Favorite Villains in Comics.

Here comes another list.

List items

  • He's been my fav for a long time. HE always intrigued me and his quest searching the absolute perfection, and the apex of evolution took my interest. Cunning and absolutely fantastic character.

  • Do I even need to explain? The Dread One is amazing character-wise in all aspects, but heavily underrated. His motives/actions always have some deep meaning in it.

  • Can't even comment how unappreciated this character truly is.

  • Haven't you read his portray in Sandman? You should then.

  • You can't deny his sheer awesomeness, lol. Zemo is an amazing character in most senses.

  • The Lord of Apokolips sure deserved his place for the amazing performance in the Great Darkness Sage and Jack Kirby's Fourth World.

  • The concept behind the character is frightening and amazing at the same time.

  • Something like a future Doom couldn't be more incredible and awesome.

  • After reading TMNT.....I love this guy.

  • Tetch is so underrated but is amazing nonetheless.