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My Top Ten Favorite Horror Characters

This is a list ranking some of my favorite iconic characters in all of horror.

Important Note:The Creeper from Jeepers Creepers is actually Number 3 on this list, but since he has not appeared in any comic books, his inclusion here from the Comic Vine database is impossible.

List items

  • The Definition of Pure Evil. He killed his older sister, Judith, when he was only six. After escaping from the hands of Dr. Loomis, Michael then spent the rest of his life trying to kill his younger sister, Laurie, and anyone else who got in his way.

  • Beware his boomstick. Hail to the King baby!

  • Jason was bullied and drowned as a boy by his fellow peers when the camp counselors neglected to supervise them. Resurrected, Jason would make his mark on those visit Crystal Lake with his signature machete and mask.

  • The killer who happens to be a doll. He's not your average play doll for sure. Don't underestimate him, for Chucky is as evil as Michael Myers and as brutal as Jason Voorhees.

  • He can sense you wherever you are. Hiding won't do you favors. When the full moon is high in the sky, pray that you don't become the next victim of the bloodthirsty Wolfman.

  • He only wants his gold! But those who possess this Leprechaun's gold will incur the wrath of the Irish folklore.

  • The Springboard Slasher. Don't go to sleep, or you will find yourself in the Dream World, where the worst of your nightmares will endure until you can endure no more.

  • The most iconic vampire of all-time. One of the oldest iconic characters in the horror genre. Beware the Count. He only wants your blood.

  • Arguably the most powerful entity on this list, Pinhead is highly dangerous and terrifying. He has powers that can scare the daylights to even the bravest soul who dares enter Hell.

  • Honorable Mention.

    Wielding his signature chainsaw and wearing a Leatherface, this cannibal is gory and brutal. He may not even be the most intimidating in his inbred family, but Leatherface serves his family in the most disgusting of ways, and the results make his acts upon others to be a massacre of gory proportions.