My Favorite Women in Comics.

I've finally decided to create a list of my fav fictional characters. Let's start with women in comics then.

List items

  • What can I say,though? Clea is what brought me to comics in general and always been my favorite character even when I was still a child. She's the main reason for having an interest in Marvel's Mystical Arcana.

  • Zee is an amazing character IMO. I've taken an interest in her stories not so long ago, but she easily became one of my favs in the meantime.

  • The Black Queen is one of my favs for the personality traits that we share with each other. She's also one of the first characters that introduce me to comics.

  • Most of my cosplays in the past was about her and her personality also shares similarities with my own.

  • Never really liked the character before, but Luna as an amazing E-Wife changed my opinion.

  • Reading some comics with her made me realize how amazing Jade truly is and how underrated at the same time.

  • FemBrainiac is all the world needs. <3

  • Still need to catch up a bit with her appearances, though.

  • Dreadstar wouldn't be same without her, lol.

  • A new character and still amazing IMO.