My Top Ten Favorite Animated TV Series

The title says it all. This is a list of the top ten animated TV series that I fell in love with since the very moment I tuned in. This list comes from the heart and it shows how much these shows played a memorable role in my childhood.

Important Note: I might expand this list eventually.

List items

  • Oh boy! I got so hooked into Scooby and the gang when I first immigrated to the US. I loved the series so bad that I even got DVD collections of all the seasons (and I still have them to this day). There was nothing better than watching a bunch of seemingly ordinary young adults traveling to places around the world to solve spooky mysteries. Yet no matter where they went, Scooby and the gang always seemed to have brought the Mystery Machine with them. It was like their Batmobile but it was a van full of vivid color. The show had the perfect blend of adventure, mystery, suspense, and comedy that kept me glued to the television screen. It was just simply the best in my heart and I wish it could've lasted longer.

  • The 1980s Transformers Series was very iconic in its own right, and some may even pick it as their favorite animated interpretation of Hasbro's alien robots. But for me, Transformers Prime was the show that got me hooked into the Transformers brand aside from the cheesy yet entertaining Michael Bay films. This show was everything the Bayformersverse wasn't. It was faithful to the Transformers comics, had a very even tone where it wasn't too serious and not too cheesy. The characters all had a chance to grow over the series and the story told over three seasons was well executed. Good quality and good quantity = success. Transformers Prime was the perfect illustration of the Transformers and their story from the infamous war in Cybertron to the present war on Earth.

  • This was the cartoon that I would put on everyday when I got home from school and after I finished my homework. The adventures of a cat chasing a mouse just never got old. It kept getting better and better and better. I was seriously hooked into what Tom had in mind for capturing Jerry the next episode and the episode after that. It was addicting and it made me want to get a cat and a mouse, which didn't happen. The chemistry between Tom and Jerry is like no other and I always rooted for both everytime. I just wanted to see the two in action against each other all the time. It's made me laugh so many times that when I was tuned in, I became full of laughter on even my worst day. I will continue to enjoy this timeless classic which is praised as one of the most recognizable cartoons in history. Two Thumbs goes to Tom for always trying to do the undoable, and one of Jerry for always trying to outsmart the fast and furious.

  • My mom eventually banned me for watching this show due to its content at the time. But I loved the show so much that I eventually started watching it again. I just couldn't get enough of Ed, Edd n Eddy. The trio had some tough times and pretty awesome times, but the content of this show was something that got me hooked until the end of its run, which made sad for a time. It's a classic that I was glad to be a part of when Cartoon Network still aired decent programs back then. I hail this show as a revolutionary that redefined the cartoon genre of the 1990s and 2000s.

  • The defining DC animated series for me. Nothing else comes close. The show's only flaw was that it was cancelled prematurely and a bunch more potentially good stories never getting to see the light of day. A show that showcases young superheroes was interesting and it relates to many of us of similar age. The characters were awesome and all had great development and were tremendously awesome especially the original lineup. If/When the day DC announces a Season 3 is the day I go wild deep down.

  • This has got to be the coolest show to watch if you were a little kid at the time. If you missed out on it, then that must've really sucked. I'm glad I didn't. Ben 10 has the Omnitrix and you know the rest. Transforming into ten really sick and badass aliens is just pure awesome. Many times I wish I had the Omnitrix so that my life could've been easier back then with super powers. Ben was a really relatable character and sometimes I could place myself in his shoes and I would've made similar decisions. His evolution into a more matured teenage version of himself and using new monsters is unforgettable. But the little kid Ben will always be a cornerstone of my childhood.

  • A show showcasing the founding members of the DCAU Justice League stands the test of time and remains a classic to comic book and cartoon fans alike. Definitely this was the show that introduced me to superheroes like Superman, Batman, Flash, etc. It's very similar to Young Justice in many ways, except the adults took the center stage. A great series to watch over and over. Unless the live-action Justice League movie really surprises me, this show is the definitive JLA outside of comics.

  • Bending the elements was an awesome sight to see back then and it still amazes me to this day. Special people are endowed with the ability to bend one of the four elements: air, water, fire, and earth. Of course, the Avatar can bend all four. Aang truly was the heart and soul of the show and his morals displayed throughout the Books would impress many parents who happened to be watching. I know Aang's character traits impressed my mom, who actually used to watch The Last Airbender with me. A great story of overcoming a great adversary in the face of overwhelming odds is inspiring and the show ended as good as it first started.

  • The all-time classic that has been active for almost as long as I've been alive, the adventures following a talking Sponge and his friends in the underwater city of the Bikini Bottom is fun when in need of positivity and something to make a disappointing moment go away while tuned in to SpongeBob. I know it made me laugh and smile at the darkest times of my childhood. I found SpongeBob to be a likable character and the rest of the cast as well, even Squidward. The live action movies of the franchise were superb and the voice actors remain loyal to their characters' traits. Although the show's quality has dipped post-2007 and hasn't recovered, the old classic SpongeBob episodes will always have a special place in my heart.

  • A sequel just about as good as its predecessor, though my only wish now was that it should've focused on less characters. Their were just too many introduced and the character development was weak for so many that were just squeezed in. Nevertheless, JLU shows that sequels aren't always terrible and can come close to repeating the magic brought unto the audience by the original. Introducing characters like Green Arrow and Vixen was fresh and gave us more superheroes to cheer for.