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Pretty Good 11

Squirrel-Girl is a rather strange character that enjoys even stranger levels of popularity. First appearing in January 1992, she was created by Will Murray and Steve Ditko and has appeared in a variety of comic series over the years- Great Lakes Avengers, Marvel Super-Heroes and Cable&Deadpool, to name a few. Over the years she has defeated an almost inexplicably impressive amount of supervillains, including Doctor Doom (in her first appearance, no less), Wolverine, MODOK, and Deadpool. She...

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Four and a half 10

This volume is, without a doubt, superior to the previous one. Moore gives the impression of really being in his element (disregarding issue #33, which he didn't write), and really begins to show off his remarkable ability to evoke complex imagery and emotion with his writing. The art is hit or miss in some issues (notably #28) but really, really shines in the last issue, Rite of Spring, which I will discuss later because it is amazing.While Book One tended to flounder in places where Moore had...

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A Solid Four 6

The entirety of Alan Moore's run on the Swamp Thing title, which spans something like 45 issues running from 1984 to 1987, is widely known for its quality and also happens to be older than I am. With that in mind, what is there that I can say about Swamp Thing that hasn't already been said?Moore's run begins at issue #20, and it picks up from where the previous author left off and ties off loose ends. While the first issue is by no means unenjoyable, it's issue #21 that really kicks off the seri...

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Sub-par 0

This series continues to be very sub-par. The art, which changed in the last two pages to something that looks like it should suit the series better, was even worse than the first two issues. The plot was kind of boring and somewhat confusing in parts, the dialogue continues to be somewhat off, and odd artistic choices continued to show up (like the weird lightning-like crackling halo of energy around Sue's head whenever she used her powers. I get that it's supposed to be a visual cue so we can...

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Better than last issue 0

Some of the problems I have with this issue are the same ones I had with the first issue. The art quality is inconsistent- sometimes it looks good, most of the time it looks awkward, and sometimes it's just downright weird. The dialogue, while marginally better than last issue, still feels kind of forced and inorganic. And the costumes are still horrible (seriously, who designed them?).Then there are other things I disliked about the issue that didn't crop up in the first issue. The dialogue an...

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Not really what I was expecting... 5

I picked up this issue expecting something amazing, and was a little disappointed. Sure, the art is great, and yeah, the concept is something I really enjoy. However, I found the writing kind of fell a little flat in places. There were some instances of awkward phrasing, and the scene with the group fighting the ogre ended kind of strangely, which is kind of an issue when it's the last part of the first issue of a new series. At any rate, it's still a good read, I'd recommend it to people, and ...

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Meh 10

Not much to say about Rage: Part One. It was, for the most part, the bland whining of a character I consider to be, for the most part, uninteresting, and frankly I had a hard time caring enough to finish the comic. The art looked rather strange and somewhat distorted, but the colours were nice, at least.What I did like was the segments that discussed Danny's childhood trip with his parents, specifically the moment before his father fell (to his death?). Sure, it was horribly angsty, but at least...

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Not the worst thing I've ever read... 2

I really can't think of many positive things to say about this issue. The cover is...mediocre at best, the banter isn't horrible, and I suppose the team composition is somewhat novel. Other than that, though, this comic is an utter failure. The art isn't terrible, but it's pretty bad. Faces often look distorted, there's some strange use of movement lines and the colouring is rather strange. I HATE the team's costumes, the team doesn't seem to work well together (there's so much unnecessary bick...

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Excellent but too short 0

When I picked up this comic I expected very little, and now I feel somewhat ridiculous because of that.This issue is awesome, though terribly short. I found myself drawn into the story almost immediately, due in equal measures to the unique, striking art and the fact that the main character is incredibly easy to sympathize with. It's refreshing to see a comic centered around a character with realistic goals and expectations. ...

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Awful 0

This comic was legitimately awful. The art was really quite poor, the colouring was equally subpar, and the writing was lackluster at best (and nonsensical and bland at worst). Even the team's composition is strange- why are Spider-woman and Spider-man on the same team, isn't that just redundant? While I'd like to write a longer review, there's honestly not much else to say. Power for Power isn't worth purchasing, let alone reading, and that's really all there is to it....

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Getting better 0

This issue shows significant improvement from the last two, and I am quite pleased. There's a lot I liked about this issue, namely the fact that the intro is written like a letter to the reader, the well-written relationships between characters, the fact that Polaris is both a focal character and is being written well (that doesn't happen often), the fact that each character on the team is getting a little more depth as the story progresses (almost in equal measures), and the fact that Peter Da...

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Genuinely enjoyable 2

About a week ago I read theAll-New Marvel Now Point One Issue #1 (that name is way too long) and really liked the bit that included the new Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan), and after hearing a positively glowing endorsement from a friend I decided to give this title a shot, and I am very glad that I did. The writing and art worked together seamlessly to produce a somewhat unusual yet captivating feel that's utterly enjoyable and will, hopefully, continue throughout the rest of this series. While I've n...

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Well, F*** You, Too 0

This is one of those comics where everything goes downhill after the first issue, and that's saying something, considering the first issue was utter garbage.Fredric Wertham, in his book Seduction of the Innocent, published in 1954, claimed that comics were a corrupting influence on youth that caused juvenile delinquency. His book proved to be incredibly influential, and led to the creation of the Comics Code Authority.Why do I mention this? Wertham believed comics were full of sex and violence. ...

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Gimmicky, but not horrible. 0

(Marvel, if you're reading this, please seriously consider firing Mike McKone. Or at least send him to some drawing classes that focus on teaching how to draw facial features.)The Astonishing title proves itself to be continually worth reading, but it just hasn't been the same since Joss Whedon stopped writing for it. Personally, I felt like he depicted Shadowcat marvelously, and his action sequences were well-paced, among other things.Since last issue we're being treated to yet another alternat...

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Not what I was expecting 0

Then again, sometimes that's not a good thing. This issue was...unsatisfying, to say the least. It held together, and it's not that it was bad or anything, but it wasn't the kind of story one's come to know and understand when reading the title. Now, while that's not bad per se, the issue is in the fact that there were some instances of characterization that didn't quite fit.For example, Nate doesn't seem to recognize the term 'par-tay'. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't a decent portion of X-...

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