I am sadly to announce that my third chapter in Spectre fanfiction is indefinitely postponed.

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My favourite Spectre storylines

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  • I am one of the very rare people that likes Hal Jordan more than Corrigan (Don't worry, only by a very small margin). Not that I found the entire volume philosophically intriguing since it featured various ideas from Pantheism, Buddhism and various other eastern mythologies and religions but also the idea of a different Spectre who would do the total opposite of what Corrigan and pretty much other hosts did was very interesting as well. Also I loved the idea of the Logoz.

  • The third volume and also the final Spectre series to feature Jim Corrigan as the host. How can I describe this series? One word; Fantastic! Various themes such as the darkness of humanity and the effects of it's philosophies were the most prominent themes of the series. But what I liked most about this series is that it made Spectre more human and the problems he faced more comparable to what the world and it's people today face.

  • You gotta love a crazy and an unbound Spectre.

  • Despite not liking Crispus Allen as the host much, this story intrigued for it's theme, which is the free will of humanity and it's faith.