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@kiba: I never said they weren't connected at all. I said that the key people involved in the actual making of the movie (as in directors, techiticians, actors et al) have nothing to do with Disny corporate pay issues.

If you want to attack Captain Marvel as a product because of Disney's sexist pay structure then either attack every female protagonist Disney property otherwise you come across as using an obviously terrible situation as ammunition to attack a property you don't like. Or you know, be mature about the entire thing and praise the quality of work the people involved in making Captain Marvel created while also pointing out that their parent organisation needs to get its shit together. That would be the mature conversation to have.

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@mrtrey: @boc: You're right with the FbF. It took me a while but I eventually saw the shield glint and how her body disappears past the smoke at the right point before her jump into his punch. I've been thinking and I wouldn't be opposed to the h2h being the reason why she hardly speeds beyond what we've see rather than a studio expense decision. Especially when we've had three films involving a blurry Superman.

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@kiba said:


So it's been days and still no one is talking about this. So many or you are screaming "incel" or "neckbeard" at anyone that doesn't like CM or Brie Larson, well what do you think now that Disney is the misogynists? "Captain Marvel becomes First female superHERo to pass 1 billion$" TOO BAD THE WOMEN EMPLOYED BY DISNEY WON'T SEE A DIME! Well done and keep bragging you hypocrites.

Unless the people who decided to make, who produced, and everything else the film Captain Marvel were also the ones who had total control over Disney's pay structure then these two issues are totally different. One doesn't negate the importance of the other.

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Forced diversity is the "token black guy" in films. Forced diversity is making sure there's one woman on a team to prove they're diverse without having any real meaning behind the choice.

A film of a rich black country questioning itself on how they've helped/not helped the rest of the world is not forced diversity.

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@mrtrey: @boc: Again, I understand that they can't do a film of someone always in "speedster" mode but it just seems to me that aside from a blindside attack or two on Ares, her speed was depicted in a different way that the MoS fighters or even a "slow" Flash scene.

And Doomsday doesn't throw Diana. It looks like he's thrown a piece of rubble that misses only for him to fist her shield that sends her flying (showing that Diana's stand and block anything move only works for energy attacks). She gives that "oh yes, big boy, now we're having fun" grin before getting back in the game.

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@thevivas: So here's something I brought up in the WW v Thor thread that I'd like an opinion on.

From re-watching a lot of Wonder Woman's fights, it really looks like her super speed is very similar to a computer game boost - that is, she does it/can only do it in short bursts rather than any extended length of time. Look at the bank scene as she's hyper-aware as she blasts through the door to take stock of the situation, time and perceptions go back to normal, she slips back into the "zone" to do a couple of moves, comes out of it again, then does the bullet deflecting. It's almost a constant on-off-on to her extra speed/awareness levels that's backed up by how the cinematography is shot.

It's the same with the fight against Ares. Brief moments of super-speed or seeing everything slowed down but no real prolonged Flash/Kryptonian speed level of fighting.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way trying to downplay her speed. In fact, if my hypothesis is correct in how they're depicting her power then it makes her both more interesting and more tactically skilled since she'd have to balance when to boost and when not to.

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I've just spent an insane amount of time watching and rewatching the JL bank scene and I think I've come to a conclusion that many might have missed.

Diana isn't super fast, she's a super-Blitzer. Watch her scene in JL and take notice of how the entire cinematography adapts to her perceptions (something MCU almost entirely fails to do in any situation). She's boosting her perception and physical speed up to take in the entire situation for split seconds only. This is something that's repeated in her solo film where the two biggest speed feats are long-range bullet blocks and short bursts vs Ares.

Wonder Woman doesn't fight super fast.

Now, I'm sure someone will argue that it's just something she chooses not to do the same way Superman chooses not to Flash-speed every fight. But the thing is that the DCEU consistently uses cinematography to build its world and the cinematography suggests it's a combination perception/speed hyper-state than an actual full-battle ability.

What does this mean for a Thor vs Diana fight? As long as Thor is capable of dealing with/surviving her brief blitzes then the two are on relatively equal levels speed wise.

I think it's a highly close fight with this take on her speed. The shield and gauntlets are probably powerful enough to take his lightning blasts but could she continuously keep up the blocking if he starts spamming the attacks? Maybe not. He is certainly powerful enough to destroy a city but that's an attack that needs a charge up so she'll almost always take it using either equipment. I think the fight totally comes down to just how much Thor is able to utilise either Mjolnir or Stormbreaker as an extra limb/attack (throw, punch, call back, punch etc) rather than the standard war hammer/axe fighting style. If he is able to handle the quick blitzes and then relentlessly pound her then it'll be a win, otherwise, the sword and shield give Diana the victory.

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@astugart2000: The thing is that even though IQ =/ actual smarts (in relation to how that IQ is used when dealing with the world), both companies make such a big deal out of the intelligence of their characters without coming up with actual IQs for most of them or a general list. I think Marvel came close during the Inteligencia/Hulks story but never fully followed through.

And as I pointed out, Marvel's treatment of Peter is pretty horrendous in regards to what they force the guy through without letting his intelligence actually make something of his life. The Superior Spider-Man story is exactly what Peter should have attempted to do (even if the time-span of the success was insane) and they had it happen through Doc Oc. Hell, although Tony Stark has made and lost his company more times than most can remember, I would bet that Marvel never let Peter get anywhere near that level of success ever again.

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@lord_tenebrous said:


You just described Catholicism which is in fact a ritualistic religon so this does not work against my point.

Moreover that isn t primitive feral-esque tribalism as is displayed in the movie. And in modern day their entire civilization isn't randomly governed by obscure baseless determinations gleaned from asinine and cringy rituals.

Even if you try to conflate Christianity with this untamed tradition, the former in act is not objectively stupid. Dressing up nicely (as you would to attend any normal gathering of high importance) to listen to a man lecture on morality is not comparable to dressing in colorful rags and masks while dancing to spirits also while mindlessly chanting incoherent babble for no apparant reason other than "muh tradition." Not to mention the retarded and primitive rule by might over right. And the idiocy is multiplied by the fact that this society is supposed to be vastly more advanced than the rest of us nubs, yet they are ruled by irrational stupidity.

The kind of uncivilized lunacy you'd expect to find visiting a remote desert island in the 1300s, minus the lack of tech.

I see my general point flew straight over your head. I'm beginning to think you're being deliberately obstinant here.

- Christianity has rituals that are followed. Their social-religious gatherings involve people dressing up in what their culture and society deem "Sunday best." The meetings usually involve singing songs (also known as musically chanting) in a language that anyone not a speaker of would have no clue what's being said.

- Wakandans have rituals that are followed. Their socio-religious gatherings include their elders (respected) dressing up in what their culture and society deem to be important and high-quality outfits. These meetings can involve chanting in their own language.

You say their savages and that just proves your idiocy. We're in 2019, not the 18th or 19th century.

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It's an interesting debate.

I think the difference is that Barry has more consistently shown his intelligence while Peter, despite his actual smarts, ends up making stuff far below his potential. From what I remember, his IQ scores in college were the same as Reed Richards' and he is involved in the other geniuses who treat him roughly on par with them. It's just that Peter's life is written as pretty much a shit-tastic dumpster fire that keeps him from really showing off his skills and pushing himself to his limits.