Top 10 Female Alpha Flight Members

I am almost positive I'll be choosing all the female characters since there aren't many of them. Let's see how this goes...

(Turns out I had to cheat and reach into Omega/Beta/Gamma Flight teams, haha)

List items

  • Isn't she spectacular? I love how she is an Inuit goddess and is somewhat tied to the first female comic superhero ever, Nelvana. Mythological based characters fascinate me.

  • Poor Jeanne Marie. I loved the whole, good Catholic girl versus sexually liberated vixen. One of my most favourite Marvel characters overall who also introduced real mental illness in the comics world to me.

  • Being the daughter of one of the most evil mutants I have ever come across has to be hard. Plus, her power is pretty intoxicating. Her crush on Northstar was cute and scary.

  • Another redhead in the Marvel Universe who has had to deal with a husband who was all over the place, stability wise. The inclusion of Wolverine in a similar way didn't help matters, either. Still, a pretty powerful lady.

  • Her death was so sad, so permanent. She deserved a happilyeverafter and didn't get it. Very Marvel like. Oh, and the breast cancer storyline was great. These are the things that make me love Marvel most as a comics publisher.

  • Being the exwife of Namor is profound but being the intended mate for one of the ugliest creatures in the universe should have been preferable. To each their own, I guess.

  • So much potential with this character and she's been left to rot. I loved the dynamic between her and her father, Shaman. Her blaming him for her mother's death made me sad for both of them.

  • There is mysterious and then there is super mysterious. I really got into her story and the whole alien thing that killed the rest of her team but transformed her into a seemingly powerful being. That's been put on the back burner but I am hoping some goodness can be drawn out of that in the future.

  • Another mysterious character. She reminds me of Elektra in a lot of ways and her "existence" is pretty cool as well. Female characters with cold, purposeful agendas to avenge loved ones is always a hit with me, including ones who can wield freaky weaponry.

  • Something about Alpha Flight and their siblings, haha. I did like Pathway a lot though, especially as she was presented autistic. Her love, loyalty and bond to her twin sister Goblyn was heart-warming and very unique, character wise as well. I like how Alpha Flight seemed to deal with mental illness/sexual identity/AIDS more than other comic books at the time when it first published.