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A Study of Mutants: Vampirism

Mutant Vampirisim

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In common folklore, vampires are defined as undead entities whom sustain themselves by feeding on the blood of mortals. Mutant Vampirisim, however, is a genetic strain that induces cellular mutation within mutants born or afflicted with it. When contracted (or, for those born with it, activated within cells), the carrier will mutate into a superhuman being that uses blood to sustain itself.

Most (if not all) mutant vampires acquire superhuman attributes, though the extent of their physical capabilities varies depending on the strength or evolution of the genetic strain. They gain heightened senses (particularly vision), and some acquire the ability to dissemble their own molecular structure into a molecule swarm, as to achieve flight or teleportation. Blood is typically required to maintain the biophysical prime of mutant vampires, though other strains are said to heighten or fluctuate the abilities of an mVampire as they experience blood deprivation. Weaker mutations are able to halt the process of aging, while stronger strains may achieve utter biological immortality. Regenerative healing factors are not uncommon in mutant vampirisim.

Vampiric Mutation may occasionally be accompanied by a variety of physical changes, typically regarding pigmentation, eye color, and bodily features. Retractable fangs is a universal feature, and some may even acquire claws. Stronger or evolved strains may grant mutant vampires the ability to transform themselves into monstrous creatures with varying additions to their physical structure. The extent of the physical transformation varies from mVampire to mVampire. Hunger or blood deprivation may exhibit more of these physical alterations, particularly pigmentation and eyes. Typically, the hungrier an vampire is, the more easily recognizable they become.

Other mutants can be infected with the strain when the altered saliva of an mVampire is injected into the bloodstream (typically through bites), though the transformation process is not immediate (typically occurring over the course of three days). The saliva of an mVampire has the potential to rejuvenate and transform mutants near the point of death, and can even restore the mind and biophysical facilities of a recently deceased mutant (though they will remain in a weakened, emaciated state for several days while the transformation runs its course). Only mutants can contract mVampirisim and experience the cellular mutations brought about by the strain, with mVampire saliva poisonous to virtually all non mutants. The transformation, though assimilated into the very nucleotides of the afflicted, is not irreversible.

Sources of heat are the eternal enemies of mVampires/mPires, particularly the sun (and direct contact with fire). Most mVampires are rendered weaker when exposed to the sun, presumably due to some odd reaction that occurs when cells are saturated with the sun's heat. Though not lethal, weaker vampires will find themselves more easily fatigued when exposed to sunlight; their superhuman attributes will decrease, and their thirst increase. Vampires are able to evolve and develop resistance to the detrimental affects of the sun, while stronger vampires may find themselves utterly immune.

  • You do not have to ask my permission to use this concept or create mVampires/mPires.
  • For any mutant vampires already out there (looking at your Psy :)), this is not mandatory canon.
  • Mutant Vampires are able to have any other mutant ability alongside this little transformation.
  • I hope you all enjoyed the read :)

Anduin [RPG Character]

"Fate was meant to be overthrown."

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Name: Anduin

Titles: God of Mages (Self Proclaimed), Arcane Rogue, Jester God, Smith of Mischief, Magus Omega (Self Proclaimed), Architect of Mythology

Alignment: Unknown

Age: Immortal/Ageless

Species: Asgardian

Place of Birth: Asgard

Family: Unknown

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 525 lbs

Hair Color: Raven/Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Powers & Abilities

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Physical Profile: As an Asgardian God, Anduin is aesthetically identical to mortals residing in the Midgard plane, though is physically superior to humans in virtually every way. His cells are denser and more resilient than human tissue, enabling him to withstand powerful impact forces, extreme temperatures and pressures, falls from great heights, energy blasts and high caliber bullets without sustaining injury; his godly strength and nigh indestructible bones enable him to lift a maximum of 55 tons unagumented; his speed far surpasses that of an Olympic runner, his stamina pool allows for him to optimally exert himself for days on end, and his agility is beyond that of a peak human. He possesses a healing factor that enables him to heal injuries such as slash and puncture wounds a matter of hours, and mending broken bones within the day. He cannot, however, regenerate missing limbs or organs without magic.

Sorcery: Meditation and esoteric studies have enabled Anduin to tap into the mystical reserves of power that Aesir naturally have the potential to wield. Much of his power is drawn from the ambient and psychic energies present throughout all of the Nine Realms, granting him a myriad of magical abilities, including; energy manipulation, telepathy, mind reading, teleportation, control of the classical elements, conjuration, matter transmutation, charms and enchantments, illusion casting, astral projection, clairvoyance suggestion, mind control, and possession, levitation, barriers, and temporal deceleration. He is an exceptionally powerful sorcerer, one of the most talented magic wielders in Asgard and beyond. He prides himself in being a master shapeshifter, he is mentally fortified from telepathic attacks and mental manipulations, and can sense others across several galaxies. Finally, his abilities are strongest in the Asgardian Realm, weakening to some degree outside of it.

Combat Skills (Under Construction)

Items and Artifacts (Under Construction)


Arcus (RPG Character)

"Repetition is the mother of skill."

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Name: Christopher Queen

Aliases: Arcus, Avant Garde Savant, Shadow Gunman, Baron of Bounty Hunters, Galactic Gunman

Age: 33

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Birthplace: Gothic City

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 201 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Super Power Origin: New God (Divus)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: International Hitman, Mercenary, Criminal

Powers & Abilities

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God of Guns: Speculated to be the New God of Guns and Bullets, Arcus possesses knowledge and skill of virtually every earthly firearm ever conceived, capable of picking of any he finds and wielding it with almost supernatural accuracy. Uncannily enough, every firearm he wields is equipped with an enchantment that provides infinite ammunition, and enables him to alter the composite of both the ammunition and the firearm. The enchantment will last so long as he holds onto the firearm, meaning that this gift cannot be shared with others. Furthermore, he is capable of instantaneously materializing any conceived firearm that he can carry, and then dispelling it at will. Standard firearms, flamethrowers, plasma/energized particle artillery, even something so mundane as a water gun, virtually any firearm is within his domain of materialization.

Hypermind: Chris's mental capacities and cognition have been increased through training and activation of hereditary abilities. His mind is capable of mathematically processing a vast number of calculations and theoretical variables. He can activate a mathematic visual of virtually any scenario for calculations, trajectories, and he can simultaneously process multiple sources of information. Boasting a hyper sense of awareness and memory, he has achieved photographic reflexes, allowing him to memorize physical movements and motions through observation, and subsequently adapt said motion into his muscle memory and skills. This ability is exceedingly useful in regards to his marksmanship, to the point where every shot is almost certain to meet the target.

Physical Attributes: Exposure to divus contamination in water rendered Chris an undeniably superhuman being with physiological enhancements in every area. He has strength enough to lift a maximum of one ton, aided by the indestructibility of his bones. He possesses the durability and endurance to withstand high amounts of damage and trauma, motor augmentations that enable him to move at 30 miles per hour, reflexes that enable him to calculate and react on a supersonic level, and the agility to perform impressive feats of balance and nimbleness. His visual perception abilities have been augmented, enabling him to control the rate he perceives occurrences up to a hypersonic range.

Combat Skills

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Marksmanship: Marksmanship is Christopher's greatest combat asset, and where he exhibits true excellency. His primary abilities are tailored towards marksmanship, and his godly ascension reflects the skill he has attained wielding firearms. He is an ambidextrous gunman with impossible accuracy, with skill surpassing nearly every modern sharpshooter there is. An impeccable shooter and sniper, his immobile accuracy is seemingly unparalleled, though he can perform incredible shots from virtually any instance. From ricochets, neutralizing multiple targets with a single bullet, and even firing while in midair, all of these feats are well within his range of ability.

Combat Proficiency: His occupation as an international mercenary has enabled Chris to cultivate an adequate degree of skill in close quarters combat. Though lacking utter martial mastery, he has fashioned himself as a smart, vigilant, and pragmatic combatant, beyond capable of dealing with the formalistic excesses woven into the combative styles of many martial artists. He makes up for his lack of extreme skill with meticulous knowledge regarding pressure points, and smart usage of environmental factors when in battle. Ultimately, his combat style is brutally efficient, and would enable him to hold his own against highly skilled opposition.


Mercenary Suit: Christopher's suit is a lightweight and technological nano exoskeleton designed not only sustain a tremendous amount of damage, but equipped with traversal enhancements and cyber components. The suit's nano fibers have been designed to acclimate to environments and temperatures, and possesses increased resistance to heat and cold. The limb functionalities and micro thrusters make it possible to scale and run along virtually any surface, and enables Chris to briefly propel himself into the air, the period of which is up to him. His jetpack is powered by a self sustainable energy core, and enables him to fly at great speeds. The suit was masterfully constructed with a regenerative nanoweave, and the gauntlets possess features that enable them to project a small, holographic computer used for hacking, voice emulation, and communication. His red lens can highlight objections and scenery, and has functions like environmental reconstruction, facial recognition, DNA and fingerprint reconstruction, and identity confirmation. It also works in a fashion akin to X-Ray vision in the sense that he can even see through impediments and diversions, as well as highlight skeletons and list environmental factors.


  • Brass Knuckles
  • Tactical Knives
  • Energy Daggers
  • Combat Axe

Ranged Weapons:

  • Collapsible Compound Bow

Explosives and Substances:

  • C4
  • Incendiary Grenades
  • Concussive Grenades
  • Smoke Grenades
  • Flash Grenades
  • Smoke Pellets
  • Shock Charges
  • Fragmentation Bomb
  • Berserker Poison
  • Neurotoxin

Other Equipment:

  • Grapnel Gun

The Nemesis Knightfall (Reborn)

-Phantom of the Speed Force-

"When the Speed Force entered, I emerged reborn, and in it, I saw the beauty of renewal. I saw the coming of winter; I saw the night fall."

Name: Mason Anthony Knightfall

Aliases: The Nemesis, Phantom of the Speed Force, Speed Beast, Knightfall Knight Terror, Blood Traitor, Apex Predator

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Identity: Guarded

Height: 6'2"

Age: 30/Ageless

Weight: 179 lbs

Hair Color: Dirty Blond

Eye Color: International Klein Blue

Species: Speedster/Dimensional Ghost

Family: Marcus Antonius Knightfall (Direct Ancestor), Christopher Knightfall (Cousin)

Timeline: 2165, CVbU; 2165, Alternate CVnU Future (Destroyed)

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation: Dimensional Killer, Slayer of Knightfalls, Self Serving Assassin

Goal: To eradicate the Knightfall Clan in every reality as penance for the family's nU history and reputation.

History/Rebirth (under construction)

Powers & Abilities

⚡ The Speed Force ⚡

No Caption Provided

Resulting from his universal renewal and restored existence, Mason was given the ability to tap into the limitless power of the Speed Force, enabling him to move at velocities significantly higher than that of an ordinary human being. Unlike the Anti-Speed Force possessed by his cousin, Christopher (which would enable him to contaminate and drain other variations of the Speed Force), the Nemesis possesses the standard, pure speed force that has been dimensionally boosted (granting him far more abilities and speed from the very start). Through the creation of kinetic energy, Mason is capable of traveling and engaging in combat at extreme velocities. When moving at superhuman speeds, Mason is generally surrounded by blue arcs of electricity, sometimes leaving a temporary trail of it behind him. However, by moving at slower speeds, he would be capable of running without the electrical arcs surrounding him. At the peak of his ability, he could feasibly reach the speed of light and beyond.

Electrokinesis: Like his cousin, Mason has the ability to manipulate electricity, a form of energy brought into existence by electrons or protons. He is capable of electrical fields, charges, currents, electronics, and is able to control a form of electromagnetism. From generating powerful bolts of lightning, to manipulating his own bodily electromagnetic field in conjunction with the speed force to achieve a form of flight, and even to controlling the arcs that he generates whenever he moves, his ability to manipulate electricity is reasonably formidable. Another ability granted by his electrokinesis is the power to solidify electrons, allowing him to produce constructs (particularly an extremely sharp set of claws).

Perception and Reflexes: Because of certain augmentations, Mason's reactionary abilities, as well as his perception of events occurring around him, are on an entirely different level than that of the average human being. Able to control the exact rates that he perceives his surroundings, Mason can see the world around him in slow motion, or even watch it as though it had entirely come to a halt. In conjunction within his heightened reactionary abilities, Mason is easily capable of dodging and catching speedy projectiles and delivering a myriad of blows to an opponent before comprehension dawns upon them.

Phasing and Vibration: Yet another ability the Speed-Force has bestowed upon him, Mason boasts the power to vibrate his molecular structure to such a degree, that he can pass through virtually any solid object. Through the vibration of his body to the necessary frequency, he would be capable of rendering himself in an intangible state. If need be, he can simple vibrate portions of his body, such as limbs, something he does rather often for offensive maneuvers. The Nemesis is even able to mimic the ability of invisibility, simply be vibrating his bodily structure at such a rate, that light doesn't reflect from his body, thus rendering him invisible.

Speed Aura: The Speed-Force grants Mason invisible field of energy that extends an inch past his tissue. Activated at will, the speed aura protects him from the consequences of friction, and allows him to continue breathing whilst his speed abilities are in effect. If need be, he could extent the aura around another being through physical contact. To a fair margin, this aura appears to be capable of mitigating physical damage received, as it is capable of absorbing an impressive amount of kinetic energy. Not only that, but the field itself enables him immune to the harmful effects of going through space unaided.

Afterimages and Speed Clones: Mason has the ability to leave lifelike afterimages behind, most of which last mere seconds before vanishing (though he is able to energize the afterimages so that they'll last significantly longer or indefinitely). More useful, however, is his ability to generate what is known as 'Speed Clones'. Speed Clones are sentient copies of Mason that take on all of his abilities and his personality, while remaining loyal to the original. They are materialized using energy from the Speed Force, and can be controlled verbally or telepathically. If the original Mason dies while a Speed Clone is active, the Speed Clone will then assume the dimensional place and independence of the original, and will be able to create its very own clones.

Whirlwind and Vacuum: By running in an circular formation at a certain velocity, Mason can generating whirlwinds. Depending on the rate of how the whirlwind was formed, he could even create a full vortex. Depending on the intensity of the vortex in question, there is a plethora of things he could do with said vortex (suffocation, wanton destruction, and levitation among them). By moving his limbs in a formation akin to a windmill, he is able to create winds similar to a cyclone, though a directed at a particular target. Thus, if need be, he could deprive a certain target of oxygen.

Energy Absorption and Speed Theft: Mason is capable of absorbing nearly any form of energy he comes into contact with. The energy he absorbs furthers his own speed, and to aid his bodies self-regeneration. When coming into contact with another person, he is capable of leeching the bio-electric energy from his victim, resulting in the victim's death due to the nervous system running off neuro-electric pulses. Another ability, dubbed Speed Theft, is the power to absorb the accelerated momentum of objects and people in order to reduce their movement speed significantly, perhaps even fully stop them in place. Simultaneously, the victim's kinetic energy is compounded with the Nemesis' own. With this ability, he can drain the powers of speedsters.

Accelerated Healing: Mason possesses cellular regeneration on an extremely rapid scale. Capable of healing from virtually any injury or wound (including loss of organs, limbs, and other fatalities), prolonged or repetitive damage can and will kill him. To maintain his healing abilities, he requires sustenance and rest, lest his regenerative abilities begin to decline drastically. In the case that he is killed, his existence may be stored and preserved within the Speed Force itself.

Accelerated Metabolism: An ability that can be both helpful and debilitating, The Speedster's metabolism is accelerated beyond what is humanely possible. In conjunction with his naturally healing factor, Mason not only can heal faster, but his body is able to swiftly burn harmful substances, sedatives, and illicit liquids. The downside is that Mason's body burns calories at a much faster rate then any ordinary human being, while he is utilizing his superhuman speed. Thus, this requires him to eat larger portions of food in order to maintain his energy, or he'll suffer from starvation and eventually die.

Time Position/Agelessness: Being a dimensional speedster ghost reborn from seeming nonexistence, Mason exists in his own plane of time. The Speed Force grants him a certain resistance to tampering with time and reality, and if erased from existence, will be preserved in the form of a dimensional remnant/clone. As he is frozen in a different plane in time, Mason no longer ages unless he himself wills it. At will, he can shift his body to whatever age he desires.

Dimensional Travelling: Mason is able to break through the fabric of time and space, enabling him to move through dimensions, and even break into the time stream. Do to this ability, he would be capable of entering into other timelines, and altering it to his leisure. While he can achieve this any time he pleases, accelerating to or past the speed of light allows for easier dimensional travel.


Teritus - RPG Character (under construction)

-Arvenite Einstein-
-Arvenite Einstein-

Real Name: Teritus

Aliases: Arvenite Einstein, Scientific Survivalist, Armored Angel, Oceanic Delver, Mecha Maestro

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Birthplace: Planet Cronus

Height: 5'11"

Age: Unknown

Weight: 225 lbs

Hair Color: Variable

Eye Color: Variable

Species: Arvenite

Orientation: Heterosexual

Relationship Status: Single

Affiliation: Arvenite Race, Exemplodar

Occupation: Scientist, Engineer

Powers and Abilities

Arvenite Physiology: The standard physiology of an Arvenite boasts a number of genetic and anatomical differences to that of humans, bearing external similarities regarding their humanoid form. The color of an Arvenite's tissue and eyes can shift depending on exposure to other atmospheres, and depending on the environmental properties, atmospherics shifts can prove to be an uncomfortable experience for Arvenites, especially those who's bodies have become accustom to a certain envelope of gases. The race is capable of enduring airless environments unaided, and are incredibly resistant to most forms of radiation. In order to physically develop (naturally), they do require sustenance, and their life can span multiple centuries. Genetic enhancements has enabled Teritus to prevent his body from aging past its physical prime, however.

Like any other Arvenite, Teritus is capable of lifting up to 5 tons due to the aggrandizement of his muscle mass index. Contrary to the slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers that humans possess for different tasks, an Arvenite's muscular fibers don't bear the limitation of being designated for certain tasks, similarly to hybridized fibers. The composite of an Arvenite's bones is extremely durable, and though the durability of standard Arvenites are higher than that of human beings, they typically remain vulnerable to conventional forms of damage. The regenerative rate of an Arvenite is higher than that of a human as well, and ultimately, they are capable of healing virtually any part of their body if given time. As well, the Arvenite immune systems is immune to earthly diseases and ailments.

The speed of a standard Arvenite is slightly higher than that of an Olympic runner, surpassing a peak human being. Their reflexes and reactionary capabilities enable them to react and perceive at a metahuman level of execution. Lastly, Arvenite muscularity doesn't produce fatigue causing lactic acids like humans. Instead, it secretes a substance known as 'Fynasium', which is only induced into the bloodstream after many hours of extreme exertion. Because of this, they are capable of exerting themselves for many hours.

Standard Armor Capabilities (under construction)

Armor Index (under construction)


The Exemplodar

-The Alvenite Crash Site-
-The Alvenite Crash Site-

The Exemplodar (or Primus Exemplodar) is a star vessel designed by an otherwordly species called Alvenites for galactic expeditions and planetary exploration. On June 1st, 2016, the colossal vessel broke through the Earth's atmosphere during an Alvenite expedition regarding the observation and indexing of Earth's oceanic features. The vessel - a newly constructed marvel of Alvenite technology - was equipped to handle entry into the humanoid planet's atmosphere, and the vessel itself was rendered an meteor that crashed into a small landmass located in the Pacific Ocean. Tragically, the majority of the Alvenite crew on board were killed in the crash, and the multitude of aquatic life gathered from other planets were released into the ocean.

There is a large number of salvageable resources and bits of equipment within the Exemplodar's interior, including; numerous small dropships and oceanic vessels are held somewhere in the vessel, slightly damaged but workable (boasting systems for navigation and defense), a myriad of somewhat well tech kept in a vault (examples being particle blasters, condensed plasma blades, mechanical constructors, etc), and a sizable hunk of true, unadulterated adamantium taken from a meteor found in a distant galaxy.

Powered by zero point energy cores, even in its impacted state, many of its technological systems remained online and almost infinitely sustained by the vacuum energy continuously harnessed into its cores. The crash site itself still boasts terminals of quantum computation, which are capable of rapid mathematical calculations, decoding impossible algorithms, and has possesses similar capabilities to classical computers used by human beings. The ship, however, is currently incapable of returning to its former state of maneuverability, and its signal components and unearthly communication systems have been damaged nigh irreparably.

Aquatic Creatures

As stated above, in the crash that resulted from the Exemplodar's entry into the atmosphere, the creature repository was fragmented apart, and the creatures housed within it were deposited into the depths of the Pacific Ocean, free from harm. Many of them have already begun to breed among themselves, some even producing offspring with the creatures native to Earth (thus creating new genetic existences, some of which are subject to physiological or cerebral mutations and/or deviations). The sea in the crash site vicinity possesses a substantial amount of odd life,

Levithiarks: (under construction)

Algathren: (under construction)

Octids: (under construction)

Gilks: (under construction)

Ambipheastian: (under construction)

Hybridized Mutates: (under construction)

Rules and OOC

  • This location is currently 75% complete.
  • CVnU Rules Apply.
  • Anyone is welcome to discover and explore the Exemplodar. Gathering resources from the vessel, however, is difficult and requires an IC interaction (for reasons that will be exhibited through said interactions).
  • Damage and/or destruction to the vessel is not allowed.
  • Feel free to create hybrid mutates (alien aquatic creatures that have made offspring with aquatic animals native to the Earth's ocean).

Divine Countermeasures

Divine Aether, Seaside

The resonant seaside of the interdimensional haven of nGods was a flawless beauty complementary to the realm itself. Waves harmoniously cascaded into each other, and the cool breeze drifting about only made the experience that much better. The sun reflected upon the wondrous waves, and idly gazing upon its radiance was a man who's quiet, stoic demeanor belied the immense pride coursing through him while within the city. Wearing a brown trench coat on top of a raven, long sleeved shirt and dark jeans, he was surrounded by an assortment of individuals gathered from within the nGod city itself. Children of Evolution, he called them.

Their faces exuded euphoria brought about from the presence of the trench coated man; their demeanor were excitably content; their eyes were fixed on the trench coated man. On the one whom had granted them a gift synonymous with bliss, a gift that had given their lives new meaning. Their gazes were fixed upon Alvus, the New God of Nanotechnology.

And, unbeknownst to them, the mental manipulating nanites affixed to their brains and biological chemicals enabled him to see through their eyes. Made him aware of their devoted gazes through unnatural means. And somewhere in the recesses of his thousand year old hive of minds, he enjoyed every moment of it.

Gripped with the urge to express their devotion, the eleven nGods began to chatter simultaneously, talking over each other in their excitement.

"I've never felt so... satisfied!"

"Everything is so peaceful."

"Thank you, thank you!"

"You should show this gift to Orion and Amarth!"

"Not just them, the entire city needs to--"

"Friends." Alvus' almost eerily equable voice quelled their gratifying chatter. His lips spread into a haughty smirk, his callous eyes flecked with delight. "I appreciate your gratitude, all of you. The bond I have bestowed upon you all with soon be shared with all others like us. Certainly now that Orion Savage and Amarth have so kindly created this city for our kind."

An expectant silence.

"But that time has not yet come. And, forgive me, the time has not come for you all to settle down in this utopia for our kind."

He felt their adoringly forgiving stares held upon him, brought about by the nanites filling the voids of their former lives. They didn't care that he was going to take them away from their home, not when their home was with him. Knowing this, he felt a surge of affection for them all. And not just for them (whom he'd connected with), but for the myriad of nGods residing here.

"The surface world - Earth - must be united if we are ever to indulge in peace. It is wrought with war, chaos, and death. Their are those that mistrust us, mistrust evolution. There exist those that wish to see our blood spilled... we must correct that desire. Our enemies must be made our friends. All must be given the chance to feel the connection we all share. The earth must be unified, and at the end of it all, you will all join me in the paradise I have woven."

Like a father calling to the children he adored, Alvus beckoned his followers closer to him with open arms. As they surrounded, his soulless eyes lit with an uncanny vigor gone unseen since Alexandra Steele had ensured his return to health.

"Divine Countermeasures for the flaws of creation are coming. To truly connect, we must disconnect from the dissonance, chaos, and evil that plagues the Earth. The future is ours to mold."

"Let us begin."

As the desire to depart the realm with their leader came forth within their consciousnesses, the twelve New Gods were synchronously removed from the beauteous pocket dimension.


-/\-Magical Theory-/\-

-The Quantum Nexus-
-The Quantum Nexus-

Quantum physics is an enigmatic branch of science that focuses on fundamental divisions physics such as photons, atoms, and atomic scale object. This theory stems from the corroborated belief that given a thorough understanding of the quintessential forces of the universe and the nexus of energies infinitely housed within existence, one could draw upon the absurdly boundless power of quantum theory to interact with the very building blocks of reality, space, and time (literally the 'atoms, molecules, and particles of the universe'). The end result being the capability to create virtually any effect, replicate seemingly any ability, and to truly shape the iotas of the universe in a way equivalent to the forces of magic.

All forms of energy are brought within perspective and grasp due to this ability; the fine manipulation of universal forces make anything a possibility; to scientifically ascend to a new state of mental clarity and physical capability is well within the realm's of possibility. One could mold their brain into a quantum consciousness capable of impossible calculations, interactions, and immortality. Matter, elements, and even the actions of nature's forces can be grasped and wielded by an effective wizard of this ability. It can be imbued or naturally housed within others. Probability, the four fundamental interactions of the universe, access to alternate dimensions, all of it is made feasible based upon the user's willpower, creativity, and practice. Just like magic.

How it is channeled and used can be selectively different for anyone. A quantum sorcerer may feel that otherwordly phrases and ancient tongues are key to its usage; a practitioner may wish to channel these powers through objects and items, such as wands. Another may draw upon the power of their very soul, forging it into a nexus of energies ready to be unleashed in whatever form they choose. How the ability is used and how it is activated is up to the desires and/or intuitions of the user, just as how many abilities one can call upon depends on the determination, resolve, and imagination of the user.

  • This is a concept that anyone is welcome to use for their characters. This is just my take on a form of magic that isn't so much magic as it is really insanely awesome science that makes virtually anything possible. If magic can do it, chances are this can do it.

Grant Knightfall

"Great men are almost always bad men."

The Faux Knight
The Faux Knight

Real Name: Grant Winston

Aliases: 'Grant Knightfall', False Son, Faux Knight, Merchant of Lies, Industry Prince, Million Dollar Magnate, Baron of Illusions, Fencing Chevaliere, Spurious Scion

Alignment: Unknown

Height: 5'11"

Age: 25

Weight: 165 lbs (74 kg)

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Species: Human

Orientation: Heterosexual

Identity: Public (known as Grant Knightfall)

Occupation: Businessman, Philanthropist

Affiliation: Apex Industries


Born upon the reigns of immeasurable wealth and envied prosperity, throughout the entirety of his noble and spoiled life, all that Grant desired was given to him unquestionably. Born without siblings or the need for memorable aspirations, he developed an insatiable thirst for renown and national prominence aside from being just another kid born to a rich family. He wanted to become something more, something better; wanted to leave behind a legacy that history wouldn't soon forget. But first, he'd have to be rid of the parents that had payed far more attention to their wealth and public image than their son.

It didn't take long to put his master plan into action. At the age of eighteen, he was able to orchestrate the murder of his father, planting evidence that lead to his mother being ousted as the killer, and carted off to prison. He quickly assumed control of his Apex Industries - the company run by his parent's, and freely participated in numerous philanthropy efforts and generous donations to influential individuals. He went on to falsify verification about a connection to the Knightfall lineage (making it seem as though Jayden Knightfall was his grandfather), and with the exception of the part with Jayden Knightfall, revealed this information to the public.

However, in an age of metahumans, empowered individuals, and vigilantes, his fame was quickly overshadowed, and his plans had begun to plummet. The money he'd invested into donations and company he ran wasn't nearly enough to maintain his public stature. Thus, he grew consumed with a vehement dislike of mutants and other empowered beings, developing an unrelenting envy regarding the eminence and acclaim their powers brought. The revelation that all he'd done was for nothing, that a mere famous human could never trump a famous metahuman nearly drove him made. And on the day of that revelation, he swore that he'd never let such things ruin his vision of renown. That, in the end, he would rise above all of the others.

It'd just take a little more work.