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Batman: The Murder Machine Respect Thread

Respect The Murder Machine:

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"You were wrong, Vic. The best thing I ever did was let him in. I still remember the fear when they surrounded me. I realized quickly that my plan was not going to work. I would not be able to affect the program in time. And when they grabbed onto me, started to spread through my entire body, I was foolish enough to scream in fear. That was the first thing my father fixed in me. He took my ability to feel fear away, my ability to feel sadness. You know, to that point I had spent my life obsessing over my lost birth parents, ignoring the one who was there right in front of me. I was free of that as well. Next came my weak, human flesh. It was growing older and more brittle by the day."

A Knight of Murder I: The Rundown

Murder MachineThe Rundown
Real NameBruce Wayne
Created ByScott Snyder(Writer), Greg Capullo(Artist)
First AppearanceDark Days: The Casting #1
Latest AppearanceDark Nights: Metal #6
Powers & Abilities
  • Techno-Organic Body
  • Superhuman Strength, Speed, and Durability
  • Energy Projection, Absorption, and Manipulation
  • Technopathy, Morphing and Forming
Current Status
  • Imprisoned within The Dark Multiverse

Character Biography & Background: Who is The Murder Machine?

On Earth -44, Bruce was the Batman of Gotham City. One day, Bane led a group of his enemies to the Batcave in the attempt to find Batman, where they ambushed and killed Alfred. After the death of his surrogate father, Bruce asked Cyborg for help.

The Death of Alfred & Bruce's Plea (Batman: The Murder Machine)

Years ago, he had copied Alfred's mind into a program, but couldn't create a full A.I. out of it. Cyborg helped him, but the Alfred Protocol mutated into a virus, who killed all of Batman's rogues, with Bane being the last. Let into the Batcave in an attempt to shut it down by reasoning with it, Bruce was instead overcome as soon as he gave permission to enter.

The Fall of Bruce Wayne (Batman: The Murder Machine)

The A.I. fused with Bruce, taking away his fear, his suffering, and his humanity and gave him cybernetic enhancements. Christened The Murder Machine by Cyborg, Batman then proceeded to kill the Justice League of Earth -44.

The End of Earth-44 and the Justice League (Batman: The Murder Machine)

Notable Showings & Feats: The Power of the Murder Machine


Batman: The Murder Machine

Murder Machine is powerful enough to casually rip Earth -44 Cyborg's head and spine straight up and out of his body.

Batman: The Murder Machine

Along with the other Dark Nights, MM bullies Cyborg, being strong enough to cleave his Motherbox/Promethium arm clean off

The Flash Vol.5 #33

Murder Machine can not only casually life Steel over his head like its nothing, after one-shotting him with his tendrils but can also easily snap his hammer in two.

Murder Machine's Tendrils are more than capable of restraining the Justice League, notably Hal Jordan, Aquaman, Barry Allen, and Wonder Woman.

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Also as shown in Dark Nights:Metal #6, his tendrils again have once again shown the capability to overpower and restrain Hal Jordan.


So MM, like the other Dark Knights has a lack of direct speed feats to accurately gauge his speed. He does have a couple that count at least to me. You may disagree. At the very least you can scale him to the other Knights and the Justice League since he was able to react and fight most of them just fine.

  • Scan 1: Seems to react fast enough to Hal Jordan's attack to shift into his digital form. (Dark Nights: Metal #6)
  • Scan 2: Seems to move fast enough to create afterimages and fight at blur speeds. (Batman: The Murder Machine)


  • Scan 1: Tanks a hit from Steel's hammer, with no significant damage. (The Flash Vol.5 #33)
  • Scan 2: Tanks a hit from Cyborg, smiles afterward. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 1: In his "digital form" Murder Machine tanks a blast from Hal Jordan and an Explosive T-Sphere from Mr. Terrific.( Bottom Right Corner) (Dark Nights: Metal #6)
  • Scan 2: Hal Jordan's construct going through him fails to faze Murder Machine. (Dark Nights: Metal #6)

Now the most controversial part of the Dark Nights durability comes from Dark Nights: Metal #3. It applies to all of the Dark Nights, but is a bit iffy in its interpretation/execution:

Dark Nights Metal #3

According to the Devastator, the Dark Nights and beings from the Dark Multiverse have a different genetic makeup than the positive matter or Prime Multiverse beings. As such, beings made of Dark Matter can not be harmed by positive matter beings or at the very least it takes more damage than normal to hurt them. This is somewhat supported for Murder Machine considering that it took an Element X amp for any of the member of the Justice League to actually do any significant damage to him and the other Knights. (Dark Nights: Metal #6)

Versatility, Weaponry, & Technology:

  • Scan 1: Has the capability to scan vitals and abilities of his foes. Uses it to determine Barry Allen by analyzing his speedforce connection. (The Flash Vol. 5 #33)
  • Scan 2: Can open boom tube like structures that are powerful enough to suck in GL, WW and Aquaman, Dr. Fate, and Mr. Terrific. (The Flash Vol. 5 #33)
  • Scan 3: Can technomorph his limbs into tendrils to access watchtower computers. Same Tendrils he uses to overpower and restrain his opponents. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 4: Has the ability to create forcefields powerful enough to easily block Cyborg's energy projection. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 5: Technomorphs the Watchtower to make tendrils & his arm into a knife powerful enough to cleave Cyborg limbs. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 6-7: Has an energy cannon that is more than capable of one-shotting and KOing Cyborg.


  • Scan 1: Murder Machine's technopathy is good enough to control The Carrier, the base of operation of The Authority, allowing the Dark Nights to travel throughout the Multiverse. (Dark Nights Rising: The Wild Hunt)
  • Scan 2: Uses his technopathy/tendrils to tae control of and dominate Steel's suit. (The Flash Vol. 5 #33)
  • Scan 3: Uses his technopathic and technoforming abilities to corrupt The Watchtower to his image and take control. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 4: Fools the Watchtower's sensors into believing that he is the Earth Prime Batman. (Batman: The Murder Machine)

Robo-Alfred A.I:

  • Scan 1: Robo Alfred's are capable of harming and killing the Earth -44 Justice League. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 2: Alfred's are powerful enough to hold down Earth -44 Cyborg. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 3: Alfred's can multiply and start massacring Detroit with an army along with corrupting tech they come across. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 4: Are more than capable of keeping Cyborg busy and harming him. (Batman: The Murder Machine
  • Scan 5: Another showing of them being able to multiply and they have killed all of Earth -44 Batman's rouge gallery, the last being Bane. (Batman: The Murder Machine)
  • Scan 6: Able to call the A.I to him extremely quickly. (Batman: The Murder Machine)

Recommended Reading: What to Read for the Murder Machine

  • Dark Days: The Forge & The Casting
  • Batman: The Murder Machine
  • Dark Nights: Metal #1-6
  • Dark Nights Rising: The Wild Hunt
  • Bats out of Hell Tie Ins.
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