about everything

Powerhouse: Your normal brick/beaststick

Blaster: Either guns or blasts, this person deals with the ranged stuff

Controller: The person who deals with large groups

The Face: Every team needs a spokesman

Fighter: Every team needs a high grade hand to hand guy

Flyer: Flight is required for at least one person

The Brain: Someone who can work a lab

Hot chick: Every team has one.

Now plenty of times these roles have been taken up by more than one person, or one person may fill more than one role.

Lets make a team: The rules:

1. You must have every role filled

2. Nobody who could kill a planet. (lets keep the power reasonable)

3. All people must be of similar mindsets. No mixing heroes and villains. Also think carefully if the people would work together

4. For now only comic characters, but any company is fine.

5. Give reasons for your picks other than just "Their powers are cool"

6. Give your team a name.

I will post my team when I get home, still stuck at work.


Who is the most dangerous human?

There are many dangerous people in the comic universe, not just because of what ability they have but because of the person they are.

This is a battle for those who are just humans, not mutated, not altered, not enhanced, just a normal human with their tech or skills

So some people who are already out: Deathstroke, Captain America, Black Panther, anyone with enhancements of any kind.

Number 1:

Who is the most dangerous human, without their gear and resources.

Number 2:

Who is the most dangerous with all their gear and resources.

Now when I say gear I mean Dr. Doom's armor, Dr. Fate's helmet, the Batsuit. Etc. Not just specialized gear. Resources would we anything the person has themself. Like for instance Lex Luthor would have all the resources at his disposal from Lex Corp, but he could not say steal a green lantern ring.

When I say dangerous I mean, can take over/kill the world if not more.


if they had some brainpower they would be dangerous...

A good portion of us here are comic fans, some of us go so far as to even be comic nerds.

Some of us know how to think outside the box. We have all had that moment when reading a comic where we said "Why did "X" not just do ..." or "If "X" was not an idiot he would be a beast"

So I decided to put some things together to see what the best of the minds her can come up with.

This is for both HEROES and VILLAINS.

What hero or villain could accomplish the most but is wasted because they use their power wrong, are an idiot, or simply do not know what they are doing.


Absorbing Man - If he had a scientific mind, and some better strategic thinking he would be a monster. I would just keep a ring of various metals on at all times. A vibranium ring, an adamantium ring, an urn ring, as well as one that has a sealed piece of the most highly radioactive substance I can get. I would just carry samples of things I would need on me.

Electro - Really, you have masterly of that level of electricity and you can beat Spiderman most of the time. If I had those powers I would own just about anyone. The brain works by electric impulses, it would not be that hard to shut down a brain or just plain puppet someone by electrically stimulating the muscles or neurons.

Graviton - Sorry but you better be able to fly if you plan to mess with someone like that. The first thing I would do would be to throw you off the planet or open a singularity in your brain if I just felt like killing you. Proof you can be book smart but not a great tactician.

Anyone else?


Lazy character creation.

To follow up on my other topic on power amping as lazy character building or writing.

Today I ask, how do some of you feel about certain powers just being kind of cheap or a lazy way to make a character powerful.

A good example is power mimics. I have never understood why they even bother making power mimics, it is like 2 kids on a schoolyard were arguing about whose character was better and one said "Well, my guy just copies whatever you do, so he will always be powerful"

Another is the reverse for those who just go, "Oh yeah, well my guy just becomes immune to whatever you do"

Does this bother anyone else or is it the gamer/writer in me?


Need an opinion on Superhero RPGs.

I am a gamer, much more than a comic reader actually.

However to this day, i have never been able to find a super hero RPG (table top) that works well.

Mutants and masterminds is too crazily balanced, everyone ends up with the same numbers but different flavor.

GURPS has defense and rules issues

Champions I never cared for.

Aberrant was WAY too power crazy.

The classic marvel system was too random.

The marvel diceless system worked ok if you just change it to a d10 system but it is not a lot to build up after character generation.

So are there any more systems I might have missed or what are other people's opinions on changing the rules to fit better.


Power ups: Character progression or lazy hype mongering?

Am I the only person who is really disliking the concept of amping people's powers for a storyline?

For a few years now there have been a lot of plot lines that have mostly been hyped up because of the shock value of boosting the powers of some heroes or that a hero gets a new power/ability.

2 Good examples of that would be the Phoenix 5 storyline from the X-Men or even the concept of secondary mutations in general.

I am beginning to think that comic writers have said to themselves "Ok how can we update "blah" character? I know, lets give them a new power or upgrade an old one."

So what do you thing people, creative genius or just lazy hype mongering?