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Should DC Live Action Movies be based off New DCnU?

As everyone knows, DC will be rebooting everything starting the end of August/beginning of September but should this effect the live action movies?  
In my opinion, no. NO! Nothing against the new DCnU but I feel that is one direction they are taking the comic books with but don't have to do the same with movies right now. I understand, DC wants more readers so you start from the beginning with a lot of heroes, teams, stories, etc. but comic books and comic book movies are two complete different things! 
Comic book movies should be based off the heroes and stories people already know and care for. That is not to say that this goes for every hero because not every hero has had a great start, like Vibe (now he should have a reboot). Plus the designs are original unlike the DCnU designs, so everybody is accustomed to them.  It makes more sense to make movies of the stories we DC fans already know and care about. 
Another point I would like consider is the different origins and changes they plan to make with the DCnU. I know they won't make big changes to big names like Batman and Superman but heroes like Captain Atom, Green Arrow, etc. should keep their origins as well. I would not go see (or maybe I would just because its a DC movie) a Captain Atom movie that isn't based off of the comics in 1980s. I think that the studios/directors/producers can find a way to make those stories more interesting in terms of movies. 
The chances of seeing any hero aside from the big name heroes is slim but we never know. Also, DC live action movies (in my opinion) are for mainstream audience who want to see an action/adventure/superhero style movie and not to inspire them to go read the comics. I think the percentage is very low on how many people begin reading comics books after seeing a comic book movie, which is why I see both are different. I know the debate could be that the movies and comic books aren't on the same page but I don't think they can or should be. Comics just move at a rapid pace while movies go slower for obvious reasons (duration to write/make/edit a movie). 

Again nothing against DCnU but I think its something that should not merge with the DC live action movies. Maybe once the stories of the new DCnU have been established in 20 years then I would hope they start making the movies based off them but for now and the next 10 years, DC live action movies should be based on the original comics.
What do you think?