The Greatest Escape Show on Earth!

The old super-villain, Andrew O'Hagan, checked if everything was set up right. The chains were wrapped around him, the clock was set to ten minutes, and the trap was set up. It was about showtime. What might this show be you ask? Well it is only a master escape artist doing what he does best. Tonight ladies and gentlemen the villain It-Man will escape from a dozen metal chains wrapped around him in ten minutes or else a large blade will fly through his midsection. Here.....we....go!

He began working away at the lowest chain, moving his body in grotesque and inhuman ways. "It has been a while since I have done this" he thought to himself. Memories began to appear in his mind of his first time assisting that stage magician at that god-awful show. It was there that he learned of using his natural talents to become an escape artist, though none of these trick would ever become his masterpiece....

"Two minutes down and two chains off, you are getting slow!" he thought. As he was undoing the third and fourth chain, he noticed that the fifth chain was tied around his hands. He began to go through his memory of his first arrest. At the time his gigs were not paying well and less people were showing up to his shows. He needed a steady income or he would be thrown from his house and into the streets. He resorted to a new fad at the time: becoming a super-villain. He got some old rags and sowed them together, becoming It-Man! During this first escapade he would be arrested and placed in handcuffs. When he was within the police car he undid the locks on the cuffs. How? A magician never reveals his tricks.

The next five were done, with four minutes on the clock. Time felt as if it slowed down and Andrew felt a rush of adrenaline run through his body. This feeling was a very familiar one. This feeling led to him dressing up day after day challenging heroes and playing his game with them. To O'Hagan this feeling was like returning home.

Along with these wonderful memories of the past, the former villain remembered all the losses that brought him near insanity. He felt every hit he had ever taken. One in the face, two in the knees, another one in the face, a kick to the stomach. He snapped back into reality and saw he had twenty seconds left, with one chain to go. He tried to get the chain off, but all those failures kept running through his head. A kick to the face. Eighteen seconds. A boomerang to the chest. Fifteen seconds. A bullet through the shoulder. Ten seconds. A knock out punch. Seven seconds. Andrew swung his arms out, breaking the chain and dodged the blade at the last second. "Taadaa!" he said to an empty room.

"Now what fun can be had tonight?"


When the Saint......

"Sometime in the late 1800's in New York there was a series of murders. All the victims varied in character; none of them seemed to have anything in common. The way they were murdered though was all the same: they were stabbed in the heart and then their dead body was crucified and seemed to be worshipped. This killer would be known as the Saint Killer.

The only victim who survived was a woman named Harriet Brown. The stories goes that Mrs. Brown was walking home one rainy night. A man approached her and asked if he could escort her home, she replied that she lived on the side of town and she would much rather be by herself. The man stopped her and said that he lived closer and that she could stay the night. He smiled at her with a kind grin. Mrs. Brown felt that there was something off about this man, but there was something persuasive in his voice that made her trust him.

She agreed and they went through the alley way. The moved deeper and deeper into the heart of the cities dark alleys. He lead her into a cellar. When she walked inside the room was pitch black. There was a decaying smell in the room and she turned to see her escort light a lantern. The room was filled with crucified corpses. The man's kind smile, turned into a morbid version of what it once was.

Harriet managed to escape from the cellular and outrun the Saint Killer. After she reported her attempted killing to the police they looked for a man who fit the description and the cellar in the alley, but neither could be found". A voice in the back interrupted "So what happened to her?" The original voice replied back, "I was getting to that! So the police thought she was just insane. They took her to mental hospital and everyday she would yell to the guards to stop the cries for help and to make the scary man go away. Eventually Harriet Brown would escape the asylum. She was found a day later, dead in a lake".

The boy closed the old horror book and looked at it with disgust. "What a load of nonsense this book is!" he said as he threw the book. The other boy looked a little scared and said, "Y-yeah what a stupid story". There was a lightning strike and a shadow of another person could be seen in the room. "Did you see that?" the second boy asked. The first boy ignored it and went to sleep. The second boy laid his head down as screams of help could be heard and a demented man outside the window stared at him.

Sweet Dreams
Sweet Dreams


Sins of the Past

The night was cold and windy. Zeus waited in an old temple. In came Zool and the rest of Ancient Ones . "Why have you summoned us here brother?" said Xavian. "You see my brothers, the Roman Empire has gained great strength" said Zeus. Xavian spoke softly "Are you bragging how powerful your subjects have become?" Diriam laughed at Xavian's statements. Zeus floated towards a podium in the temple and the other Ancient Ones followed. On the podium an image appeared. The Earth appeared as if it were hell and a shadowy figure was in the background.

"Is that the Betrayer?!" said Yen, Tin, and Cie. "What do you think?" said Zeus. There was silence for a few minutes; the fear of the Ancient Ones was so strong it could be felt. "Is this what is to come Zeus?" said Zool in a voice devoid of emotion. "Luckily, yes. This was Athena's vision of what is to come" said Zeus. "How do we stop this, Zeus?!" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie. "We destroy the Roman empire..." whispered Zeus.

The tension rose between the brothers. Xavian threw his fist onto the table "How can we make sure your whore daughter's vision is true?!" "How dare you call my favorite daughter a-" Zeus yelled. "Stop brothers!!" yelled Diriam. The anger can be seen in the eyes of Zeus. "Let's just calm down, brothers" said Diriam. "Sorry Zeus, I just can not believe that He could return" Xavian said apologetically.

"So the Roman people will bring the Betrayer back to Earth?" asked Zool. "That is what the vision makes me believe" said Zeus. A lightning strike could be heard in the background. "Genocide of a whole civilization is a horrible act Zeus" said Zool. "But, is it worth the countless that will die because of Roman's actions?" said Zeus. "The end justifies the means...." muttered Xavian. "So we put this to a vote?" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie.

"All in favor of the destruction of the Roman empire say I" said Zeus. All of the Ancient Ones agreed. Despite it being an immoral deed, it would be better than Him returning. "So what shall we do?" asked Zeus. "There is a warrior named Attila the Hun, we shall mystically guide him to the Roman empire and help him destroy the kingdom" said Zool. "What if Attila continues his bloodshed elsewhere?" asked Yen, Tin, and Cie. "We shall have him die after the empires fall, by a bloody nose" answered Zool. "Meeting adjourned" said Zeus.

Present day: Zool appeared in the temple and looked around at the old relic. He placed some flowers in the middle of the ruin. He walked away and slowly, while muttering "The end justifies the means....."

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Mysterio Mystery

So as we all know the original Mysterio has been back since the Gauntlet story arc and has been a member of the current Sinister Six. The thing that really confuses me is that Mysterio said he had faked his death, which does not make sense with his previous appearance.

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Back during Civil War, when Spiderman revealed his identity, a new Mysterio(Klum) decided to attack Peter Parker at the high school he worked at. The second Mysterio(Berkhart) decided to team up with Spiderman to take down Klum. If you think having two Mysterio's around at the same is confusing, then this part will really blow your mind. So Klum and Berkhart were both confronted by the spirit of the original Mysterio(Beck). Eventually Klum was injured by Eros and he has never been seen since. The same goes for Berkhart.

Some could make the argument that Beck was trying to scare the other two away from the mantle and waited for the right time to strike(much like Hobgoblin). He is he master of illusions so he could easily use some tech to make it look like he was a ghost. Well the thing is he was dying of lung cancer and had a brain tumor, which is why the police let him out of prison early. I honestly can not think of a logical explanation for how he survived that, especially if it was terminal. It is unlikely that this some illusion or something, since he did not have any of his equipment with him in his cell.

I do feel Mysterio's death was very much like Kraven's(he even killed himself like Kraven). Mysterio was dying and this was his "last hunt". I know that Mysterio's death was not as dramatic as Kraven's, but him not actually dying takes something away from the character. Its like what if during Grim Hunt Kraven says "I never actually died, it was a trick!"

Maybe they brought him back because of the Gauntlet story arc and maybe even Ends of the Earth, but there are still two Mysterious around. They could have replaced Beck with Klum or Berkhart(just like they did with Vulture). Heck they could of had Beck stay as a "ghost". Hopefully there is some explanation for this is in the future like that the current Mysterio is actually Klum.


The Many Appearances of Angels


What kind of Heaven uses bounty hunters?


Who did you think they would send, a carpenter wearing sandals?

Angels: the warriors of Heaven and protectors of humankind. This is the basic idea of angels. Sometimes ,though, there are other interpretations of these heavenly beings. For the sake of this blog post I am only looking at fictional based angels.

Angels are the warriors of Heaven, I would not expect them to be very peaceful. Rational and level headed, but not peaceful per say. In a sense the angels from Darksiders. They are some what more confrontational than one would expect. Based off what I remember they seemed more worried about stopping War and the demons than helping humanity. Uriel also seems some what more worried about Abaddon than doing her angel duties. It was cool to see angles with gatling guns though.

While it might seem obvious to some and not so obvious to others, but I am a huge Spawn fan. I really like what was done with the angels. Having them as hunters of demons and hellspawn was a great change. In the Spawn universe it does make sense why they are some what more war like, due to god not being Man of Miracles/Jesus Christ/Mother of All Things. My favorite part of the angel mythos in Spawn would be the Redeemer. While not an angel himself he serves as a warrior of Heaven so he is close enough. While Jason Wynn being Redeemer made sense in terms of the plot. In terms of him being pure, it seems like the angels mixed up his resume with another person's profile. The second Redeemer seems to fit more of my interpretation of an angel better than the angels themselves. He was a man who went to prison and found God. He has the combat necessary, but had the pureness that one would need to be a soldier of Heaven.

If anybody has seen the Panty and Stocking anime, they would know it is strange. So to make a long story short the basic idea is that Panty and Stocking are angels who are sent down to Earth due to being sinful. While some would say that they are not angel's because they were cast out from Heaven, well they can still get back and they are not evil per say. Unlike most depictions of angels they are anarchists, while the demons are into order. This does make sense believe it or not. If we go by Jean-Jacques philosophy, society corrupts man and man at its purest would be back in prehistoric times. So an angel being an anarchist does make sense. In the english dub, though, it is implied most angels are not anarchists.

Now we head into the DC universe. Let's first talk about the Phantom Stranger(preNew 52). One of his possible origins is that he was an angel. This would make sense due to the fact in Blackest Night it is stated that phantom Stranger is beyond death and life. This can be seen when Etrigan(in the Phantom Stranger angel origin, it is shown that Etrigan was once an angel) has his heart removed by Black Lantern. The idea of angels being like Phantom Stranger is intriguing. More of a guardian angel who tells one about things to come if it is important and let you decide your own fate. Another angel in the DCU I would like to look at would be Zauriel. Zauriel is the best example of what an angel(in my opinion) should be. A warrior with a heart of gold. I wonder how Zauriel would react to Panty and Stocking?

Thank for reading my blog and tell me your thoughts.


Are Nintendo Games Really for Kids?

I have noticed that throughout Nintendo's history, there have been certain skeletons in the closet of their games. I am not some crazy person saying Pokemon is the work of the devil, but there are certain elements in some Nintendo games that kids would not get or are a little too dark for the age they aim the game too. There are three game series in general that have some strange things for a kid's game. Let's get started.

Pokemon Pokedex Entrees

I am a big fan of dark and twisted stories, but I am not sure if I am okay with these kind of things for kids(I am not saying that kid's movies and games should not be dark, but they need to know how to limit it). A lot of the Pokedex entrees for ghost and physic pokemon are somewhat creepy. The pokemon Shedinja's pokedex entree mentions that it sucks human souls through the hole in its back, if you look at it(this was most likely for laughs due to the fact when you send it out you are looking at its back). Banette's entree is more extreme than Shedinja's. Banette pokes itself with pins to curse people(think of it as a voodoo doll). If you thought that was weird you have not seen the creepy part yet. It was once a doll who was abandoned by its owner, now it wanders in search for that child. Hypno's and Drowzee's entree takes creepy to a whole other level. Drowzee eats people's dreams, but prefers children's because they are tastier. Hypno is a pokemon who gets a lot of negative attention, mainly because of the creepy pasta Hypno's Lullaby. The lullaby is pretty much Hypno kidnapping children which goes along with his pokedex entree. In his pokedex entree it says there was an incident where a Hypno kidnapped a child.

Majora's Mask Plot

While this is not necessarily bad for children, I just feel they do not get the full story of Majora's Mask. Honestly even if your a teen or adult you wont get the some of the dark tones in the game's side quest. A good example is going to the Romai's ranch on the last day. Talk to Romani and she says Cremia(her big sister) is letting her sleep with her tonight. Cremia also allowed Romani have Chateau Romani which, based off evidence in the game, is like alcohol. If you talk to Cremia she says(if I remember correctly) "See your tomorrow..." Based off deductive skills Cremia is keeping Romani company and numbing her senses.


The creature from Earthbound, Giygas, is pretty creepy. It gets worse, though, if go into the production story about this character.Here is the concept of the character(from wikipedia):

Giygas was created by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the EarthBound series in the original Mother. He went under the name of Giegue in the cancelled English localisation. In an interview on his website, EarthBound creator Shigesato Itoi describes how his inspiration for the final battle with Giygas resulted from a traumatic childhood event. When Itoi was a young boy, he accidentally viewed the wrong movie at a theater, a Shintōhō film entitled Kenpei to barabara shibijin. According to Itoi the film featured a murder scene near a river that Itoi mistook for a rape scene that traumatized Itoi so much that his parents began to worry about his well-being. Years later, Itoi integrated the experience into Giygas' dialogue for the final battle. Itoi described Giygas as something that people cannot make sense of, but also as a living being who deserves love. He compared this part of him to the breast of Hisako Tsukaba, the victim of the film. He described this scene as a combination of atrocity and eroticism, and that is what his lines are in the end, one of them being "it hurts..." While designing this battle, Itoi spoke all of the text out loud while another staff member, Matchan Miura, wrote it down. He spoke eachhiragana character one by one, commenting that he felt the hiragana made it scarier. Itoi explained that the subtitle to the Japanese version, which exclaims that "Giygas strikes back", was inserted to instill that he did not die in Mother, as well as to show to the readers what to expect from the final boss. Music composer Hirokazu Tanaka described Giygas as the "embodiment of evil". As a result, he composed the music in a certain way based on the player's proximity to him. For example, in battles where Ness and company encounters someone or something under Giygas' control, the music and sound effects reflect this. However, when Ness and company are in a peaceful area such as a Sanctuary, the music has a spiritual nuance.

5 Characters Who I Want as Reserve FF Members

The Future Foundation Marvel NOW lineup is interesting. I like how they all are B-C list characters related to the Fantastic Four. After seeing the lineup for the first time I thought of certain characters who would fit as reserve members. I chose these characters based off relations to members of the Future Foundation or they have a connection to the Fantastic Four.

5: Karnak

The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #162
The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection #162

While I am happy the queen of the Inhumans is apart of the team I would have liked a member of the Inhumans who has been less focused on. While every member of the Inhumans(except Medusa and Black Bolt) are C list characters I would like Karnak to be a reserve member of the FF. The main reason is that Karnak is said to be a great martial artist, but there are not that many feats proving that. So this would be a great opportunity for Karnak to show his H2H skills.

4: Storm

No Caption Provided

Storm and Black Panther(when they were married) joined the Fantastic Four when Sue and Reed took a break from the Fantastic Four for a little while. Storm, in my opinion, would be more of a valuable asset to the FF than Black Panther. Her powers would be more useful. The FF needs a heavy hitter not in terms of strength, but in terms of power set and Storm fits that description.

3: Iron Lad

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Iron Lad is an interesting choice for this team. There is the use of him to set up a story arc. Maybe an arc involving a war against the Council of Kang? A time travel arc? The point is there are tons of stories that can go with Iron Lad and the FF. Another reason is Iron Lad's feelings for Scott's deceased daughter. This would add some interesting story elements.

2: Spiderman

I am honestly surprised that Spiderman was not on the Marvel NOW FF roster. Not because he is a popular character, but he seems to fit the FF more than the Avengers. The Fantastic Four seems more like a family to me and Spiderman is apart of the family. Not to mention he was on the original Future Foundation roster and was apart of the new Fantastic Four. Maybe a reason for him not being on the team is because of ASM #700, but even if the Superior Spiderman is not Peter Parker it would be a nice way of adding this new Spiderman to a team Peter was close to.

1: Jack of Hearts


Jack was probably one of Scott's closest friends. I remember hearing he returned during Marvel Zombies Supreme and his fate at the end is yet to be fully known. Even if he did die there are a multitude of ways he can return or he might have not died at the end of MZS(which simplifies things). I do really want to see Jack and Scott's friendship explored more if he was to be an FF reserve member.