Top 10 Female Characters in the Marvel Universe

Now this list is definitely going to be changed frequently. I didn't want to create villains/heroes lists since I find the line is getting more and more blurred between the two. Could be because I am a huge Elektra fan, or it could be I have an incredibly awesome ability to discern comic trends/patterns/literary evolution.

I'm going with the second possibility because I'm amazing like that. Oh, and I am purposely leaving out characters I chose in my previous favourite lists because there is sooooo much to choose from and they had their turn anyway.

No particular order, btw.

List items

  • There is a real danger of this becoming a full blown essay on the character so I shall breathe deeply, remind myself less is more and simply say this: Ms. Natchios is an incredible character and I feel fate stepped in and provided a new solo book for her as a celebration of my reentry into comic fandom.

  • Shades of Emma Frost, this character can go from one extreme to the other. Her love for mutantkind is genuine and the complexity found in Raven is mesmerising. She will always be a favourite.

  • How can you not like Thanos' closest thing to a daughter? Brash, tough, and lethal, I adore her because she is not a victim or survivor of horrible things, she is a straightup badass.

  • Okay, did you not read Sex and Violence? I mean, that was fanworthy (as in, need to cool down, haha) and she fits the bill of a female character who places herself first in getting things done. While I did like the interaction she had with Wolverine, I will always like her best paired up with Cable. At least for now.

  • This girl is blowing my mind! Anyone who can put some fear into Loki (yeah, yeah, I know, he was just a kid at the time) is great in my book. She's sassy in a more street tough way which is super cool.

  • I want her back so badly. I want her back so, so badly. While I appreciated Sif getting a crack at the Journey Into Mystery book, I hated losing out on Leah and Loki. I was in tears at the end of it. That look she gave Loki...ouch. As in, ache. I hope another writer plays with her and takes her out of limbo (for realz this time!)

  • I picked her because she is gorgeous. Haha, no, not just because she's gorgeous although wow, she so is! I picked Selene because she is deliciously evil and the closest thing to mutant godhood. I hate that Wither fell to her charms but look at her. She's gorgeous.

  • Here's my chance to finally add Sif! Ah, Sif. Is it wrong of me to love her more as a character than Wonder Woman? Is it wrong of me to view her as the ultimate female warrior? Is it wrong of me to always view her as Thor's one, true love? Is it wrong of me to really dislike Beta Ray Bill? Whatever, I don't care if I am wrong. Sometimes wrong is right. Right?

  • When I read she was killed in Avengers Arena, I just about stopped breathing. I am already upset with other characters who have been killed off and left undeveloped, having Nico join their ranks would have been too painful. There is so much to explore with this character, so much mystery to delve into. I am hoping good things come from the new book she's in although I will always, always love her with the Runaways.

  • I'm going with her for now. I can't resist that whole Catrina Calavera/Day of the Dead thing she has going on and besides, she has been up in everyone's face at one time or another and I like that.