Favorite Miscellaneous Characters

These are all of my favorite characters outside of American comics and Japanese manga/anime. Well, those with pages on Comic Vine, that is.

List items

  • I currently own seasons 1 and 2 of the Boondocks, and I'm still undecided about whether or not I want to buy the third. I like animated Huey more than the comic version, but then again, I haven't read much of the comic strip. I hope McGruder makes a Boondocks movie including the exploits of an adult Huey. That would be so cool.

    I am very disappointed by the lack of Huey badassery in season 4. It was bound to happen, given McGruder's detachment from the show.

  • This was probably my favorite cartoon when I was younger. Many may laugh at this choice, but that show was more mature than a lot of people realized. Seriously.

  • The best.

  • The Xiaolin Dragon of the Wind! I can't really sum up just how much I love this guy. He's been my favorite cartoon character since my early childhood. From his first defection to the Heylin side to his eventual achieving the prestigious title of Shoku Warrior, Raimundo experienced a level of character development that is typically unprecedented in children's shows.

    And who could forget that awesome dream fight sequence he had against Hannibal Roy Bean?

  • Sym Bionic Titan really shouldn't have been cancelled. But, Lance managed to be a beast in the few episodes that did exist and subsequently secured his spot on this list.

  • Egotistical. Bald. Yellow. Midget. Best Wudai Warrior too.

  • Most charismatic 10 year old leader around. Codename: Kids Next Door was one of my favorite cartoons during my childhood.

  • His show ended with nearly no resolution whatsoever. I want DC to make a comic to continue and finish the story of Jack, similar to what Dark Horse Comics is doing with their Avatar: The Last Airbender comic books.

  • My favorite pilot.

  • Nightmare Before Christmas is in my top 5 favorite movies ever. I love Jack Skellington.

  • Favorite Airbender (besides Gyatso, he's not in the database.)

  • My favorite normal bender in Avatar. I loved how much character development he underwent over the course of the show. It really changed him for the better.

  • My favorite super powered animal/insect and anthropomorphic character.

  • I liked her in the book and movie much more than I liked her in the manga. Nonetheless, one of my favorite characters ever.

  • Best character in Battle Royale (besides Mitsuko Souma, of course.)

  • The only female Avatar: The Last Airbender character I like. I'm glad her period of mental instability has passed; she's so awesome in The Search.

  • Gigawatt Blades are so much cooler than The Amp. One of my favorite electric heroes. I hope inFamous: Second Son has a storyline in which Delsin has to fight Beast Cole. Kind of what Prototype 2 did with James and Alex. Now that would be cool.

  • One of the baddest ninjas around. I especially liked how he was portrayed in the live action movies.

  • I saw G.I. Joe Resolute and read some G.I. Joe comics, and Snake Eyes definitely stood out to me. I disliked the version in the live action movies though.

  • My favorite demon. One of the few villains in cartoons that can actually be credited with ultimately defeating the hero. That is, until IDW's comic resolves the show's ending and shows Jack finally defeating him. Hopefully.

  • I still remember when my Numbuh Four action figure was my most prized possession when I was 7 years old. My second favorite KND character. I wanted him to be in the Galactic Kids Next Door, but I guess Nigel was better suited for it anyway.

  • He has more personality than Ben 10 does. His machine constructs are cool, so that's definitely a plus. I wish he would've went into his first E.V.O transformation at least once again before the show ended.

  • Jafar, in my opinion, is the best animated Disney villain ever. I thought he would be much more formidable upon his genie power up, though. He was sort of pathetic. Then again it was Disney movie, so they couldn't have had him ultimately winning against all the heroes.

    He was pretty badass as just a sorcerer, though.

  • I loved the classic Popeye cartoons, and I own many of them on DVD.

  • My favorite Ninja Turtle. His intelligence is unrivaled by any of the Turtles, and his weapon of choice, the bo staff, is cool too.

  • Favorite middle-aged superhero. He's got a beer belly and manages to still beat down villains.

  • He was such a badass in each version of Battle Royale, the novel especially. I loved how he killed Sakamochi, but also how he facilitated Shuya and Noriko's escape. I wish he would've actually killed Kazuo in the book, though.

  • Shuya is one of my favorite protagonists in books, movies, comics and manga. He'll do anything for his friends and managed to keep his sanity in a such a twisted competition. Long live Wild Seven!

  • A brutal, brilliant, unstoppable sociopath. Kazuo is one of my favorite villains ever.