Favorite Anime and Manga Characters

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  • The number one, hyperactive knucklehead ninja! Naruto is what really got me into manga and anime in the first place, and comes in at a close second behind Yusuke. I've been a Naruto fan since 2006.

  • Best anime/manga Poltergeist ever, and also my favorite character of all manga and anime.

  • Favorite Dragonball/Z character. Always gets straight to the point and doesn't toy with enemies like Vegeta. A badass in every sense of the word.

  • Jiraiya, the Pervy Sage, one of the most formidable shinobi in the World of Naruto. I'm glad he can't be revived as an Edo. It would ruin the character in my opinion.

  • Best Naruto villain.

  • This was an obvious choice, considering I first saw Fullmetal Alchemist in first grade. Brilliant and resourceful, Ed has secured his spot on my list of favorite characters in anime and manga. I really want another FMA epilogue, though. Maybe Ed's son could become an alchemist.

  • My second favorite Fullmetal Alchemist character. Al's support of his brother throughout their struggles during the series was admirable.

  • Neji has been one of my favorite Naruto characters ever since the Forest of Death arc. However, Kishimoto has been almost completely neglecting his character during Part II. Once the Sharingan started evolving, I thought that the Byakugan would get some formidable upgrades too. But it simply was not to be. I prefer Hyugas over Uchihas anyway.

  • I liked him the most in the Dragon Ball series until Trunks was introduced.

  • Definitely my favorite One Piece character. Everything about him is awesome, from his flame powers to the fact that he's the late-Pirate King's son. Ace kicks ass!

  • Besides Neji, Kakashi is another Naruto character who I don't think has been done justice in the series. His Mangekyo Sharingan powers are really cool, I'll give him that much, but when he can't use his Sharingan he gets absolutely demolished by the Naruto villains. It seems that lately in Naruto, any genius whose name doesn't have an Uchiha in it hasn't been as strong as they used to be, the obvious exception being Minato.

  • Hiruzen Sarutobi, the God of Shinobi. My absolute favorite Hokage. Really looking forward to what role he'll play in the war.

  • When I first saw Akira, I was nine years old. Now every time I rewatch it, I become even more immersed in Tetsuo's character. I really need to read the manga...

  • The greatest anime bounty hunter I know of. Sure, his methods may be somewhat lazy, but Spike always gets the job done, and that's what counts.

  • The Flame Alchemist. He's a bit of a jerk but he's still awesome. Still hoping for another Fullmetal Alchemist epilogue in which him and an adult Ed spar with each other.

  • Without Atom, a lot if not all of these other characters either wouldn't exist or wouldn't be as popular as they are. Atom revolutionized manga and anime.

  • My favorite swordsman in anime. I love how he incorporates breakdancing into his swordplay.

  • InuYasha was one of the first few animes I watched, so likewise he became one of my favorite characters. I really couldn't stand how much he liked Kagome, though. If only Kikyo could've lived a little while longer...