I'm the best in the world at what I do. But what I do ain't very nice.

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Grant Knightfall

"Great men are almost always bad men."

The Faux Knight
The Faux Knight

Real Name: Grant Winston

Aliases: 'Grant Knightfall', False Son, Faux Knight, Merchant of Lies, Industry Prince, Million Dollar Magnate, Baron of Illusions, Fencing Chevaliere, Spurious Scion

Alignment: Unknown

Height: 5'11"

Age: 25

Weight: 165 lbs (74 kg)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Species: Human

Orientation: Heterosexual

Identity: Public (known as Grant Knightfall)

Occupation: Businessman, Philanthropist

Affiliation: Apex Industries


Born upon the reigns of immeasurable wealth and envied prosperity, throughout the entirety of his noble and spoiled life, all that Grant desired was given to him unquestionably. Born without siblings or the need for memorable aspirations, he developed an insatiable thirst for renown and national prominence aside from being just another kid born to a rich family. He wanted to become something more, something better; wanted to leave behind a legacy that history wouldn't soon forget. But first, he'd have to be rid of the parents that had payed far more attention to their wealth and public image than their son.

It didn't take long to put his master plan into action. At the age of eighteen, he was able to orchestrate the murder of his father, planting evidence that lead to his mother being ousted as the killer, and carted off to prison. He quickly assumed control of his Apex Industries - the company run by his parent's, and freely participated in numerous philanthropy efforts and generous donations to influential individuals. He went on to falsify verification about a connection to the Knightfall lineage (making it seem as though Jayden Knightfall was his grandfather), and with the exception of the part with Jayden Knightfall, revealed this information to the public.

However, in an age of metahumans, empowered individuals, and vigilantes, his fame was quickly overshadowed, and his plans had begun to plummet. The money he'd invested into donations and company he ran wasn't nearly enough to maintain his public stature. Thus, he grew consumed with a vehement dislike of mutants and other empowered beings, developing an unrelenting envy regarding the eminence and acclaim their powers brought. The revelation that all he'd done was for nothing, that a mere famous human could never trump a famous metahuman nearly drove him made. And on the day of that revelation, he swore that he'd never let such things ruin his vision of renown. That, in the end, he would rise above all of the others.

It'd just take a little more work.