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Show them who you are 0

At the end of the Avengers, millions of people around the world saw the purple-skinned madman known as Thanos. But who is Thanos? Jason Aaron and Simone Bianchi show us just that. There have been bits and pieces of Thanos origin here and there but this is one of the first times we've really gotten to see his life on Titan. Let's get down to the Good and the Bad of Thanos Rising #1.THE GOOD*It's weird to see Thanos as a child but at the same time it adds depth to the character. You really get to...

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Some Assembly Required 1

Marvel's newest Avengers title brings their current count of Avenging titles to 4. (Five if you want to count Academy.) I was really looking forward to this book because it would mark Hulk's return to an Avengers team. Being a Hulk fan and liking all the characters on this team, I though this is should be a good book. Welllll...... Let's just get down to The Good and The Bad.The Good*A new enemy team called The Zodiac. (Yes, I know its been a team before.) I've always loved mythology so having a...

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Our Darkest Hour 0

9-11. The great tragedy of our time. Something no one saw coming. Everyone remembers where they were that day. I was just young enough to remember. Strange as it is to say, I am glad of this because this is an event that should never be forgotten.  This issue is without a doubt one of the powerful comics I have ever read. The story has only a few bits of actual conversations. The rest is Peter Parker talking about the horrors that have happened. Like in real life, the real heroes of this issue ...

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Bug is back 0

After getting the ever loving crap kick out of Hulk by Zeus, the Hulks head to Gammaworld for help. Hulk then leaves for the Savage Land with the Warbound.  PROS *We get to see Elloe and Brood again. *Hulks is weaker in this issue. This is because Zeus almost killed. It's weird I've never seen HULK this weak. *Miek is back and bigger then before. Still wondering How?  CONS *Issue seems a bit slower then normal. Hopefully it picks up speed.  Over All- 3.5 Waiting for the story to pick up speed an...

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Hulks 618 0

And lo and behold Tie In! Now I have read none of Chaos War so giving up my normal Hulk-smashy goodness made me feel a little less about this issue. Lucky even if you have no clue what Chaos war is, the opener and Doc Strange take care of that. Also I thankfully knew who Marlo was(One use I got out of that World War Hulks comic) Now on to the Good and the Bad.  Good *Return of The Abomination! (But you guessed that already didn't you) *The artwork is very well done in this comic. All Hulks are d...

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End of the Dark Son 0

The end of the Dark Son comes to a smashing end (sorry could resist) . In this last issue of the arc we get to see what the story has been leading up to.  Good *I really enjoyed the Skaar/ Hiro-Kala fight. It did seem like a fight to brothers could really have. *It was nice to see Betty and Caiera again. She-Rulk has pretty much been in control throughout pretty much all of the arc and it's nice to see the character 'calm down and it fit the story well for her to do it. *The ending was classic H...

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