I do the best I can.

I know it seems like I haven't been around much ... that's true. I know it seems like I haven't really worked much on the Dark Tower issues ... that's also true; in fact, if it wasn't for G-Man the issues from the second volume, The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home, wouldn't be up right now. However, as any readers of the Dark Tower can confirm, it's a huge world with many, many details. I know, I know, they're all huge worlds; well, even as that is correct, it would only be fair to note that the Dark Tower has a considerably small fan base compared to Superman or Batman or The Hulk, and therefore it takes longer to build up all the data. But, I am trying. How can I fill issue pages in if I haven't created any objects, teams, concepts or characters? In addition, please consider the difficultly I encounter as I try to write up these bios and descriptions; it is a task of its own to separate out information that is in the comics from everything I know of the Dark Tower universe from the books. Trust me, I wish I could just spill my proverbial guts about everything I know, fill in every little detail of the Dark Tower, that would be so much easier to do .... alas, I can't.  It would also but rawkingly awesome if I could do this for a living but, that too, I cannot do; I can't just sit here all the time and fill these out, ya know, I have school, I have work, I have sleep and I have a very attractive boyfriend that all require my time BEFORE the internet. Selfish? Maybe. A valid excuse? Indeed. 

I will get around to filling in issue pages but I have to create stuff to add first, that's just how it rolls. If it makes you feel any better, I've drawn up a tree chart to help me map out the best order in which to add things to the database. Until then, it's like politics, if you arent contributing, then you can't complain.

Ever consider the stress I put my collection through to do this? I don't see very many people rushing out to sacrifice their comics to the scanner/oily finger god to help me out. Thats why these editors are MY heros, because they are willing to sacrifice time, money and their collections so that they can bring their love of comics to you.

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