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An Adventure worth while! Aye? 0

"You are by far the worst pirate I've ever heard of." "But you have heard of me." Norrington/Sparrow   Aye you savy dogs, The Caribbean a dangerous place in this action packed thriller.   The Good Ok so theres alot to say about this movie but lets start with the good. First off the movie definitely changes the pace of the classic pirate movies. I mean really how many pirate movies are this fast paced, but also manage to maintain a great story that would carry into successful sequels. Furthe...

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Can these hunters hold up to their predecessors?? 2

    "Who are you?" "I'm alive....I'm the one you don't f*ck with."  Royce, Noland   Time to jump into a big puddle of mud and roll around boys and girls. Thats right the galaxy's greatest hunter returns with a deadlier mindset than ever before.   The Good First off Adrien Brody brings something new to table with this momentous performance. In my opinion he is one man that no one would have ever expected to become the main protagonist in a predator movie back in Arnie's day. One thing...

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A worthwhile Scare? 0

  "The brain keeps working for seven minutes after the heart dies. We still have six more minutes to play!"That's right ladies and gents everybody's creepiest dream master has finally made his return to the silver screen. Now originally I was going to post a video review but do to technical difficulties I couldn't so here is just a short review. The Good Jackie Earl Haley deserves a round of applause in my opinion. Alot of people said they didn't like him as the role and they should have...

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A Breath of fresh Air 0

  "Are you kidding? I have a better shot at F*cking a penguin than that girl."-ChewieOk so I know its been while back that this movie came back but our wonderful site here wasn't around back then so here we go.Now unlike his predecessor's,Sean S. Cunningham, story Nispel's story jumps straight into 1980 where Mrs. Voorhees (played by Nana Visitor) is attempting to kill the last camp councilor who inturn cuts Voorhee's head off. The GoodNispel's vision of Friday the 13th give the crusty...

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