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Characters I can rep in CAV

Yo Everyone, I started a list of characters I am confident I can rep well in CAVs and tourneys. Besides these 6, I am working on Superman, H'el, Nightcrawler, Iron Man, Naruto, Ulquiorra, Scorpion and others. LMK what you think and if you wanna do a CAV!

List items

  • My all time favorite character. A solid High Street, I would even argue him as a low-mid to mid tier.Currently in the middle of gathering feats and scans for him, so I don't just have to rely on respect threads.

  • Along with Deathstroke, one of my current best reps imo. I have a good amount of feats and scans for these two. I love repping them especially in fights where they are the underdogs

  • Mostly for the same reasons as Batman, but another point is that Deathstroke is my all time favorite comic book villain/Anti-hero.

  • My high tier that I have recently done a lot of reading & research on. IMO he is a very underrepresented here on the vine. I could be wrong but I can't wait to debate and learn more for where he stands.

  • Right now, the only anime/manga character I feel I can rep with some confidence. Still gathering feats, but I'm confident I can make the copy ninja look good.

  • Currently my weakest rep, if i do say so myself, as many of his feats are spread across his different incarnations. But I am working on him and will have him down in good time.