Most powerful beings that Spectre faced

Note: Beings with the Spear of Destiny, such as Adolf Hitler and Vandal Savage, don't count.

List items

  • Got swatted like a fly after Spectre did not give the answer the Beast wanted to hear. Not to mention Spectre's idiocy was the reason why the Great Evil Beast was summoned.

  • Usually got stomped by him since Michael is the embodiment of the Presence's power but Spectre actually once put a good fight in a futile effort but still was respected by Michael, who considered him to an always formidable foe.

  • Joker with Mxy's power was able to turn an inexperienced Hal Jordan Spectre into a deranged JokeSpectre and later a caged bird but an unbound Spectre later turned Mxyzptlk into a weakling hobo after his war on magic in Day of Vengeance.

  • Although Spectre is more powerful than him (I am not being a Spectre fanboy. Presence explicitly stated that Spectre was powerful enough to stop him, which the original Monitor with the power of all the multiverse could not and as a result of this, Spectre was punished by getting severely weakened), Anti Monitor had the life energies of the heroes of the remaining multiverse and as a result this situation and also Krona's experiment, which literally made Spectre took a multiversal blast from point blank, Spectre could not destroy Anti Monitor and was comatosed. But arguably, he still managed to depower Anti Monitor and send him back to Anti Matter universe.

  • Rox Ogama was the one who sucked Crispus as if he was an orange juice. But again Crispus was a weakling and Final Crisis was a crappy story that did not make any sense.

  • Zero Hour version, which had the power to recreate much of Pre Crisis universe. But was beaten when Hal spent most of his energy by trying to defeat Spectre.

  • The embodiment of disparity in DCU. He was the arch nemesis of Hal Jordan when he was the host.

  • Golden Age villain who actually beat Corrigan Spectre (Golden Age version of Spectre was pretty weak compared to Silver, Bronze and Modern Age versions). Spectre had to resort to Ring of Life to defeat him.

  • A 5th dimensional djinn, whom was easily stomped by an unbound Spectre in JSA's tie ins to ''Day of Vengeance''

  • In Day of Vengeance, with the power of all the remaining magic in DCU, Billy actually beat Spectre but Spectre in that fight did not use any ability of his but just his fists. Later it was revealed that the only reason why Billy beat Spectre was that they caught Spectre off guard.

  • Most powerful Lord of Order who fought Spectre numerous times and lost.

  • Jordan stomped him but Corrigan got stomped.

  • A succubus named Sekuba who corrupted and was merged with the very first host of the Spectre when Spectre went against the Presence and had his host separated from him by Michael Demiurgos.

  • Huge PIS his victory against him was.

  • Corrigan stomped him but Hal got stomped.

  • His arch nemesis.

  • Jordan actually killed him very easily but the Source resurrected him back since Darkseid is necessary to the Creation.

  • Another Golden Age villains who actually defeated Spectre once. But then again Golden Age version was very weak compared to other versions of Spectre and much later, Zor got his ass handed to him by Zatanna.

  • An explorer from the Anti Matter universe who was powerful enough to turn Spectre into a chibi Spectre.