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This chapter takes place right after the effects of Elena’s battle with the sadistic man known as Richard Dawson, which took place in the soul of the latter individual. And also after the massive reality altering event known as Convergence.

The entire city had seen the ray of blue light that looked as if it was sending a message to the heavens. Already accustomed to a reality that harbored beings with unordinary abilities and deranged individuals that don attires that would question your sanity, the citizens of Gotham city, were not fazed greatly by the blue light. Only except one certain individual. A cop named, Harrison Morris, a 24 year old cop fresh out of police academy who was assigned to Gotham City. Morris, although not greatly fazed by events and individuals that are beyond the scope of his understanding, took a particular interest in the matter of the blue light. However his new colleagues were not that interested in the blue light.

07.00 am. Gotham City Police Department Headquarters.

Morris: Excuse me for not saying ‘’good morning’’ to you first Karen, but I really wanna know what you make out of the blue light that was like Minas Morgul last night.

Karen: Well first of all, I don’t give a damn whether you say good morning or not, because when you have been here for more twenty years like me, time and mornings do not matter to you anymore as you get to work 20 hours at least, if you are a veteran like me or like Batman himself. So no need for any apologies from you now and in the future. Secondly, well probably it was something Batman might have used to probably test new toy of his or it could a citizen that was trying to signal his or her distress to Batman.

Morris: Well it could I guess. But there was something oddly unfamiliar to Batman that I felt.

Karen: Ha! What you are a Jedi now?

Morris: Don’t be ridiculous please. It is just that there was a kind thing, you know a feeling of some sort, which made think that it may have a link to something that is, lets us say-

Karen: Supernatural?

Morris: Yes but not supernatural like Superman’s heat vision thing or the rays that come out of the rings of Green Lanterns. I think it was magic related or maybe even beyond.

Karen: Interesting theory. But what do you mean by beyond magic? Like cosmic?

Morris: Yeah. But more like divine cosmic.

Karen: And you want to investigate the source of this blue light?

Morris: That obvious huh… Well yes indeed but how?

Karen: Well by asking Gordon first of course. But now may not be the right time. He has been recently more stressed out than usual. Is it really that urgent for you to start your investigation right now?

Morris: Well not urgent but curiosity has always been my Kryptonite. So if I wait for the Commish to cool off, I might start investigating by myself without the approval. Do you think he would mind such a thing?

Karen: I don’t know. Probably not much at the moment due to being preoccupied due to his problems. But if it turns out to be extremely vital, he might give you beating haha.

Morris: Very funny Karen. Well anyway thank you for taking your time to talk with me. Want some coffee?

Karen: No thanks. But I could use some time and by the way, while you are on way to getting my tea and your coffee, could you please send my report to Officer Kerry? We have been on this bizarre case which involves a brutal murder scene that is quite unusual for some time.

Morris: Hmmm. Might if I take a look at your report before sending it to Kerry?

Karen: Sure but can I get my coffee ASAP?

Two hours later. Elena Jackson’s house.

It has indeed been a night that no word in every dictionary in the world could possibly be used to explain the magnitude of bizarreness it possessed. Elena, however needing no sleep anymore due to her situation being beyond the boundaries of the grave, was lying in the bed and trying to stimulate sleeping. Was it because of her being tired, which is not possible again due to her current position, or was because she was trying to hold on to the last remaining trace of humanity that she believed to still possess.

Spectre: You do realize sleeping is no longer a need for you.

Elena: I suppose my mind works slow since I have not realized it.

Spectre: Your childish comeback is most misplaced Elena Jackson. Be careful that I am the only reason that is keeping you in this plane of existence.

Elena: Who said I wanted to remain here? Or that I have to be so grateful to you that I should start a fan club slash religious cult in your name on social media.

Spectre: I have never implied the nonsense that you have uttered right now! I am tired of your repulsive responses. You are by far my most difficult host. This sacred union between us has to be more serious! And by serious, I mean no childish responses and ‘’witty’’ comebacks!

Elena: First of all, what the hell is ‘’sacred union’’!?! Is that the word you would explain our relationship?! Are you that desperate, lonely and downright creepy to use such a word?! You are not my freaking husband! Even if you were (in a bizarre parallel dimension you are now maybe ugh), my responses to you would still be the same. I am no one’s girl. Secondly, why have you used the word childish in a negative light to demean my attitude towards you? Not that my attitude towards to you were ‘’bad’’ to begin with, but I am disappointed that you and most people use the word childish to explain their disdain for things they don’t agree with. Also it was my ‘’childish’’ imagination that saved our asses last night.

Spectre: I wonder were you intended to be cruel punishment by the little girl acting now as my master to me instead of reward. Because I am starting to miss my tenure Crispus now. And that is saying something!

Elena: See. I made you possess some sort of skill in humor now. You can thank whenever you wish.

Spectre: I am afraid that will have to wait because critical events had occurred in this plane of existence while we were exacting our vengeance to Richard Dawson. A massive reality alteration had occurred.

Elena: Hmmm. Then why everything looks unaltered?

Spectre: This was no mere reality alteration that leaves its scars across space and time for to twist the surrounding. This is something that I have not experienced before. Suddenly I sense infinite universes now.

Elena: Hadn’t there been infinite universes before you sensed this event?

Spectre: If you mean the ones created from the dreams and mindsets of the individuals throughout this universe, yes. But those universes did not exist in this plane of existence. They were in a more spiritual realm of existence. The material plane of existence had possessed 52 universes but now I sense its number is infinite as it had been before the CRISIS. In fact, oh no.

Elena: What is it? What is this CRISIS thing you have mentioned? Why are you looking worried now?

Spectre: This reality alteration is too well done. I can remember the first multiverse CRISIS and my fight with the Anti – Monitor at the very creation of the universe, before it was duplicated. But I also know that none of that had happened. As for your question, you should have known the CRISIS by know. I expected my etheric wisdom to have enlarged your knowledge of the cosmos.

Elena: Well you are forgetting the fact my ‘’limited’’ human mind is what that drives the ghostly green car that you are. Not to mention the fact that I am still a noob with this whole shtick. So you I did not know how to acquire such knowledge.

Spectre: What?! Then tell me how did you the names and the positions of those we had exacted the wrath of God upon recently?

Elena: Probably I was fixated on those matters rather than exhibiting the characteristics of an arcane library.

Spectre: Then it is time for a lesson. Use your connection to Logoz and through that, connect yourself to the infinite wisdom of the Presence.

Elena: Like entering Wi-Fi password and then opening Google? This should get interesting. Hmmm. It seems that the reality we inhabit is one of the many countless others that may or may not have similar qualities. Originally, there was only one universe, but it was later turned into a multiverse by a Guardian named Krona. Then two cosmic figures of satellites were formed right after the creation of the multiverse. Right?

Spectre: Indeed. Monitors they were. The one formed on the moon of Oa was called ‘’The Monitor’’. No one at that time knew there were more than one monitor, so he went by that name. And another figure was formed. On the Anti-Matter Universe there was a planet called ‘’Qward’’, which was basically the Anti-Matter universe counterpart of Oa. On Qward’s moon, a being called Anti-Monitor was born and for eons, Anti Monitor and The Monitor stalemated each other, until an unknown figure, who later went by the name ‘’Pariah’’ accidently unleashed Anti-Monitor upon the multiverse that was guarded by the Monitor. Later-

Elena: I don’t want to be rude, but don’t we have time for other duties besides a lesson in history? Besides you are forgetting that I now have cosmic awareness so whenever I want to inquire reality changing events, I can.

Spectre: Indeed. But we still have to be vigilant. Reality changing events are as common as the very murders that plague this world. This reality has suffered enough changes and it is now maybe more fragile than ever before.

Elena: Well should not we do something about it then? We have the power you know.

Spectre: I cannot play with the fabric of reality on a massive scale due to the strict rules imposed on by the Divine Presence. Even if my power would suffice to save the realty.

Elena: So we are just supposed to brutally murder one person at a time and do nothing till some cosmic wanker wants to take over God’s place or destroy reality?

Spectre: Yes.

Elena: I wonder if God is a terrible comic book writer who constantly writes dumb plot devices to hinder you.

Spectre: That is PREPOS- Your theory may have some validity but we have no time to discuss that. I have felt a massive change in reality. Universes that once existed and destroyed still exist in a different dimensional vibration. We must be ever vigilant, for more changes to reality may happen again.

Elena: Why haven’t I felted the changes?

Spectre: Because the more separate we are now, less powerful we become. We have to merge fully to be powerful, but you have to accept the grim fact that you are dead Elena Jackson. Corrigan did not and it greatly halved the power of Spectre. You subconsciously still cling on to your human existence. That is why we are talking as if we are two different beings. We are not. We are the Spectre now.

Elena: I know, as much as I persist on ignoring that. My life was not perfect but this massive change into a virtually omnipotent undead made me want to remember what I was as a human before completely accepting my new self.

Spectre: Your internal crisis is sound but we have no time for this now. We have to merge fully so we can efficiently utilize our divine power. That is way it must be. I should not exist on mortal plane without a human host, and the human host is what keeps me in check.

Elena did not protest and allowed Aztar to merge with her. Elena opened her arms like she was a mother who was embracing her child. White and green smoke appeared as Spectre merged with Elena fully. The ground shook for a bit and Elena was lifted from the ground for two meters. Her eyes turned into ghoulish white and when she was on the ground, she emerged as the green cloaked figure that is Spectre. Although she was wearing a cloak, she was naked. Despite being an undead godlike being, her human feminine features were apparent. Elena Jackson was a woman who would be considered beautiful in any cultural standards. In fact she was approached by a modeling agency twice before she was even eighteen years old. First time she was offered a modeling job, she was fifteen years. Despite considering the modeling business as a form of legal slavery that objectified women and men, she needed money more than anyone at that time so she was obligated to accept the offer. At first, the job did not bother her, but when her co-workers started suddenly disappearing without a trace, she decided to leave her job. A year later, her next and final offer came, but she rejected it without a second thought. Elena knew perfectly that she could change her appearance at will easily so she made some modifications to her appearance. The iconic green cloak remained but the rest of it formed into an entirely different costume. Despite finding modeling as a business that objectified humans, her costume was quite revealing as it looked almost like Power Girl’s attire. With change of attire and also the merge, Elena was once again ready to vanquish evil, but not in Gotham City, as she believed Batman to be its rightful protector and also for fear that she might annihilate it completely for it’s extremely perverted nature, as Corrigan once annihilated Vlatava when he was the host, which she learned it through the cosmic awareness she gained. So she set out for a city, where Spectre would be welcomed like the Prodigal Son. It was New York City, and it hungered blood and tragedy.

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Forgot I made this thread. @samimista What would you do btw :P?

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The happiest news I have received in over a month

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Lkz's team.

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Franklin Richards and Hunter Zolomon.

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Mandrakk and Thought Robot should not be on this thread given the fact that they exist on a metatextual level.

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Great. Demonbane wank is still strong in this site.

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OP should have been more specific about which incarnation or version of Spectre.

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As long as I get to bid my farewells to friends and family, then yes.