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Characters with ridiculous names

I've never been able to figure out why some characters sport names that make me cringe in disgust. Perhaps it's some sort of tradition from the golden age of comics, where naming a character Hericane would have been seen perhaps as witty and original. Or maybe it's supposed to be 'edgy' and 'cool', and I'm just totally missing the point. Maybe it's unintentional. Either way, here's a list of characters I've stumbled across with ridiculous names.

List items

  • Oh, I see what you did there. It's like Purgatory, one of the circles of hell (if it counts as that, been forever since I read Dante's Inferno), only you took out the Y and put in an I. And she's a demon. How charming.

  • It's entirely possible that there's a plausible reason for this girl sporting such a ludicrous name. If so, someone please tell me what it is.

  • She gets her powers from...explosives and oral sex? I'm sorry, my brain just shut down.

  • Obvious pun is obvious

  • Who names their kid after one of the coldest, most depressing months of the year? Might as well name her February.

  • A corrupted version of 'Helena', or just really stupid?

  • This one actually kind of makes me wonder. I mean...could we be talking about a transexual here? Or maybe a really convincing crossdresser? Think about it... Shadow man; sounds alot better than Shado woman.

  • Putting an A at the end of a word does NOT instantly make it a clever name.

  • Nor does putting '-ette' at the end of it. Or is arrowette actually a word?

  • I don't care if it kinda tells you a bit about the character's story, this name is horrible.

  • I get that it's a reference to an old english poem, which excuses the spelling. However, anything with a name that's just the same word twice should be pitied/looked down upon. It's beyond unnessecary.

  • Great concept, unfortunate name.

  • Less because of the name, more because of the fact that the creator/s seem to have forgotten to do their homework. The muses were patrons of the arts, each having their respective spheres therein. A muse of justice is, therefore, not technically a muse at all...more just a daughter of Zeus, really...

  • See the comment on 'Arrowette', it's pretty much the same.

  • ...Is this kind of thing a norm for the Vampirella series?

  • Another case of the classic 'replacing an I with a Y'. I'd mention Merlyn, too, but I'm almost positive that it's a legitimate alternate spelling of his name.

  • I know it's obviously a fan service character. I don't care. What the hell is a 'Nightveil'?

  • Why?

  • God damn it, she's kinda cute.

  • Where to start? Her name has nothing to do with her power (which is, I believe, a hammerspace-like purse?), and it makes her sound like tea. In fact, it makes her sound like an old woman who somehow obtained the power to turn her entire physical form into an entity of pure tea, using this power to fight sore throats and bad coughs everywhere. Or something like that.

  • What is it with redheads and having weird names?

  • The name is horrible, yeah, but look at the costume. There is NO WAY that she's comfortable.

  • Why do people feel the need to put the letter 'X' into words it doesn't belong?

  • Yeah, yeah, super-speed, ergo named after the greek personification of the west wind. Except with an added 'e' at the end. Not cool.

  • The picture makes me think someone else gave her the name and everyone else started using it...even though she hates it. A super villain? Come on. What's her power, cleavage?

  • Who would name themselves after a state of mental unbalance? Should I expect someone called Schizophrena to make her comic debut soon?

  • A name? A proper word? This woman confuses me, and I don't like it.

  • Okay, she's a turkish super-heroine, that's pretty cool. I mean, I haven't seen many of them around before, and variety's the spice and all. But...Glittergirl? Light powers aside, it's still a horrible name.

  • The picture of her in chains is almost ironic...

  • If she had light powers I'd almost be okay with her name. But no, she changes her size at will. So the name makes NO sense! Dammit, Shi'ar, you're like super-evolved or something, can't you at least come up with better names for your guards?

  • What, so does she kill ghost foxes? Or is she the ghost of a fox hunter?

  • All I have to say is that I hate unicorns.

  • Spirit of vengeance, imprisoned in a black crystal. Why Eclipso, then? Are we supposed to infer that he makes things dark or something?

  • The fact that I couldn't decide how to pronounce this guy's name is irritating.

  • Is this an American thing? I don't get it.

  • What the heck is a Kobra, some sort of reject snake-creature?

  • I feel a bit too bad about his title to comment on his first name. Poor guy has to deal with being called 'the reject' all his life. Not just reject, THE reject, as in the reject to end all rejects, the supreme reject, etc.

  • Trying a bit too hard to be hardcore...

  • You'd think that a guy with an eyepatch would suck on the battlefield, having no depth perception and all...

  • Holy stereotypical teenage wannabe-goth name, Batman!

  • Her costume is kinda awesome, and that makes me hate her even more.

  • I don't CARE if she's from He-man, WHO would name themselves something so utterly MORONIC? I think five-year-olds would find this stupid.

  • This whole series makes my brain scream.

  • I love this series, but this guy's name always confused me a bit. It's not really the right way to use the word homeland...

  • Why does his name require two Ns?

  • If this dude pulls out a guitar, I swear I'm gonna cry.

  • What is his name even supposed to TELL us? I mean, their names are supposed to make sense, right?

  • This guy's real name is Yegor, and yet he calls himself Unicorn? I don't know where to start...

  • I don't even want to know what this guy's superpower is, I really don't.

    And if I had invisible arms, I'd prolly call myself something like...I dunno, Sleeves. Just to throw people off

  • Ugh, could someone please make a law banning superheroes with names that reference sexual reproductive organs?

    Except Love Sausage. Nobody messes with Love Sausage.

  • Nothing chaste about this woman. Don't know if her name's supposed to be ironic, but it fails to be amusing. Besides, what's sweet about chastity? It's not really something that the notion of 'sweet' applies to.

  • Blatant ripoffs of characters in classic literature piss me off in general, but blatant ripoffs of characters in classic literature who do next to NOTHING piss me off even more. I'm just happy they didn't make her all elfy.

  • Might be silly, but the fact that her name is, essentially, 'Plantlife jungle girl' is irritating me. Not to mention it needs to be changed to Fauna, Jungle Girl. Or, better yet, Fauna, keeping the whole jungle girl thing out of it.

  • I'm quite a fan of H.P Lovecraft, so this one pisses me off on a bit of a different level. For god's sake, she's wearing socks with heels!

  • Love the concept, hate the name.

  • Not only was Cool World a really bad movie, Holli pissed the crap out of me the whole time with her idiotic name.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it offensive to call a woman 'chica'?

  • Puller? With the superpower to pull things? I think most people can do that.

  • It's four words put together to make a supername. I'd let this one slide if I thought the character that made it up didn't have a proper grasp on the English language, but I'm fairly sure they do, so I'm calling it out.


  • ...does she even HAVE a real name?

  • You hear that? That's the sound of Freud laughing at us all from his grave. Laughing like a maniac.

  • I keep hoping they just forgot to add the 'L'.

  • Who the hell names their child PANDA?

  • Putting '-ess' at the end of a word does not make it a female name.

  • WHY?!

  • Her 'name' is a series of three adjectives that fail to form a proper name for anything or anyone.

  • Why does she have wings?!

  • Is this supposed to be a pun or something? I'm going to assume the Q stands for Queen, and forever hope that she someday transforms into Freddy Mercury. Also, what the hell is a soul bee?

  • Holy androgynous new age art, Batman!

  • Here we see evidence of another naming convention that tends to dominate fantasy genres; X and Y equals name. For example, someone could run around with a name like Hategusset, or Slipperceiling.

  • For those of you who were unaware, a shrike is a type of bird. Possibly a hawk of some sort...

    So she's like an interstellar hawk or something? Can she breathe in the vacuum of space? Or does she make stars?

  • She's not a bat, therefore she cannot be called a 'she-bat'. It just means female bat.

  • He can't be a human and a flying fish at the same time. He could be a hybrid, but not 100% fish and 100% human.

  • ...Mousy?

  • This is what happens when the lead singers of old bands go for solo careers. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was a joke about The Byrds.

  • Many thanks to Meteorite for pointing this one out to me!

    So he's a machine-hating German guy with no arms. SOMEHOW, he managed to learn to use his feet and teeth 'just like arms', meaning he can somehow operate a Nintendo Wii remote with his feet and mouth. Yeah, I don't wanna think too hard about that one...

    But TIGER? Why 'tiger man'? No tigers were mentioned anywhere in his bio!

  • Word Salad strikes again!

  • So he's a tiger...that can fly?

    I'm not touching this one.

  • Thanks again to Meteorite!

    What kind of parent decides to name their kid so that the poor child will be laughed at/hated by society for the rest of his life? Puns are the lowest form of humor, people.

  • Reverse Flash sounds like a dance move, and Professor Zoom just sounds stupid

  • XS? There aren't even any vowels, how are we supposed to pronounce that?

  • What the heck is it even supposed to mean?

  • Never name a hero after a misspelled sound effect

  • Never name a character after a sound effect

  • This is a perfect example of a literary reference gone wrong. Vonnegut is very disappointed.

  • Cassopeia is either a misspelling of the constellation Cassiopeia, which is a really weird name for such a burly guy, or something equally stupid.

  • Bad pun!

  • Not only is her name stupid, her hair is somehow leopard-spotted...

  • The entire team has stupid names

  • Putting 'big' in his name is just asking for him to develop a self-esteem problem...

  • She is neither shiny nor consistently happy

  • His costume is really stupid, too

  • Outrun WHAT?

  • Considering mayflies only live for like a few days, this name is kinda morbid...

  • There is NO WAY she's a doctor!

  • How would one go about smashing a flag in the first place?

  • Where to begin?