Top 10 strongest being of dc

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  • writers by all means are the most powerful beings of dc can retcon omnipotent characters can tear out the primal monitor and have supreme judgment over all residing in dc not even the presence can elude their grasp.

  • What happens when the writer imagines God as a white sheet you get the over monitor a being beyond fictional illustration and anything residing within it hence fictional omnipotence those who are omnipotent within their respective verses are powerless agains it.

  • Presence the true omnipotent of Dc.

  • whats the darkside of omnipotence The GEB a virtually omnipotent being that embodies the dark side of God the GEB is the closest thing to omnipotence you can get in Dc it serves as the greatest aspect of the presence and embodies the other half of the presence

  • the dc equivalent of the hotu and no i don't mean the awful watered down version that fought darksied the true source which serves as the second greatest aspect of the presence the source is omnipresent and is the source of all things.

  • Out of all Gods followers there is none so mighty " Michael Demuirgos is the mightiest of gods followers he posses Gods power and is is one of Gods angels that embodies true infinity he is the mightiest being.

  • "Save his creator he just might be the strongest being in creation" the wiliest being in all of dc he posses the infinite will of god and personifies true infinity there is none as wilful as him.

  • The abstracts of dc and fundamentals to creation the embody the concepts of creation and judge all within their sphere some of them have feats such as creating infinite universes and billions on top of that and being the death of all existence there are very few who surpass them.

  • The wrath of god personified at his best he was stated to be limitless and powerful enough to the solo the crisis even though a jobber at times but a full power spectre is power and wrath incarnate.

  • Nothing much to say apart from the fact he reduced the dc multiverse from infinite to 5.