The Greatest Harry Potter Gundam Wing Cross over Fanfiction ever

(I am cross posting this from a fanfiction website I wrote this at. Everything is intentional. This can probably give you an idea of what I think of fan fiction)

Curing the Cold Frozen Heart of Space, With Magic

Chapter 1

Unkown years before Colony 195, 2 days after the crash.

Planet Earth, Somewhere in Scottland.

Gregori Kamorov's head was feeling grogy and he was very confused. He was lying down for some reason and everything hurt. He slowly opend his eyes and saw a tall old man dressed very strangly standing at the foot of the bed he was in. He was in a large stone room that looked faintly like a hospital, but this was like no hospital he had ever seen. What had hapened? Where was he?

Afgter Colony 195, On the day of Operation Meteor.

Outside Colony 666, Deep Space.

While most of Operation Meteor was kept a serect the piolets eventually found out each other existed, their was however a sixth piolet. He was the best of them all. He was trained from birth far more rigorusly then even Hero Yuy. He was ment to be the leader and handly every posible mission that came to him. All this training made him very distant to other people, this only made him seem mysterious and intresting however. He was considered rather handsome as well, with the strong Russian fetures of those who colonised his home many years ago. He had fair pale skin and dark red eyes that captured anyone who stared into them, with grey hair that had a soft glow to it. He was rather tall and lanky for his age, but was very toned and strong. He was however too focused on his mission to notice or care about other people or what they thought of him. He was a machine, trained for one purpose.

His Gundam codenamed Frozen Pick was by far the best of the ones built. It even had a prototype Zero system. Gregori could handle it. It was by far the fastest too and could get in and out of danger in no time. All This however did not help the day of Operation Meteor.

"Gregori, can you hear me?"

"Of course I can you idiot."

"Oh, Thank God! There was a comunicay black out. Greogori something is wrong."

"I've noticed. The sensors have go bereserk. What are you going to do about it?" He said calmly.

"I dont know. I have never seen this kind of abnomaly before. I have been trying to run calcualtions on it, but the computer is shooting back nothing. I tried to warn you but the blackout made it impossible. ...You are going to hit it. I'm sorry Gregori. I truely am."

"I always hated you Vladamir."

The last thing Gregoru remembered was a flash.

Back to unkonwn years before Colony 195.

As the old man stared down at him, Greogir noiticed something. The air, it didn't smell artifical. It was too foul smelling. "I must be on Earth. Thank god that idoit Vladamir did something, maybe I'll have to thank him for once. Except I must have crashed. Where is my Gundam? I must have been captured". The man above him must be wroking for OZ. Even though Gregori felt incredibly weak, he shot up in a split second and grabed a tray next to him. He was attacking the strange bearded old man in a spilt second after that.

"I mean you no harm" Said the old man

"Ya right OZ scum"

Then the old man brought out a stick and pointed at Gregori. Thinking nothing of it he attacked anyway. A burst of light and Gregori was out cold, a mistake he would never make again.

"Take him to the specail wing, I want to talk to him still. Please make sure his restrained next time"

"Yes Profesor"

3 Days later


Gregori lied in bed strugling to get out of his restraints. "there learning". The old man was there, sitting camly in a chair across from him. His grey eyes staring at him over a pair of out of fasion glasses.

"Sorry for the precations, but you caused quite a ruccass last time"

"You can't hold me forever OZ zcum"

"That was never my attention, nor am I part of this 'OZ' you speak of. We are merely here to help you and find out what the little incident 5 days ago is all about. My name is Albus Dumbaldore and I am the head mastster of th Hogworts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Can I know yours?

"Hogwarts? Witchcraft? You are insane you old fool."

"I'll explain, but first your name."

"My name is Gregori Kamorov. Why am I here, what is this place?"

" Like I said this is Hogworts. It is a school for those gifted in the magical arts. Normaly we would not let a mugle no of our exsistance, but this is an unusual surcomstance. A few days ago you fell from the sky in sometype of man shapped machine. We barely manged to get you out alive young man."

"Where is my Gundam!"

"Is that what it is called? I have never seen such a thing before, and I have seen a great deal. It has been put away, it was badly damaged."

I need to see it"

"You will my boy, in time. Can you tell me what happend?"

"NO" He said frimly.

"Why not?" Dubaldore said with a hint of curiosity.

"It's Classified."

"Very well then"

"What is this with magic? I don't beleve a crazy story like that for a second. Only a senial old fool like you would think such a thing is true, and why did you call me a mugle?"

"Sorry to have offended you in any way. A mugle is what the wizarding world calls non magic users like yourself. And believe me, magic is very real."

Albus stood up calmy and removed a wooden stick from his sleeve and gestured slightly to the chair is was just in. It rose abovre the ground with no strings attached. Gregori was amazed. He had never believed in such things, yet here it was in front of his eyes. It ws the same stick he discounted eairlier, the one that brought him down. HE needed to have this power, he needed now that his Gundam was broken

"I would like to learn your ways" Greogori almost demanded.

"I think that can be aranged. There is something special about you. I think we were supposed to train you. Greugori, what I am about to tell you will shock you, please be ready."

"Nothing can shock me, I am Gregori Kamarov"

"Your coming was told to use a long time ago by our resident mystic Sybill Trelawny. It was forseen that a metal man would fall from the sky and bring the true chosen one from the future. I think that boy is you"

"The future? I thought this place was just esentic, is not this the year after Colony 195?"

"No it is the late 20th centery"

"How...How could this have happend?"

Just then he thought back to the day of the operation. To the incedent. Did something beside crashing happen when He entered the anomoly? Did he somehow go back through time and space? How will he get back? Even with the powers he can gain at the school, can he use them againts OZ to complete the mission?

"I don't know, but there is something we can do. Wizarding kind has delt with time travel for many years, we have ways. But this is harder, and extreamly dangrus. We can send you back to the time from which ou came, but it will take many moons to get the proper things. We also need you, Gregori Kamorov, the true chosen one to help save us. There is an evil wizard knon as Voldamort, and he needs to be stopped."

"That is what I do" Gregori said cofendently.

"Good, good. I am glad to see you are taking this so well. In order for you to learn the wizarding ways, you will need to stay here. We however need a cover story for you. You seem to have a slight Russain accent"

"That is where my forfothers migrated from"

"Good, I think I have an idea. You will pretend that you are a stranfer student from Durmstrang, another wizarding school, and live here."

"If you say so, then I am fine with it."

Gregori was glad the old man was so acmidating, it lets him use him better to achive the goal of getting stronger.

"Where will I stay?"

"there is an opening in the house Gryphandor. You will be staying there. I will have a student show you around when you wake."

The walk to the place Gregori would be spending a large amount of time in was ominous. It turned out that the stone hospital room was located in a large castle that now looked very strange in the dark. Lights trickled through windows to show that upon the walls were paintings, but something was off about them. They moved, and Gregori knew this place was different than normal, and would adapt accordingly. A man they called Filtch was leadiung him, followed by a cat. He was a crickety man with an air of smugness about him. Gregori didn't like him, then again he didnt like anyone. After some time of going through what seemed like a maze of passages and hallways they arived at a paining of a sleeping fat women.

"The password is 'awesome'... kinda like you. Ahem." Filtch said and left. Leaving Gregori wondering what to do.

'Awesome?" Gregori said tenitavly.

All of asudden the painting woke up and said "Password accpted...Hey you are a new one, I haven't seen you around."

"I just transferd from Durmstrang maam"

"Well, what good manners. You are such a cutey, cmon in. The boys dormatorys are on the stairs to the right." She said and let Gregori in while she smiled. Then closed up after.

The dimly lit room Gregori walked into seemed to be a common area for the students. It was filled will tables and chairs, and lit by several fireplaces. It would have seemed inviting to a normal person, but not Gregori. He didnt dwel on such things, he only lived to carry out his mission. Which is why he was here, to train and to get back to his own time. Gregori didn care that he was supposedly the real chossen one or that the wizarding world was in danger. Once he could leave, he would go back to his own time a defeat OZ. He knew that OZ couldnt be defeated with out his extream expertease and skill. he had to get back, for the good of the colonies.

He climbed the stairs to the bed rooms and found one that was empty, with a pacage placed on top with his name on it. On eather side of the bed were boys fast asleep like the rest. They were a red headed peson and all he could tell abou the other was that he had an white owl in a cage for some reason. Inside the package was a set of what aperd to be robes and a note from Dumbldore telling him they would help him fit in. Knowing that he would need rest Gregori decided to go to sleep like the others.

Tomorrow the training starts. Tmorrow night, he finds his Gundam.


The rest of my ceramics projects

If you missed a look at my rooster here is the blog for it.

Here is my first project of the year a Greek pot, or one that is supposed to be like one.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

 And here is a look at my 3rd and final project of the year. It still needs to be fired and glazed. It may get fired but will probably not be glazed. Just not enough time left.

And umm that is it.

One of my ceramics projects

Here is a chicken that I have been working on in my ceramics class for a few weeks that just got finished. It has a big crack in the base sadly. Also there are a lot of imperfections over it.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

You can see most of my next project in the bottom left corner of the second picture. I very much half assed that one and did not spend much time on it. I also did a pot earlier in the year, I may take pictures of it later. For now enjoy my pointless chicken blog.


Still very lonely

Sigh. I really have no one to talk to. Also the best chance I had to going on a date with someone ended in huge failure. I also have no friends. Sure I went over someone's house yesterday that claims to be my friend but he isn't, nor were the people there. They never talk to me and only ask me to do things like every 4 months. I sit here in front of my computer doing nothing all day being very alone, watching videos trying to dull myself to life.

This is very much a rehash of the last emo blog and didn't need to be made.


Guys I may have ordered too many books from the library.

No Caption Provided
No Caption Provided

Ok adding text after adding pictures is impossible, you can't click out of adding a caption for one of the pictures. It is really bad. Also it made one of the pictures disappear.

Anyway, I have till the 14th to read all of these. I am sure I can. Check out your local library folks, it is a great resource for reading TPBs.


Emo blog, you have been warned.

Mainly just to get off my chest, not for people to read.

I am very alone. Not only being single and not being able to get a girlfriend but in general. Sure I have my parents, but I am 23, I should not be here anymore and I can not relate to them. I have no friends. I spend my days at home online or at school. I can pretend I have friends but they are not really friends anymore. Also I am really not good at meeting people or making people I talk to friends, even worse with women.

This blog makes no sense and will just live on my blog page.

Then again people from other sites have seen this before, have made fun of me for it and will most likely make fun of me again when they see this. I am also probably just doing this for attention because I am a crappy person.


A NYCC "Blog". Or pretty much some random pictures I took.

This was my second time going to New York Comic Con. The last time I went was around 2008, and since then the show has grown a lot. They now have most if not all to the convention center dedicated to the show, last time all the booths were in the area the artist ally was this year (not counting panels which were in the same area they are now). Last time I was also lucky enough to go for three days, this year I only got to go on Saturday. I also only got to make it to the Justice League panel as The Walking Dead and Avengers panels were full up hours before they started. It was only half an hour and not much was really said as they talked about a lot of books for a short amount of time each.

So let us get down to it, here are some pictures I took on the show floor. Sadly I am no Norman Chan and I also forgot my camera, so these are bad pictures taken on my less then stellar cell phone.


Okay, I am having a real hard time with the image uploader and lay outs so I made an album to look at here. Kinda ruined this whole thing.

Maybe I can show some things I got.

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People I saw

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6
Gallery image 1Gallery image 2


Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6Gallery image 7Gallery image 8Gallery image 9Gallery image 10


I didn't take many of these

Gallery image 1Gallery image 2Gallery image 3Gallery image 4Gallery image 5Gallery image 6

To say the least I am ashamed of this blog and my crappy pictures. If you would like a picture explained, ask.


How the Death of Superman made me a fan of comics.

Let me take you back to the long ago time of the Nineteen Hundred and Nineties. A land of left over things from the 80's and questionable taste in music. More importantly starting in the year 1992. That year helped start me on the road I am today, a geek with my 1st love of geekdom comics and super heroes. In 1992 Batman Returns and Batman the animated series came out and instantly turned my brother and I into huge Batman fans. We dressed up in costumes, played with the Batcave, went to see guys dressed up as Batman in the mall; we were obsessed. 1992 was also the year that the Death of Superman story arc came out. More importantly Superman #75 with it’s infamous black polybag, recently copied by Marvel with the death of Spider-Man. I was primed to become a comic book fan at he ripe old age of 4.

Now this doesn’t really say how I started reading actual physical comics, just the fact that I like Batman. For that I need to talk about the comic craze of the 90’s. Comics were the gold of the day. People tried to invest in comics, hoping one day they would get rich off of them. Since old comics were selling for millions at auctions, their comics would assuredly sell for the same amount in a few years. People would buy any issue 1 or even comic they could, since they were fancy and would well be worth the investment of a few dollars, or 100 dollars. My dad was one these people.

Here she is, my 1st comic.
Here she is, my 1st comic.

In his search for Ken Griffy Jr. rookie cards and copies Superman 75 he used to go to local trade shows and comic stores, and he took me along. There I got to see comics in the wild and on a regular basis, POGs too but let’s not talk about that. I would not call them conventions really, or they were not conventions to me then, just places with booths to buy things. While I lived in California at the time, I never went to SDCC and I doubt my dad knew what that was back then. It was magical however to my young mind, seeing tables filled with comics as far as the eye could see right at eye level. However these comics were collectibles to my dad and he did not want a little kid messing up their future fortune so I was not allowed to read them. So he bought me my very 1st comic, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1...which he put in a frame and put above my bed. So, I read them all when my parents were not around.

Just a few of the many Superman related comics my Dad bought.
Just a few of the many Superman related comics my Dad bought.

As it turns out comics were not made of gold. People like my dad keept buying tons of copies of special issues and comic companies printed more to meet demand. This was exactly the opposite thing that needed to happen to make those comics valuable. As you know the reason those old comics were worth the amount of money they are is because they are rare. So how did event comics like the Death of Superman made for people like my dad get me to into comics? Because they got me to spend time with my dad. I am not a jock and my dad is not a geek. I went to Angels games with him, but that was with my brother too not just him and I. My little brother used to do sports things with him and that was their thing, going out to see comics was mine. He gets sick playing video games, which he doesn’t like anyways, so I didn’t grow up playing Mario with him like some kids and their dads. It was one thing my non geek dad did with me to make me a geek and help set the trend of things I would like and the way I was for years to come.

So with the almost collapse of the comic industry with a huge bubble busting, at least they gained one fan.