Top 10 Female X-Men

I am confident this will be a static list as there are much more than ten who I consider bleeding fantastic. I'm placing a limit because without it, this list would be too exhaustive (and potentially unending).

They are in no particular order.

List items

  • How can anyone not adore her?

  • Being the only teenager in a house full of adults sucked. I love how she's turned out.

  • The Queen. Regal and terrifying, which every woman should aspire to be.

  • As a kid, I hated her. As a young woman, I f__king adore her. She has me taking notes and then some.

  • The most sweetest, toughest, and most ill used character. Remender is on my howcouldyoudothistome(her)?! radar.

  • If I have to explain why she's on this list, then you will never get it. Do yourself a favour and read up on this former mallrat and if you don't agree with me afterwards, get bent.

  • Take a dash of Elektra, a helping of Emma Frost with a little Storm for good measure, and you get this mutant. Although having said all that, she stands on her own two feet, characterwise.

  • I always thought she was underutilized and the recently cancelled Legacy book fixed that somewhat. It's a good start. She's going to be pretty important in the X-Men's future, no doubt.

  • Damn straight Ms. Grey is on this list. One of the most exciting comic characters I have ever discovered. I especially like her Phoenix and Scottfree. Haha, I made a funny.

  • Losing out on being a kid is nasty. Almost as bad as being kidnapped and held in Limbo for seven years.