People to avoide when doing a CAV Reminder List

This is a list that is for me ONLY , not to cause any sort of trouble . The list is about users who I am not going to debate or want to face in CAV's or tournaments . The why is not important and will be the latter as to not cause / start trouble so please respect my choice for doing this.

FYI - Any and all users who are trying to start trouble over this with me will be IGNORED and further actions will be met with the MODS getting involved

The Do not debate list

  1. The_Legendary_SuperSaiyan_Hulk - Total trash, not even worth it.
  2. Queen_Marceline - Slightly less trash than TLSSH, but not by much.
  3. SMXLR8 - Self-explanatory
  4. NickZambuto - Not really, but I don't want him to feel left out.
  5. SirFizzWhizz - But only if he's using a Naruto character, otherwise it's okay.
  6. The_Red_Viper- Only if he's not using a non-live action or novel character. Anime definitely isn't something I want to debate him over.

Top 5 Yandere

Might edit it a bit later or something, but for now...

1. Yuno Gasai(Mirai Nikki)

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From Mirai Nikki, Yuno Gasai has essentially become the universal icon of what's expected of a yandere. An unhealthy obsession developed from her abuse as a child, causing her to center her life around Yuki. Because of this, she's willing to go to any lengths to be with and please Yuki, from murdering every person that so much as gets too close to straight-up kidknapping him and holding him captive.

Throughout the story she even manages to convince Yuki to finally start playing for real, and openly plan to kill the other contestants under the ploy he could bring them back once he became God. In reality, she already knew that they couldn't be brought back since she had come from a universe where the game had already played out and she had become the new God. Her ultimate plan was to go through to different univeres, wiping her memory so she could relive the experience with countless Yuki's.

2: Koharu Mutsuki:(Koharu no Hibi)

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While not as violent as the other yanderes, her affection for the person she loves is very obsessive, where she even goes to "steal his first kiss" back from one of his childhood friends by force(she literally holds her down and kisses her in an attempt to reclaim it, lol). Another aspect unique to her is that she actually wins over her love, beating out the childhood friend who is also in love with him.

3. Mandarin Kim(Cherry Boy, That Girl)

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Abused as a child, and orphaned twice, Mandarin developed severe abandonment issues. Because of this, he latches on to Strawberry Shin, which in turn makes him become absolutely obsessed with her after she dumps him(to be fair, she had good reason to). This triggers him into practically ruining her life(though, with the intention of his actions somehow forcing her to come back to him) to the extent he literally has her new boyfriend trapped overseas in America without any way to contact anyone, letting her think that he had left her for good and is seeing other women.

4. Shiro(Deadman Wonderland)

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Man, 3 out of 5 of these stem from the being abused as child... Anyway, Shiro, otherwise known as "The Wretched Egg", is the most powerful Deadman(humans who gained the power to manipulate their blood) held in the prison known as... Deadman Wonderland... <.<..>.>...

Due to her incredible regeneration, she was constantly experimented on... to cope with the suffering, she split into two personalities... Shiro, the happy playful girl who follows Ganta around, and The Wretched Egg, a rather twisted deadman who slaughtered Ganta's classroom(which led him to being thrown into Deadman Wonderland) in front of him, as well as the girl he had begun to like during his stay in the well as many other individuals.

Honestly, there's a lot of shit to go through with this, and I can't do that without ruining the story for people who haven't read it.

5. Anna Nishikinomiya(Shimoneta):

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Living in a world where anything perverse is outright can only imagine the tension they build up as they're not allowed to.. "relieve" themselves. Ever heard the term, "High impact sexual violence"? Anna is practically the embodiment of that. After falling in love with the protagonist, she shows quite some... obsessive(for lack of a better term) nature towards him, where she even tries to get him to drink a water bottle filled with her... "love nectar", as well as use said nectar in her baking for him. Fun, yeah?

Funnily enough, her mother is the head for the ban against perversion with her daugther being the student council who goes out of her way to deal with such things- yet she's easily the most perverted one in the show.