Crossover events that I have enjoyed....

I have not read too many of the crossover events but I have read the recent ones from both DC and Marvel.

List items

  • The first ever crossover event is still one of the best ever.

  • This one got me into the crossover events - one of the best ever. Plus I got into a great character who's run ended in the War - Goliath.

  • Enjoyable event with lots of action and light on character development.

  • This really got me into the current Marvel universe and read it monthly. Plus I read all the tie ins as well. I could not get enough of it. Loved it!

  • Picked it up in trade and it was great. I have enjoyed the JLD so far and wanted to read the whole Trinity War together.

  • Got into this from a friend getting me the first two issues. I enjoyed it but disappointed it took so long to conclude.

  • Started reading this and I enjoy this one too. Who killed the Watcher and why did they take his eyes? I'll have to stay tuned to find these facts out.

  • Planning on reading the trade when it is released. I have read just the Phantom Stranger issues so far.