I am sadly to announce that my third chapter in Spectre fanfiction is indefinitely postponed.

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My cast for a Spectre movie

List items

  • Michael Fassbender

  • Should be voiced by either Benedict Cumberbatch or Hugo Weaving

  • Anthony Hopkins

  • Jim's abusive hardcore Christian father. Daniel Day-Lewis comes to mind. Could be a mix between Bill the Butcher and Eli Sunday from There Will Be Blood.

  • Daniel Craig. Would be a small cameo appearance at the end, possibly signaling a JSA movie.

  • Jim's redundant, dumbf@ck partner that was created for to appeal more to the kids during the Golden Age. Nick Frost comes to mind since his portrayal in Hot Fuzz.

  • Jim's girlfriend from the Golden Age that he was forced to break up with since well Jim was dead.

    Rooney Mara could pull it off.

  • The crime boss that killed Jim and thus resulted in Jim's resurrection as the next host of the Spectre.

    Tom Selleck could pull it off.

  • The crook who sold out Jim to Gat Benson.

    Ewen Bremner comes to mind.