Young Avengers/Champions-WorkInProgress

Starts off as Young Avengers, to thwart the Thunderbolts; but when the New Avengers reform, they change their name to the Champions to be their own selves...

Made up a group called KillPop for them as enemies, on the premise that while the Champions use the media for good, there would be young criminals that would use it for nefarious reasons, and with the obsession of fame, figured it would be a good fit, (plus its a cool slipknot song lmao)...

Once again just for fun...

List items

  • The mentor of the group, only in the team initially...

  • Kate Bishop would be my leader and the soldier mentality of the group, their driving force. She starts the group up by enlisting Shuri and Cassie Lang; Khamala quickly seeks them out to join the cause

  • The brains of the group, as well as the tech provider. Also the oldest member, so she is the big sis and Kate Bishops best friend

  • The heart of the group, she is the one most often pictured as they do their thing. Often the loudest at proclaiming their cause as well, sometimes annoying the other members...

  • One of the earliest members, maybe give him an origin of doing his own thing, getting famous for a widely publicised heroics; and decides to join the Champions via medias, by having his followers demanding his inclusion to the team...

  • The energy and exhubarence of the group

  • MCU Monica would be much younger, since shes the daughter of Carols BF

  • The cosmic member, probably a part time member depending on his story

  • Tonys daughter Morgan, she would join a little later

  • Later character, once introduced in Spiderman somehow/someday

  • Vision AI daughter; tbh not sure how Wanda and Visions kids exist or their exact 'origin' lol

  • Scarlet Witches son; tbh not sure how Wanda and Visions kids exist or their exact 'origin' lol

  • Would be a clever way to bring back Quicksilver, in the form of one of Scarlet Witches children

  • The big bad of the team, the reason they form is to stop the untrustworthy team started after the Avengers

  • Red Skulls daughter would be a great arch for the group, being a second generation herself. Could work into Skaadi as well...

  • Harley Keener; make him a rival for Morgan and possibly even mentioned as Kang in the future?

  • Kid Loki version, a chaotic neutral character to begin with; although have him as he is in the comics, trying to rewrite himself

  • Just too good of a kids villain to pass up mentioning as a possibility for a villain

  • Originator of KILLPOP, an 'artgroup' of young pop culture terrorists; fame/thrill seekers. The weapon obsessed leader, and close combat fighter of the group

  • KILLPOP. Makes chemicals that affect people differently

  • KILLPOP. Alters density, and is a tech pirate

  • KILLPOP. Quiet douchey brooding boyfriend of the members of killpop. Alters heatwaves and can melt any substance

  • KILLPOP. Stupid name though, so maybe they rename it for their cause. AIM AI that killpop hack and repurpose