Top 15 Wolverine Villains

Wolverine is my favourite Marvel superhero of all time and second favourite superhero of all time! He is so badass! He has the rage of the beast and the soul of the samurai. However, people may like him, but what about his villains? Here is a countdown to fifteen of the best Wolverine villains from the best! How does Wolverine handle all these guys? One word: Snikt!

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  • That's right, Wolverine's archenemy comes first. He is Wolverine's opposite. Wolverine kills but protects the innocent. Sabretooth kills and is not shy to feast on human flesh. Wolverine says, "Bub." And Sabretooth says, "Runt." There are many theories to discuss on the relationship between these two before they became archenemies. Some say they were brothers. Some say they were father and son. Some say they were best friends. Some say they were just working partners. But the main point is that Sabretooth enjoys antagonizing Wolverine which is why Sabretooth is the greatest Wolverine villain there is. He is a real predator.

  • A major enemy to Wolverine. Wolverine has a bad history with romance since everybody he gets romantically involved with, they always hurt him in the end. Silver Samurai is a great example. Mariko, Wolverine's second biggest love of his life other than Jean was forced to marry some guy named Harada. She didn't want to marry him because she loves Wolverine. So Wolverine and Harada, who wears the armour made out of the same metal that the skeleton from Wolverine's made out of, nd calls himself the Silver Samurai. After defeat, he will never stop fighting Wolverine until he has victory. Mariko begged Wolverine to leave in order to keep peace between every one of them but Harada won't stop until he wins the battle to the death between Wolverine and him. This guy still proves to be a major enemy to Wolverine, I would classify him as Wolverine's secondary archenemy.

  • After Wolverine killed her father, she will never stop until Wolverine is dead by the death of her own nails the come out of her own fingers made out of the same metal that comes from Wolverine!

  • He is an aggressive enemy to Wolverine.

  • She and Wolverine have history. They hate each other. They care for each other. The try to kill one another. They work together. They try to stay away from each other. However, despite their complicated relationship, they are enemies no matter what.

  • The Merc with a Mouth is often Wolverine's enemy, and sometimes not. These two are like love-hate brothers. They fight over and over again but Deadpool still enjoys having the fun with Wolverine. However, these two are still enemies.

  • This is the guy who gave Wolverine the adamantium skeleton, including the metal claws. That makes him sound like the good guy, right? Wrong, he tried to make Wolverine a weapon and wiped Wolverine's memory away.

  • He's the Son of Wolverine but that doesn't mean he is one of the good guys. Like father, like son, they share the same abilities. The only difference is that Daken in Wolverine's dark side and trust me, if Wolverine was to ever become rogue, this guy is a perfect example, and he is the definition of dangerous!

  • The same guys who made Wolverine the guy who he is today may sound like they are not so bad. The only thing is that they wiped his memory in hope to make him a weapon. Of course they didn't succeed but wiping his memory, torturing him and trying to make him one of them is pretty dark which is why they hit the list.

  • Some people tend to have many confusions between William Stryker and Professor Cornelius since both are written as the part of Wolverine's origin. Stryker has been most accepted as the cause since he has appeared in the movie but Cornelius has been accepted in the comics as a part of Wolverine's enemy in his origin of how he got the metal skeleton, claws and memory loss.

  • A pretty aggressive type of villain. The type of villain that proves to be a great match to Wolverine.

  • Not really accepted as Wolverine's enemy alone but in one comic, they actually do kill Logan.

  • Another villain made low because he is not just a Wolverine villain, but the X-Men's archenemy. The one thing that makes Magneto such an enemy to Wolverine is that Wolverine has metal, Magneto controls metal. Magneto was even able to twist Wolverine's skeleton from the inside, almost killing him.

  • These two go at each other's throats like cats and dogs. They are mortal enemies in a way that doesn't exactly define each other as villains. Both are antiheroes but they fight each other over and over. Hulk is low on the list because while these two always fight each other everytime they meet, Hulk is not a villain.

  • Yes. Cyclops. These two also hate each other. They both fight for the same woman, Jean. They both love Jean but Jean only chose one of them, Cyclops. Cyclops also mistreats Wolverine all because he had a crush on Jean. Jean and Wolverine would flirt with each other now and then but she loved Scott. However, Cyclops just hated Wolverine so much and Wolverine hated Cyclops. But the reason why is also really low on the list is because like I said, he is not a villain. Just a guy that treats Wolverine like sh*t.