Favorite Objects

Here are some of my favorite objects in fiction:

List items

  • Chicks dig giant robots.

  • Although billed as the most powerful weapon in the DC universe, I don't think it's quite as powerful as it had been thought to be before. Nevertheless, it still does some pretty nifty things.

  • It looks so cool... and it gives Hellboy one helluva right handed punch.

  • Best katana ever.

  • What an amazing idea... too bad Reed never put it to full use. It's too expensive to run anyway, I guess.

  • Bill is cool so likewise his hammer is too.

  • I think Man of Action should have put a cap on how many aliens it could access from the Codon Stream, but it's still a cool object.

  • The Blue Beetle scarab may be a sentinent being, but I still consider it a weapon and by extension, an object.

  • My favorite dojutsu in Naruto.

  • I prefer this armor over Iron Man's armor, actually.

  • Better than a Green Lantern ring by far.

  • Thanos was a force to be reckoned with when he had this thing. The Infinity Gauntlet saga was definitely one of my favorite storylines in comic books ever.