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Top 5 Characters I feel everyone should learn/know how to debate.

To me ,in my relatively short time here on Comicvine and especially with my recent increase in CAV, Tourneys, & Scenarios, these are the characters I have come across that should one learn how to debate them they can learn/know how to rep anyone.

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  • A solid street-level hero that from debates, and CAVs I have seen is one that can at the very least compete on all street level tiers. Learning Daredevil, teaches you how to solidly debate skill, combat speed and/or agility. Along with how to mix physicals with power usage, in this case his Radar Sense. I'd say he is a very good intro hero along with the next person on this list.

  • Another Solid Street Leveler. For Batman, you get the whole package in overall Strength, Speed, and Skill. But what Batman does is effectively teach you how to debate with, battle experience, intellect, gear usage, and most importantly: PREP TIME.

    Remember BatGod always stomps.

  • Context. Im currently learning this the hard way in my CAV with EmperorThanos. Superman is a solid High to Herald Tier that in terms of stats and abilities teaches how to debate strength and speed among high tier characters. But nothing hurts more than your opponent debunking your "Superman can planet bust!" argument with a well-researched and placed context argument

  • Dem Hax tho. Seriously you could have a character that outclasses your opponent in every physical way or even gear/power wise. But then you hear/see "Kamui GG", "Speed Steal GG" "Kyoka Suigetsu GG". In this case with Law, he is a very solid mid-tier with some strong hax himself in his Devil Fruit. Learn Law or someone with comparable hax and you can learn ways to counter, adapt to all types of hax. Very good knowledge to have.

  • Really any live-action character. I know a lot of people don't like seeing these characters. But they're here and they are gonna be around for a while. From the MCU to the DCEU, to the CW, with these guys you'll learn the difference between wanking, lowballing, and truly knowing how to debate a character. Personally I think if you can master a live-action character, you can master anyone