Favorite Teams and Organizations

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  • Really can't stand the new white outfits or the way Marvel's been treating them lately, but these guys will always be my favorite comic book team and family.

  • The cartoon won me over. Also, Dick Grayson is a founding member, securing their spot at number 2 on my list.

  • My original favorite comic book team. Prefer them to any incarnation of the Avengers.

  • My favorite roster of this team will always be Doctor Strange, Namor, Silver Surfer, and Hulk. Four of Marvel's most prominent heavy-hitters on one team? Badass.

  • When Batman originally left the Justice League, he founded this team with other heroes like Metamorpho, Katana, and Black Lightning. The fact that Batman started leading his own gang of ragtag heroes was already a cool concept, but Black Lightning too? Recipe for awesomeness.

  • As with the Teen Titans, they had an awesome cartoon. Also, Tim Drake was a founding member. A team with any Robin as a founding member is sure to be included in one of my favorites.

  • While not a conventional "team", they are an organization, and at that, one of my favorites.

  • The most frighteningly powerful collection of space-oriented characters in Marvel.

  • The best original teenaged superhero team.

  • Their team may seem composed entirely of cliches at some points, but nonetheless, they're still a pretty formidable combination.

  • The Kids Next Door have some really cool 4x4 technology. The cartoon was and is on my list of favorite cartoons of all time.

  • While I'm still pissed that they put forth so much effort and Sasuke still left, meaning they didn't accomplish the one mission they were put together for, I still love this team.

  • Three of the most fearsome shinobi that Konoha has ever produced.

  • So many badasses on one team... Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama. Kuwabara is just so stupid.

  • The Viltrumites are so ruthlessly badass and cool.