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THE FALCON UNIVERSE: Jungle: A Horror Story Chapter 2



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This Chapter is rated TV MA LSV.

It contains strong language, sexual situations, violence, and nudity.

It is intended only for mature audiences.

Reader discretion advised.

Author's Note

Welcome to American Horror Story: Jungle. A Fanfic writing of the popular TV horror series: American Horror Story. This story occurs in Costa Rica where the American horror legends are roaming. A group of already mentally insane friends make the mistake of going to the country.

I would also like to note that the setting for this chapter may be a little more futuristic but further in you won't even notice. I did this in order to kind of play around for another series I am making called The New Empire.


Preview and Characters

Also, please don't read this if you are under 18. I can't stress this enough.

Chapter 1

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All three of them sat down, strapped themselves in, and waited for the plane to start flying. Kassadin, Lotus, and Asilo sat in the same row. They were in second class and were right next to the passage to first class. Kassadin was on the far left, Lotus in the middle, and Asilo on the right.

Kassadin was a beautiful woman with white hair, purple eyes, and a model figure. She was seductive and powerful. Men would look at her when she was wearing a dress. She was the most professional on the plane with a black flowing dress that made people look.

Lotus had a chiseled face and a strong, muscular body. His hair was dirty blonde and his eyes were a bright grey. He had a crazed look in his eyes but nobody noticed it. He was just wearing jeans and a white v-neck.

Asilo was the weirdest out of all of the three mentally. On the outside, he looked like a typical person. He has blue eyes, brown hair, brown skin, and a muscular figure. However, on the inside he was basically a…… let's just say it’s hard to explain. He had a Vans hoodie, black t-shirt, and black jeans.

“Finally vacation from that hell called Stanford. I’m feeling relaxed already.” Lotus extended the chair all the way to resting position.

Kassadin looked at the graduation photo she took with her friends. It said in the photo case “Class of 4035.” She then took out her degree which was rolled up and printed on the special black paper which was pollutant, chemical, and tree free. It said Business Administration. She felt proud.

“I look at this and I think ‘Wow, I finally made it and I have set myself for eternity.’ Do you guys think that?” Kassadin asked the two guys next to her.

“No. I just think that this is another part of my life and eventually I will still end up murdering a hooker in my basement.” Asilo responded.

“That sounds fun.” Kassadin sounded sincere. Almost too sincere. “What about you? Are you actually going to do anything with that?” She looked at Lotus.

“Oh well. I want to actually use it then shut down the place I grew up in.” Lotus spoke calmly.

“What place?” Asilo pondered.

“None of your business.”

“Ok, you two calm down. We are barely about to take off.”

The plane began to move and the seat-belts auto-buckled around the occupants. They seemed to be made out light and not a physical material.

“YAY. I hope it--------,” Asilo paused, ‘it crashes,’ he thought.

“What? Sorry I didn’t hear you.” Kassadin turned. She knew was he was about to say, but she wanted to be stupid for a couple moments. She didn’t want to antagonize Asilo. Not now. After all, who couldn’t love his insanity and his body. ‘He is going to be mine.’ She thought.

“Nothing. I was just thinking aloud.” Asilo responded. “This is going to be so much fun.”

“WHOOO HOO. Vacay.” Lotus screamed and everyone looked at him like he was crazy. Well he was.

“Come on. We need to get our car.” Rabioso and Demente spoke to Tiburon and Cuchilla.

“Stop hurrying. You both aren’t going to get there much faster the way you two are dressed.” Cuchilla said to the both of them.

“What’s wrong with how we are dressed?” Rabioso asked.

“Well besides the fact that you are wearing a shirt so tight that your tits are bouncing everywhere. Also, you expect the guys not to stare and keep calling them out on it every 10 seconds.” Tiburon spoke up.

“Well we are lesbians. It’s not like we are interested.”

Tiburon is 6’2 and has black hair. He is white as milk with beautiful fiery red eyes. His physique was enough to even make the twin lesbians drool. He just had a birthday last week and was wearing all white.

Demente and Rabioso were both incredibly desired. They had everything and anything a man could stare, touch, and desire. Silk black hair, white skin, and green eyes. They were the perfect duo for seducing both lesbians and men into their apartment where they were soon disposed of into the dumpster. They have a knack for murder but you couldn’t tell just by looking at them. They were wearing a tight black shirt that showed way too much cleavage and jeans that you can not even fit into. The small leather jacket they were wearing barely covered anything and was more an accessory to show their physique. They looked like whores.

Cuchilla was comparable to the twins. She had reddish long hair with black eyes with soft, white skin. Her physique is more muscular which made sense since she could defend herself as a black belt.

“So can we go now before we get more eyes.” The twins spoke in unison and continued walking toward the entrance.

“They look like a bunch of hookers.” Cuchilla said dragging 2 bags.

“Why do we have to carry their luggage?” Tiburon said also dragging not 2 but 3 bags.

“Because they are being a bunch of whor-diots right now looking to bang someone.”

“No shit.”

They continued walking in the Juan Santamaria airport of San Jose, Costa Rica. They got to the entrance which was filled with life. There was a round-a-bout with a huge fountain in the middle and greenery everywhere.

“This is beautiful.” Tiburon spoke up.

Chuchilla pulled out her iPhone and called the car to her at a push of a button. It drove autonomously and parked right where they were. It was a nice Mercedes. The doors opened suicide style and they put the luggage in the trunk with 2 bags being in the center of the cabin. The four seats were facing toward the inside since the car drove itself. They got in and started heading toward toward their hotel in the middle of the city.

“Huh. What. What’s happening.” Asilo woke up. The plane was empty and he was the only one on it. There were no lights and it was somehow still flying.

“Hello.” He spoke only hearing his voice.

He walked toward the pilot’s cabin before he heard someone crying in first class. It was a woman in a wedding dress. She had her hands on her face.

“Excuse me miss. Are you ok?” Asilo asked tapping on her shoulder.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN OK?” The woman looked up with bloody tears, white powdered skin, and a demonic voice. “I JUST GOT DUMPED….. at my…. at my…… wedding.” She continued to sob.

“I’m sorry. Whoever did that was an asshole.” Asilo said.

“No he was… was… perfect,” she was panting uncontrollably, “key word is was. I am going to Costa Rica in order to slowly cut his skin off. Make him feel the way I felt up there and then I will join The Covenant that’s there. They are accepting of monsters.” She held out a knife.

“WANT TO JOIN ME? HE IS JOINING TOO.” She pointed the knife at the pilot.

“Asilo. Wake up.” Kassadin was shaking her friend. “You were having a nightmare.”

Asilo started acting frantically. He got out of his seat and ran to the pilot cabin. He opened the door and saw no pilot, but the crazy ghost lady and Jason Voorhees.

“You say one word, and you are dead.” The lady pushed Asilo back.

“Sir Sir. Are you ok?” The flight attendant asked.

“Yes, I am fine.” Asilo went back and sat in his seat.

Accipiter and Selenia walked through the square that was filled with amazing lights and screens. They walked at an even, dominant pace toward the center.

Accipiter wore a leather overcoat with a red collar shirt underneath. He wore black pants and had a muscular physique. Accipiter was bearded and handsome. He had white skin with fiery yellowish-red eyes and black hair. He was truly a seducer of women and men alike but prefered men. He had a hidden gauntlet under the long sleeve.

Selenia was like Accipiter. She was as beautiful as the sunrise, had fiery blue hair, black eyes, and white skin. She wore a red undercoat that went down to her feet with the overcoat covering it just above the knee. Her pants were black and had dangerous knives and weapons concealed in a small holster which no one could see.

They got to the center of the square. They were looking for a target to feed on.

“That guy to your left. He seems hot,” Accipiter spoke up after a long silence, “And his blood is oh so sweet. I can smell it from here.”

“No. He’s too average. What about the one in front of you.” She replied and pointed. Accipiter looked.

“No. His blood is as sour as lemons.”

Then they spotted him. The perfect prey to feed on. The blood was sweet but not too sweet and he was the most handsome person in the square. He was glowing and radiating beauty.

“That one is Kellan’s, Dimitri’s, and yours to feed on. Now help me find mine.” Selenia demanded.

“Oooo. I know you will like that one.” Accipiter pointed at the most desirable person that Selenia had ever laid her eyes on.

“He is perfect for me and Anguis. Now, let’s go bring our prey back to the mansion.” She said as she began walking toward the man.

Accipiter went ahead and sat on the park bench, right where his target could see him. He removed his hood and began to casually look at other things. Accipiter knew the man was gay and he began to sense his target starting to look his direction. He waited and the guy started walking toward him. They always do.

“I see you were sitting here alone. You know travelling abroad can be dangerous. You need protection.” The man said. He got up from his previous seat and went to sit next to Accipiter.

“What is your name?”

“Jake.” The man responded.

“Jake, I have been in this country for more than hundreds of years.”

“That’s impossible. You look young and very rich. I just wanted to protect you and try to get you into my bed.” Jake responded.

“You are cocky, I like that.” Accipiter got up and walked into the crowd before being stopped.

“Where are you going?” Jake asked before Accipiter disappeared.

“Why don’t you follow and find out.”

Meanwhile, Selenia was on her own target. She went for a more obvious tactic. Her target was holding a cup of coffee.

‘Just a little telekinesis and…..’ She walked by and the guy spilled his coffee all over her.

“I am so sorry.” The guy said looking away from his friend.

“I’m gonna go.” The friend said while walking away.

‘Oh. I remember him. I fucked him last month.’ Selenia thought

“Sorry is not required,” Selenia took her hood off, “For someone as handsome as you. Besides, I can fix this.”

Her target watched in awe as Selenia removed the spilled coffee from her overcoat and watch the brown liquid go back into his cup.

“That’s impossible.”

“What’s your name?” Selenia asked as she began to touch his chest.

“My…. my…. name is Cade.”

“Well, Cade, why don’t you follow me.”

“Oh thank god.” Asilo said as he heard the pilot finally say the plane was landing.

“You have been uneasy since the beginning of the flight. Are you sure you are ok?” Lotus asked trying to care for his friend.

“Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine.” Asilo responded.

“Finally. I can get out of this dress.” Kassadin said while stretching and yawning.

“Why are you wearing a dress?” Lotus asked.

“Because I feel like it.” She responded.

“Whatever. Look, we need to meet up with the others.”

“Where are you taking me?” Jake asked as Accipiter motioned him to get into the car. The car was a nice BMW 7 Series with suicide doors and the seats were facing toward the center.

“To a beautiful mansion. It is in the Jungle and there is where we can have our fun.” Accipiter said as he got a little closer to Jake. Jake started panting as he began to feel Accipiter’s warmth. He was afraid of this strange person, but also very intrigued. That may have been because of Accipiter’s strange ability to be able to control emotion and lust.

Accipiter got back into his seat. Jake wanted more but he realized he had to wait. As they got closer to the mansion, Jake noticed another car that was behind them. They were also getting on the dirt road.

“Who is that?”

“That’s my best friend. Don’t worry. She won’t bother us. She will be more absorbed in other…. matters.” Accipiter reassured Jake that they will be alone.

“Who is that in front?” Cade asked Selenia.

“Don’t worry about that.”

“But aren’t they going to be bothering us?” Cade pondered more.

“Hey,” Selenia began to move her finger closer to his waist, “it will all be ok and soon you will be mine.” Cade felt calm but at the same time excited. He wanted to just do it now but he felt like Selenia had something special planned. He wanted to see what it was.

“We are here.” Accipiter said getting out of the left side of the car. “After you.” Accipiter grabbed Jake’s hand and helped him out.

Cade did the same thing except to Selenia. She was trying to act helpless, even though she clearly wasn’t.

“Hey.” Selenia said as she walked in at the same time as her friend.

“Hey. Now you know what to do.”

“Seduce them and have bloody murder sex with them until they become part of the covenant. Yes. That happens every friday.” Selenia spoke before they both parted their separate ways.

The mansion was huge and beautiful. In front were two double stairs going up and to the sides of them was a nice little corridor leading to different parts of it. Selenia headed upstairs with her catch while Accipiter stayed downstairs.

Accipiter led Jake to the left and then in the dining room, went right. They continued down the hall and then turned left into a room.

“BOYS. Fresh meat. Come and get it.” Accipiter yelled into the house.

Kellan and Dimitri came running. They were both wearing outfits similar to Accipiter’s. They stayed in shock and awe at the sight of Jake.

“Well, hello. I am going to have lots of fun.” Kellan said as he essentially teleported behind Jake.

“Me too.” Dimitri spoke up as he got closer. Jake wasn’t liking this.

“I thought this was only going to be you and me.” Jake spoke up.

“You thought wrong.” Kellan and Dimitri threw Jake on top of the bed and before he knew it, Accipiter was already on top of him.

Meanwhile, Selenia was having her own little fun.

“Get in there and be prepared.” She pushed Cade into the bedroom and waited for her boyfriend whos was still downstairs. Anguis came up and had the regular clothing expected in The Covenant.

“You always bring fresh kill. It’s like you never understand that I am only interested in you.” Anguis said as he began touching Selenia.

“Oh trust me, you will be very interested in both me and Cade once you see him.” Selenia kicked the door back open and Cade saw the sight.

“Thank god i’m Bi.” Cade spoke up.

“Not bad Selenia. Not bad.” Anguis said as Selenia and him jumped on top of her target.


“Hey guys. Took you long enough.” Kassadin said to the twins, Cuchilla, and Tiburon. They met in the middle of a park that had green luscious grass and trees.

“Let’s say hey to VACAY.” Demente screamed as she took her top off and ran around.


Demente put her top half of her clothes back on. “God, why are you such a fucking party pooper.”

“You are just such a dumbass. I should not have even brought you on this trip.” Kassadin intervened. “If you do that again, I will burn you in the fucking hotel bed. You got it.”

“Jeez. Don’t have to be scary about it.” Demente responded.

“Sister, in all seriousness, that was stupid.” Rabioso chimed in.

“I get it. God. I get it. I could have gotten arrested.”

“Anyway, why don’t we play------” Something caught Kassadin’s eye. “Be right back.”

“Where is she going now?” Tiburon asked and then saw a guy. “Oh. No wonder.”

They all continued talking and talking while Kassadin did her best to seduce her love interest. They ate what they brought for snacks, ran around, and even had some wine that the waiters around the park were offering. (Costa Rica in 4035 is very obnoxiously rich)

Then Kassadin started walking toward them with her new love interest. Desolado was a known Costa Rican convict but boy was he a looker. You wouldn’t even care. He had black hair, brown eyes, and dark skin. He was wearing a white tank top with jeans.

“Hey. Desolado wants to show me a place in the jungle. Want to check it out?” Kassadin asked her friends.

“Sure.” They all said in unison.

“Great. We leave now.” Desolado and Kassadin also said in unison.

Warning: The following is extremely Mature Content.

Accipiter, Kellan, and Dimitri were still on top of Jake. Kellan and Dimitri began to slowly strip while Accipiter was still on top of Jake passionately kissing him. He felt Jake’s manhood get slowly bigger and harder. Then he attacked.

Accipiter tore off his clothes and cut off Jake’s jeans. He began to violently suck at Jake’s chest and started squeezing his thing. Accipiter was enjoying everything.

Kellan and Dimitri joined in and had Jake start to suck their manhood. They kissed and licked each other with such power that they couldn’t hold it in for long anymore.

Then they stopped. Accipiter, Kellan, and Dimitri looked at each other while Jake was still reeling. In one swift move, Accipiter sliced Jake’s throat. Blood was spurting everywhere and they all began to bathe in it. Jake was holding his hands trying to stop it, but the undead were relentless. The began to slice him open in the chest and in the crotch. They were drinking his sweet, delicious blood out of him. Then the undead began to instead do it to each other.

At the end, all you could see was a dead corpse about to be reanimated and Kellan, Dimitri, and Accipiter bathing in the blood and organs that spilled out during the ordeal. Jake was no longer Jake.

“Bring someone in like that next time. Some great wonderful moments I just had.” Kellan spoke up.

“Don’t disturb the silence.” Dimitri quieted his twin.

“Remember guys. It’s your turn next.” Accipiter spoke up.

Warning: The following is extremely Mature Content.

Selenia was on top of Cade. She was also relentless and wanted it all. Anguis was on top of Selenia delivering the goods while Cade was at the bottom. Selenia was being doubled and she loved it.

She realized that Anguis was also loving it more than ever. ‘Did something change? No I just brought in a really good----- Oh Yes Oh god.’

Selenia never felt this good before. Cade began sucking on her teat and treating her to a very special experience. Selenia pushed Cade back and did the same. While Anguis moved and began receiving some special mouth from Cade.

Then a pause. Then a scream. Blood was everywhere, spilling and spurting. Selenia began to suck the manhood that she just cut up. Cade was overwhelmingly confused since it felt so good but he felt a lot of pain at the same time.

Anguis cut his manhood and inserted it into Cade’s mouth. Cade willingly swallowed. The blood contamination meant that he was going to be reanimated. Just like Jake.

Anguis and Selenia were tired out. They laid on top of the corpse and began to kiss each other. Selenia grabbed Anguis manhood and shoved it inside her. Anguis began sucking Selenia’s teat. Then they were done and tired.

“You have to do it next.” Selenia said moving her finger ever so slightly on Anguis chest.

“I know. That was the best. I don’t think I will beat it with the next person.” Anguis spoke up.

“You won’t. Cause I have done this for 680 years. You have done it for 575 years. Remember that i am always your superior.” Selenia said before she kissed Anguis and left the room.