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X-men I don't like

I'll be the first to admit that I have, by no means, read all of the X-men comics, let alone all the offshoots and one-shots. That being said, this is a list of characters from the x-men (or just featured in the series) that I find irritating, along with explanations as to why they annoy me. The reasons are somewhat varied, and some of them are, admittedly, downright stupid, but there's always a reason. Feel free to contradict me on any points I make.

Due to the fact that I haven't been keeping up with the MU recently, this is outdated.

List items

  • Ever since I first came across her in the team, Dazzler has always really annoyed me. Perhaps it's because my first encounter with her was in an anthology that spanned the storyline from Longshot's first appearance to....some other point in the series, I forget. Either way, the entire time I was reading the compilation, I kept being struck by how ANNOYING Dazzler seemed. She spent about 2/3 of her appearances behaving like either a spoiled little jerk or a rebellious teenager; the other third was devoted to her feelings for Longshot (ugh), the author trying (and failing) to convince us that she's actually interesting in some way, and random angst. Even when I found out the story behind her unending tirade against Rogue, her diva tendancies, and even why the hell she was dressed like an extra from Saturday Night Fever, I still couldn't stand her. Sure, you could attribute it to a bad first impression, but that's not the case. I really DID try to like her, mostly when she joined Excalibur (those chaps were kinda cool...), but I failed. Miserably. And reading most of her little series only intensified my loathing for her. The editor in me keeps getting ticked off by her apparent inability to sympathize with characters almost completely at random (Notably her sister, who she seemed to devote almost no effort to support (emotionally, at least) when the latter developed her powers), since we seem to be expected to believe she's a likeable character.

    And I'm pretty sure her powers, as ill-defined as they are, confuse and generally frustrate some scientifically-minded readers out there.

  • Aside from the awful haircuts (the buzzcut and that hideous mullet), irritating dialogue (okay, that's probably more the writers' faults...), turning herself into a strange dinosaur-bird-thing with minimal brainwashing, and my being a fan of Emma Frost, my issue with Rachel comes more from her behavior than anything. Could be just me, but often she seems to overreact quite often, and her traumatic past doesn't really explain a lot of it. Her parent complex is irritating, and if I was Jean, I'd probably have gotten royally pissed off at being called 'mom' all the time. Sometimes I'll get close to not minding her so much, and then something will happen that makes me want to slam my head into a wall (especially that one scene where her and Nightcrawler kiss; talk about dialogue fail! 'His lips!' 'Her lips!' Gag me with a spoon). The whole righteous fury bit was old a looong time ago, and every time I see her, Rachel Summers manages to irritate me more and more.

  • There was a time when I didn't mind Psylocke. Back when I'd just started to dip my toes in the vast pool that is the X-men, my burning hatred of Elizabeth Braddock had not yet begun to form. Ironically, when I first started reading the X-men at all, she joined the team in the second issue I'd gotten my hands on. She used to be kinda sweet and quiet, reserved but genuinely polite, and to be honest I liked that.

    And then she changed. It's inevitable, I guess, but as they started bringing her more and more into the spotlight, Psylocke started acting differently. 'Witty' comebacks, a nonsensical costume, and no discernible endearing traits are only some of the things that make me despise this woman, and trust me, I have alot more reasons.

  • Rude, irritable, violent, ill-mannered, and generally posessing no redeeming characteristics. How was I SUPPOSED to like her?

  • No character flaws, 'all-powerful' woman that everyone likes and a ton of guys think is insanely attractive. Mary-Sue?

  • Obnoxious, rude, and abrasive. I used to like her quite a bit.

  • His power is just far too convenient, and I have no idea why he had to have three-fingered hands. Other than being an Elfquest ripoff.

  • She's grown up to be a bit too self-righteous for my liking. Wasted potential!

  • He's never lived up to his full potential, and spent most of Generation X angsting. Not eaxctly a well-written character...

  • 'You stole a part of my soul!' GROW THE HELL UP, DUDE. You're not the first, or only X-man to be missing a part of their soul; however, you ARE the whiniest.

    Also, Pixie's always been somewhat obnoxious.