The Ten Best Protagonists in DBZ history

This is not a list of my favorite DBZ good guys, but rather the ten best ones I think were just overall presented the best.

List items

  • He's Goku! Nuff said.

  • Originally the main villain of the Saiyan Saga, Vegeta evolved from a villain to an antihero to a hero by the end of Z. He's definitely Goku's rival and wants nothing more than to surpass him.

  • We watched Gohan grow from a little kid to an adult. He was very focal and memorable in the Saiyan, Frieza, and Android Sagas. Sadly, Gohan's never been the same fighter since, but his fight with Cell cemented his iconic status among the Z-fighters.

  • The Reincarnation of King Piccolo, Piccolo wanted to resume his father's wish for world domination. But over time, his friendly bond with Gohan made turn for the better, and later became one of the most powerful Z-Fighters. Like Gohan, Piccolo's reputation as a fighter dipped post-Cell Saga, but he had his moments. Ex) Piccolo's unfinished yet epic fight with Android 17, his fight with 2nd Form Frieza, and his epic duel with Goku.

  • No character in the history of this legendary anime/manga left a better first impression than Future Trunks. Beating a rejuvenated Frieza and his father was the most shocking yet most memorable moments in DB history.

  • Despite serving as the comic relief of the Z-Fighters, Krillin is a dedicated fighter and is regarded as the best human fighter on Earth. He was very focal in Dragon Ball where he strived to beat and surpass Goku. Though the power gap widened with the Super Saiyan transformations in DBZ, Krillin is still beloved by fans and still has the courage to help when needed.

  • The Father of Goku. His role in trying to save his planet from total annihilation and later transforming as a Super Saiyan in the past can't be forgotten.

  • Tien went from wanting to be a mercenary to becoming one of the most disciplined fighters in DBZ.

  • The good reincarnation of Kid Buu, Uub was presented as a decent supporting character in Dragon Ball GT.

  • Pikkon was a brief but memorable ally to Goku in the Fusion Reborn movie. Killing Frieza and Cell effortlessly was badass!